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Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

Tim Redmond is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and would be perfect for your Dallas event. Tim’s experience comes from working for the tax and accounting software company that he helped grow from 2 to over 450 employees. They became one of the top tax and accounting software companies in America generating over $120 million in pretax revenue after a sale to a fortune 1000 company. He works as a mentor on the training website, thrive15.com, along with guys such as NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson, and former Walt Disney World VP, Lee Cockrell. Tim has now emerged as one of America’s top business growth coaches, and he works with business owners and CEOs to turn their companies around and bring them to a place of true success.

Tim brings a unique style of speaking, where he is very personable and extremely humorous with the audience. He also brings a level of seriousness that makes him one of the best speakers in the nation. He knows how to inspire and empower your audience in a way to make them be able to do and be more in their life. He is passionate about helping audience members find out what their true goals are and the steps that they need to take to achieve them. The wow factor is something Tim always brings as a motivational speaker.

Because of Tim’s experience in the business world and his personal life he is a guru in a number of powerful topics. No matter what the topic is he will always studies the audience before hand, and makes sure that the topic will be relevant to them. Some of the main topics that Tim speaks on it is, how to take control of your time and schedule, enjoy your work and have more fun with your business, and lead with a greater confidence and overcome obstacles. One of the things that makes Tim unique as a motivational speaker is that he gives you the ability to customize a topic specifically for your group. He will work with you to develop a topic that you think would be best for them, because he knows you know them best.

The attendees of his events always see amazing results when they apply the information that they have learned from him. He provides the audience with action steps that are practical in the sense that they are easy to apply into everyday life but advance enough to be used for the rest of your life. With all of his experiences these are action steps that he has used himself and continues to use in his everyday life. They also have been extensively studied by outside groups and are supported by a multitude of case studies and supporting statistics. He will motivate the audience to take these action steps and use them to change the results they see in their life.

Tim would be honored to be the motivational speaker for your Dallas event. But being on the high level profile he is, he is booked extremely quickly and far in advance. In order to book him and find out more details, go online and fill his form or give his team a call today. He is truly passionate about helping you and your team anyway that he can. He always make sure that he brings the wow factor as a motivational speaker.

Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

Tim Redmond would be great motivational speaker for your Dallas event. He is a nationally recognized speaker and business growth coach. He has experience that gives him a unique edge over other motivational speakers in his field. He has worked on several successful startup companies, including a tax and accounting software company that he grew from 2 to over 450 employees and sold to Intuit, a fortune 1000 company. He has been mentioned in John Maxwell’s 21 irrefutable laws of leadership and has created a business and personal growth curriculum called “Power to Create”. He now works as a business growth coach to help owners move from a place of losing money to having extreme success.

Tim’s main goal as a speaker is to make the presentation not only fun, but very interacting and engaging the entire time. He can guarantee that there will not be a dull moment throughout the whole presentation. In one’s in the past he has done everything from walk on to the stage on his hands, to jamming out to harmonica solo in the middle of his speech. He has become an expert in delivering a great message in a way that is easy to understand and easy to stay engaged in. He truly has fun when doing a presentation and will make sure that your audience does as well, while also learning.

Unlike almost every motivational speaker in Dallas, Tim offers the ability to customize a specific presentation just for your event. He knows that you are the most familiar person with your group and knows what they need the most. With all the experience that he has had throughout the years, he will give them the most valuable information on that topic that you choose. He always implements two major points into every one of his presentations. They are leadership skills and personal accountability skills, and he believes that these are two most important things in business and personal life. He is passionate about you understanding any topic that he speaks about.

The points that you will receive in his presentation are the same ones that he gives his business consulting clients. His clients have consistently reported generating a greater than 50% growth in their company. The stuff that he teaches has been tested and proven to be true and to work. They also been studied at extreme lengths and are supported by case studies in supporting statistics. You will be motivated to take the points that he gives you and immediately apply them into your life.

Tim’s powerful and unique style of speaking has made him into a very in demand speaker. He is booked quickly and far in advance. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity of having Tim as a motivational speaker for your Dallas event. You must go online and fill his form or give his team a call today to book him and figure out the exact details. Booking Tim for your Dallas event will make you the hero among your peers.

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