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Marketing Plumbing | Don’t You Love a Great Plan?


This content was written for Redmond Growth.

But to be fantastic if you were to work with a marketing plumbing firm that understood the business owner? That not only provided results to real business owners with their marketing plumbing work, but they saw their own results take place with their own businesses and take the same principles and yours? Have you dealt with too many hipster teams of creative people that profess to provide you really deep and insightful targeting plumbing work, yet it provides zero tangible money and results to your business? Then work with an organization like Redmond growth who is able to take that deep dive with you and your business and in sure that your work is truly going to be impactful. By doing this, you’ll definitely take your business to the next level and see that these things really come to fruition today.


By working with our team, you’ll start off everything in the conversation with an hour-long deep dive in your business. Now this big deep dive in your business takes into account many different aspects of your business. And takes into account the systems that have employed in the business such as a proactive hiring system. It also takes into account what you do in order to make sure your team is in check board to make sure you get some great prices on the products and services you sell. By doing this deep dive for an hour, many business owners often think about these new issues for the first time or for the first time in a long time. There are so many things that distract the business owner during the day or during the workday, that just talking with us in this first conversation helps them to see the need to getting official and getting real productive with their work in their business.


And by getting real productive and efficient with this business, we are able to take a business owner through the proven pathway to their success in their industry. And whether you believe or not that just because we grew different businesses than plumbing businesses, it doesn’t mean that our experience is not applicable to the plumbing industry. We’ve grown and helped grow several plumbing businesses locally or around the nation and I provided them really impactful key areas of growth that they can take to the bank.


And just as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we work on so many areas that do not directly deal with marketing or advertising. While a lot of our work with our team internally deals with those aspects, we work with business owners in areas that are arguably more important than those areas. For instance, what if you had ads going out about your business, but you still were closing deals. What would the problem be and the problem is often times employees not following what they were supposed to do or they didn’t have these specific systems in place in order to make them do a great job. He always got to keep the team accountable and by working with our team, you keep yourself accountable to the key priority items to truly grow your business.

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