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Are you ready to jump up and down joy for joy because you have found a great resource for your marketing plumbing work? Does it not make your heart leap for adulation, even though it’s definitely not a word, because you talk to a company like Redmond growth about your marketing plumbing? Do you not just want to scream for the heavens about the success you’re able to see with your mom because of the growth that you’re able to witness by working with Redmond growth? Well if none of these questions make sense to you and don’t apply to your business, and what the heck are you doing just sitting here? You’ve got a work with a company like Redmond growth is able to take your plumbing business to the to the next level. That’s why you got the schedule a 13 point investments with Redmond’s and I.


Yes that’s right you going to walk with him Redmond and have a first call within what I want to take a 13 point assessment with your work. Through this list call you will be able to see that there are some dramatic things you can do in your business right away. Business owners often think of things that they never thought of before with that walk, especially when it comes to GM’s interrogation with multiple questions. You oftentimes will not be prepared about the past efforts that Tim makes in investigating your business and with all these different questions he asks you, you’ll wonder why the heck you have been doing this investigation before. Cell it truly is a blessing to work with a guy like the Redmond, said you got to get the job in schedule time with them now.


Now it is another important fact about working with Jim Redmond. This guy in his team are good to focus on things more than just the marketing and advertising. They get to go to great lengths to make sure that everything in your business is great. So for instance, contractors have a great deal of issue with hiring and firing people. They widen fuss about how everybody is selling high rapport they can find great people. But what’s great about that been growth as they give you a proactive system to go to the and degree to be very proactive about every week finding and hiring people. Was on the contractors after working a couple months it does find those great solutions and find somebody to plug into the business.


And here’s another thing that you be able to find out by working with us is that you get a sense of whether or not you have what it takes to grow business. Nine out of 10 business owners fail over the course of a five-year plan so that means five years from now 90% of the business owners that start a business fail or quit on their business. So if you don’t want to be that sad story and want to take your business to be one of those 10% that make it and are often thriving with their business, and you’ve got to work with us at retina growth because we need that we been able to see this consistently take effort with business owners everywhere.

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