When you get to a certain level, you hit a wall. Tim Redmond is my coach and has helped me get to a higher level. Tim is truly gifted at coaching – he will pull your greatness out of you and show you insightful things about your company and ways of build your business successfully.
Mike Rovner
CEO of MRC, a Major California Construction Company
Hiring Tim has changed our mindset. We have clear goals and a pathway to achieve them. Our profits are going up rapidly. In addition to helping us grow our profits, he has been a big help to us in our personal lives.
Justin Liehkus
After 5 years of 0% growth followed by a year of negative growth, Tim’s careful counsel increased our business by 43% in the first year, even with tough economic challenges. Then, we grew 94% the following year.
Paul Taylor
Owner, Paint Pros Plus
Working by ourselves, our business was going to go down the tubes. In just the first 3 months of Tim helping us, we no longer depressed and losing money and my husband has a smile on his face. Tim has made a huge difference in our lives and he cares about us as people, not just our business.
Rhonda Wimpey
CK&W Supply
I wanted to grow personally and professionally. Tim has helped me think outside the box and see greater potential in me that others couldn’t see. Because of Tim, I bring a higher level of leadership to my team and my employees are more excited about the business. I am working more ON my business than IN and our future is very bright.
David Edens
Edens Structural
Both his personal experience in running a large organization and his manner of delivering his insights resulted in immediate and sustained improvements in my organization.
The Late Brian Klemmer
Klemmer & Associates
I was looking for help in direction and growth in my business and I have found in with Redmond Growth. Tim has a unique way of engaging your mind in your business in a way you would never have imagined on your own. My confidence as a business owner has drastically increased, revenue is increasing, and I feel as if I have a business partner to help me anytime I need it.
Dan Knapp
Oklahoma Wallfoam Insulation
I just wanted to say that your coaching is fantastic! I fired a few clients, and now I have so much more time to spend on those who appreciate my service! I’m on track to net £1.2M in sales this year and planning for £5M for next year. Your leadership training is extremely powerful. People around me are shocked at how fast I’m accelerating!
Vijay Kuhtan
Sales Professional, London, UK
I credit Tim with giving me the impetus to reach out and step to the next level. Tim, when you taught on the power of goal achieving, it changed my life. Thank you!!!
Mark Carpenter
Real Estate Developer, Rancho Mirage, CA
I had reached a plateau in my professional career. Despite my broad experience, schooling & professional accreditations there were gaps in my personal skills that limited my effectiveness. Tim’s coaching enabled me to better resolve conflict, and to inspire and motivate those around me. He helped me realize that I was responsible for my own success and showed me how to achieve it. Perhaps most importantly, Tim’s teachings are based on solid values and not gimmicks or management fads. Accordingly, the skills learned and results thereof are enduring and life changing.
Toby Joplin
Tim and Sandy Redmond portray a vision of leadership and success based on truth. Their practical guidance sculpts pathways and portals to prosperity that bring blessing to all.
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Author of Thou Shall Prosper – 10 Commandments for Making Money
Tim has a profound gift in lifting others to reach their dreams. He has caused me to be better and reach higher. Tim has a way of uncovering the dormant gifts in people and bringing them out to be used to help all. My suggestion to every leader is to press in and experience Tim’s approach.
Mitch Putnam
Entrepreneur, Owner of several businesses
There are typical business coaches and then there is Tim! How is he different? He provides deep psychological and spiritual understanding of me and my staff. More importantly, Tim has “been there, done that” in the business world. He has a unique background of finance and management of people, plus building and selling a successful high-growth company. He provides perspective on challenges and practical, actionable solutions and steps I never would have even considered without him. One more thing – Tim is a master edifier. There is no doubt that my company will reach its super aggressive revenue, profit and blessing goals with Tim as my trusted advisor and coach.
Betsi Bixby
Owner of Meridan
You have given me the tools I need to stay focused and motivated in reaching my goals. My initial purpose in having your coaching was to improve my business skills. I have to say that I’ve gained many benefits that are more far reaching and rewarding than just business. Your training in a nutshell has given me better life skills.
Sandy Bratcher
I just read Tim Redmond’s Power to Create book again – a true masterpiece. It should be the textbook for anyone wanting to start a business, struggling with a business or wanting their business to grow.
George Reece
Managing Partner, Murray Franklyn Companies
Very powerful! Tim covers pertinent subjects that I need to grow my business now!
Harold Friesen
Business Owner
Tim Redmond is an astute businessman with many years of experience. His insight into spiritual principles gives balance to his solid teaching for success in the business world. He sticks with true basics, free from a lot of ‘fluff’. Tim is a serious leader determined to raise up godly, successful leaders for our time. Leaders can rest assured that he and his organization will benefit their people, spiritually, morally, and financially.
Don Ostrom
Business Owner and Business Pastor of City Church, Seattle, WA
As a businessman, I fully trust Tim’s unique insight with regard to every component of what it takes to run a successful operation. He understands marketing, operations, finance and is a great mentor to leaders. As a family man he is a shining example of a husband and father and his household is in order. He and Sandy together have great influence in their interactions with others. They are a joy to be around.
Bruce Mow
MPA, President of MSI