Dallas Motivational Speakers

Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

If you are looking for one of the Dallas Motivational Speakers, look no further! Tim Redmond is one of the best and most experienced motivational speakers in the nation. Tim and his business partner grew a tax and accounting software company from just themselves to over 450 employees. They generated over $120 million in pretax revenue, and sold the company to Intuit, a Fortune 1000 company. He has been mentioned in John Maxwell’s 21 irrefutable laws of leadership and created a business and personal growth curriculum called “Power to Create”.

Tim always works to bring the wow factor every time he speaks for an event. He is enthusiastic and energetic, and never gives the audience a dull moment. He has done everything from walk on stage with his hands, to jamming out to harmonica solo. Relating to the audience is one of his main goals when he speaks. He wants to find out what their goals are and work with them to find solutions to their problems.

Tim has a multitude of powerful topics that he can speak on to your Dallas event. Some of his main topics are activating leadership at all levels in your organization, resolving conflicts effectively to create high morale and motivation, and what effective business growth strategies for today’s economy looks like. No matter which topic he speaks on he, always teaches about leadership skills and personal accountability skills. He believes that they are two of the most important things that are lacking in the business world today. If he does not have a topic that fits your venue, you can work with him to customize a specific speech. No matter what, you’ll come to find that the best Dallas Motivational Speakers is here!

Every member of your audience will leave with practical action steps that are supported by case studies and supporting statistics. These are the same action steps that he gives his business consulting clients. Almost all his clients have grown greater than 50% in their business. He will also inspire and empower your audience to do and to be more in their life. They will be motivated to use the action steps to change their results.

A high-level speaker like Tim is booked far in advance. You must act quickly in booking him. Giving his team a call is the best way to work out the details and book him as motivational speaker for your Dallas event, but you can also go online and fill out his form. Tim always gives a great message as well as a great delivery. He can guarantee that you will laugh and have fun but also learn a lot when he comes and speaks to your group.

Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

It will be difficult to find a better Dallas Motivational Speakers than Tim Redmond. Growing a business from 2 to over 450 employees that generated over $120 million in pretax revenue is one of the many things that has given Tim the experience to become a great motivational speaker. Tim now works as a business consultant, with businesses all across America to bring them from a place of property to a place of massive growth. He also works as a mentor on Thrive15.com with fellow mentors such as former Walt Disney World VP, the Cockrell, NBA Hall of Fame, David Robinson, and US small business entrepreneur of the, Clay Clark.

As a great Dallas Motivational Speakers, there are many things that make Tim unique. One of the things that makes him very different than most motivational speakers in Dallas, is that he offers the option of customizing a presentation based on the needs of the event. Along with the option of doing a custom presentation, he also offers a wide variety of topics that he is an expert in. He does in-depth training on topics such as team performance, resolving conflict, and powerful sales principles and applications. Overall, Tim can meet the needs of your event and do whatever works best for you.

Tim is an amazing speaker, who is humorous and engaging during the entire event. He can effortlessly think on his feet and respond to questions or problems that might come up during the event. One of his goals is to change the way you think completely, so that you can continually motivate yourself long after the event. His passion is for you to achieve the goals that you want most in your life, and he will do everything in his power to help you with that.

With all the business leaders and top notch entrepreneurs that Tim has worked with across the world, he has developed very powerful action items that he will give you during the event. The action items are simple enough to be applied the very same day but but also complex enough to be used throughout the rest your life. All the action items that he gives you have been used by him in his own life, and are supported by case studies in supporting statistics. He will even spend extra time after the event to personally talk to anyone who might need help or wants to know where to go next.

Getting Tim is a motivational speaker for your Dallas event is not something you want to miss out on. With Tim being a nationally recognized speaker, he is booked quickly and far in advance. Act fast, and either go online and fill his form or give his team a call. They will give you all the details and will present you with the opportunity to book Tim as your motivational speaker. Tim will guarantee that the event will be enjoyable but also very practical and worth your time. You will be wowed after hearing him speak.

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