The Execution Hour for Christian Business Coaching

The Execution Hour for Christian Business Coaching

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Thrive 15 and Redmond Growth business coaches Robert Redmond and Eric show featuring entrepreneurial powerhouse Steve Currington. We’re here to help you get on the path to getting things done.

Welcome to the execution hour. I am incredibly excited today because this is the very first episode the very first podcast of the execution hour. My name is Robert Redmond, and I help with Christian Business Coaching. Like my associate and colleague just mentioned Eric Chupp. I am a business coach business consultant and what I do all day is help people get stuff done. That grows their business. Well let’s go. And this is a show all about the proven tips tails and tricks to help you get more stuff done. So without further ado I think some. Introductions are in order. Like I mentioned I’m a business consultant here with 315. I work with Redmond growth. I have been trained in the proven systems and processes to grow businesses in any industry and ultimately my job really comes down to helping other entrepreneurs execute and one spot the shows that we want to create a show that showed people how to get more stuff done how to execute. So Eric why don’t you introduce yourself. Tell the world who you are what your background is and why you’re excited to be here.

You say world you mean like the four people that are listening right. Well there’s two the three of us in here and my mom will be you know my mom my mom’s listening as well. So we will have five people as so mornings are up.

Also this is coach here at business consultants a little bit about me. I grew up running a construction company with my parents, which they could have benefited from Christian Business Coaching. So I’ve been around the entrepreneurial mindset my whole life. That’s really all I’ve known my grandfather ran a restaurant. My in-laws they’re all self-employed. So after I moved on from that career path I hooked up with clay Clark and Dr. Zoner the founder and CEO of 315. And we’ve been kind of on this crazy journey for the last year and a half or two learning systems châteaux and clay all the time trying to keep up with that crazy man. And so now we’re here doing doing the deed every day trying to help business owners grow their business and getting stuff done.

That’s right. And we also we’re we’re we’re privileged in you know the show it’s in a new echelon it’s at a new level because we have the infamous well known Steve Currington dot com. If you don’t know now you know you.

You pronounce my name properly next time it is not Steve Currington dot com. Currington dot com. There you get it right Robert. Just kidding Steve. Steve Currington can you tell us though.

So we’ve got two business consultants here at work at thrive through 15, the world’s best christian business coaching program. Where do you fit in the picture what’s kind of your background what do you do.

I’m chups assistant. So basically like when the trash gets fool around here you know the coffee maker thing it runs out of water it’s one of those. What do they call it. It’s the one where you have to add water to the thing on the side. Keurig Yeah the Keurig. So I you know I add water to the chups like hey Currington do something for christian business coaching.

Hey hey time out time out. I got to jump in here because he is kind of messing around. But I did show up yesterday. And what do you have done at 5:00 in the morning. Oh yeah. I did a little do a little mopping cause he get stuff done. So I came into a clean workspace we share some workspace and it was it’s great to have guys like Steve around who who execute.

We did a little mopping because you know my little standing pad you know by my desk standing desk it’s all dusty. And I’m like I don’t like that dust. But what I do. I’m a mortgage guy. I got involved with thrive because I started I hired thrive or really make your life epic and Clay Clark to help us grow. Our mortgage company Total and the concepts and we started off by trying to own the internet for Tulsa mortgage. And we did that, with the the help of Christian Business Coaching.

Yeah Al Gore invented it and now we own it. So that’s how it goes. So anyway that’s how we got started with Dr. And then just because I love it here I just moved in. You know. I didn’t even really ask I don’t know if Clay knows that. Maybe we should put them on the podcast. So. So he’s you know he’s literally living here.

So you are in office President at 3:15 you’re a mortgage guy. Tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial story. How did you get into mortgage. And you know there’s a lot of mortgage guys out there so are you just your average mortgage guy or what’s what’s really your niche Steve.

So yeah my first business. You may not know this chip or Robert. I grew up across from Goat Hill which is what they called Sand Springs golf course. I’ve heard of it like the 17th hole. My parents still live there and my first business in eighth grade summer between seventh and eighth grade was gone. I sold golf balls. So I had the system where I would find the golf balls and I would take them home and I would put them in the dishwasher. If you need a Christian Business Coach to help grow your business, there’s no better firm to work with other than Redmond Growth. Give us a call today at (918) 298-7766 to schedule your first consultation.

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