Business Consulting and Strategy

Business Consulting and Strategy

This content was written for Tim Redmond, The find Business Coaching IN Tulsa. 


Are you looking to find business consultants in Tulsa? If so then there is really only one person that you should be looking for and his name is Tim Redmond. Tim Redmond is the chief strategic and business coach at Redmond growth consulting. It doesn’t matter if your business is $1 million or less or all the way up past $100 million in gross revenue Tim Redmond is the guy who is going to help you achieve whatever level of success you want. For many people the level of success is not all based on money. In fact, for success, once people achieve it there sometimes left wondering what’s next. To call Tim give dial 918-298-7766.

Too many people these days are just chasing the fast buck. Or they’re just chasing money in general. What happens with a lot of these people when they finally reached the level of success that they want is they find that they are not happy and they are not fulfilled. This is one area that Tim Redmond stands head and shoulders above the rest of the business consultants out there. Tim Redmond will ensure that you reach the success that you want with your business and the personal fulfillment that you want with your business.  You want to find business consultants in Tulsa who know business and life.

The last thing you want to achieve is the financial success without fulfillment. This will only lead rapidly to your demise. This is why so many successful celebrities, movie stars, business owners, and the like reach enormous amounts of financial success and notoriety and yet end up being unhappy. This is a common issue in our current society that Tim Redmond is helping to resolve. Now, don’t go thinking this is some kind of foo foo business coaching. Because it is absolutely not. Tim Redmond knows his business strategy just as good or better than any of the other business coaches out there today. He in fact help take a company from two employees to over 400 employees and then sold it to a Fortune 500 company. This guy knows his business tactics and strategies.

Once you reach a certain level of gross revenue say between 3 million and 10 million you start to need to really focus on the tax savings strategies. This is when you need to find business consultants in Tulsa who know their tax law.  The government can take up to 60% of your revenue right off the top. That is why you want to hire somebody like Tim Redmond to come in with his wealth building strategists to help you organize the best way to create a system and a plan that nets you the most money. After all, that is what we’re after isn’t it?

Getting the most out of your business should be priority number one. If this is not a priority number one the need to reevaluate and reassess your priorities. This is exactly what Tim Redmond and his team at Redmond growth consulting will help you do. They will ensure that you get everything that you possibly can out of your business so that your business is working for you instead of you working for it.

Business and Life Coaching Tulsa

This content was written for Tim Redmond

How many times have you tried to find business consultants in Tulsa with little to no luck finding somebody who can give you everything that you need? If you’re like most of Tim Redmond’s clients, it would be every other time you have looked. Finally, Tim Redmond’s clients found him. Tim Redmond is the head strategist, big cheese, and master business coach at Redmond Growth Consulting. Tim is able to teach you the X’s and O’s, strategy, financial know-how, and the life skills necessary to be able to take your business as far as you want it. To talk with Tim call 918-298-7766.

When it comes to the makeup of Tim Redmond, he is part artist, part strategist, part scientist, and all businessman. You want to make sure that you harness his power to help you grow yourself and your business to its maximum potential. The maximum potential is where you’re trying to go, isn’t it?After all, if you’re not looking to get to maximum potential with yourself and your business than what is it that you are after? Maximum potential simply means that you are utilizing your time as best you can to get the maximum output out of yourself and your business.

When you’re looking to find business consultants in Tulsa Tim Redmond should be at the very top of your list if you’re looking for somebody who knows strategy and life coaching skills. This is not some woo-woo type of business coaching. Instead, it is hardcore business tactics that are going to show tangible, proven results. Tim Redmond and his team utilized industry best practices to ensure that you are not guessing on what is going to help your business grow. Instead of guessing start implementing the tactics and strategies that he and give you immediate results by hiring Tim Redmond and his team at Redmond growth consulting.

Is the reason that you’re looking to find business consultants in Tulsa because you feel like you have a job? Do you feel like you are chained to your business and you can’t seem to find a way out? This is what happens to many people when they are looking to find business consultants in Tulsa. They simply come to a point in a business where their business is successful, but it is using them every single day with reckless abandoned. It’s time to get out from under your business, step out from it being a job, and make it into a real business that runs itself.

Tim Redmond and his team at Redmond Growth Consulting are experts in helping you step out of your day to day of working in your business and instead start working on your business. They do this by helping you create systems and replicating the things that you currently are doing. Once these things are replicated and are replacing you, you can step away and start being a real business owner and start living the life that you love.  Call Tim Redmond and his team at 918-298-7766.

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