Dallas Motivational Speakers

Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

Are you looking for a motivational speaker in Dallas? If so, Tim Redmond is the speaker for you and you will not find another speaker that has the experience that he has. Before becoming a business consultant for CEOs and business owners, Tim helped start the tax and accounting software company. They grew the company from 2 employees to over 450, and generated $120 million in pretax revenue. As a business consultant, Tim helps turn businesses around and puts them on the path for massive growth.

Tim offers a wide variety of topics that he is an expert on speaking about. Along with the topics that he offers, you can request him to do a custom topic just for your group. With his experience and expertise he will be be able to offer a powerful and practical message on the topic that you desire. You can also choose from a number of the topics that he has such as: creating massive growth even in challenging times, team performance ñ move from mediocrity to greatness, and resolving complex ñ building powerful relationships. Those are just a few of the topics that he is an expert in teaching.

As a motivational speaker for your Dallas event, Tim will easily relate and inspire your audience. He knows how to continually bring the wow factor throughout the entire speech. His goal is to make everyone feel more empowered to not only be but to also do more in their life. You will be motivated to take the steps necessary to change the results in your business and personal life. As a part of keeping the audience engaged, Tim brings a unique style of humor to all his speeches.

Every time Tim speaks, he always leaves the audience with action items that are easy to implement into everyday life. The action items have been proven to work by a multitude of case studies and supporting statistics. They have also been used by Tim himself throughout his experiences in business and in life. He has given these action items to business leaders and top notch people across the globe, and the ones who applied it have all seen results. Even his business clients that he coaches have seen over 50% growth or greater in their business from them.

Tim would be honored to be the motivational speaker for your Dallas event. Although, being nationally known motivational speaker, Tim is booked extremely quickly. In order to book Tim you must go online and fill his form or give his team a call to work out the details. Booking Tim will make you the hero of the event you are setting up. He can guarantee that you and your audience members will be wowed.

Dallas motivational speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

If you are looking for motivational speaker in Dallas, Tim Redmond would be an amazing fit for you. His experience gives him the extra knowledge that people look for in a speaker. He has been mentioned in John Maxwell’s 21 and irrefutable laws of leadership and has created his own curriculum for business and personal growth, called “Power to Create”. He worked as a CPA, and helped start a business that grew from 2 employees to over 450. After reaching over $120 million in pretax revenue they sold it to Intuit, a Fortune 1000 company. Along with motivational speaking, Tim works as a business consultant helping businesses grow and thrive.

Tim is the type of speaker that likes to have fun while he is speaking, as well as bring a powerful message. He knows how to deliver the message in such a way, that it is easy to understand and easy to apply. His first step in speaking to an audience, is to quickly relate to them and their situations so that he can help them find solutions. He always stays enthusiastic and energized no matter how long he is speaking for. You will feel more empowered to achieve the goals that you are most after.

Tim has an extensive amount of topics that you can choose from that would best fit your group. One thing that makes him unique compared to other motivational speakers, is if you don’t see a topic that applies to you, you can customize one. He’ll create a message specifically for that topic, and with his experience be able to deliver a powerful message. Some of the things that Tim is an expert on speaking about is how to unleash leadership, how to increasing productivity within your company, and how to accelerate a high rate of growth. No matter what Tim speaks on, you can be assured that you will enjoy it and be able to use it.

After hearing him speak to your Dallas group, they will feel the level of empowerment to achieve the goals they are after. Tim has spoke to thousands of people across the globe and he knows what it takes to bring out the fire of desire in people. He will leave the audience with action steps that are very practical. He can assure they work because they are backed up by a multitude of case studies and supporting statistics. Along with the action steps, your audience will experience a transformation in the way they think. They will have a greater drive and motivation.

With Tim being a nationally known speaker and a mentor on thrive15.com, he is booked quickly for speaking engagements. In order to get him as a motivational speaker for your Dallas event you must act quickly and give his team a call or go online and fill out his form. By doing this you will be able to work out the details and schedule him for your event. Tim can guaranteed that you will be wowed after the event, and leave with a grasp of the steps to take next in your life. You will be amazed at how all these little steps can take you further in your life!

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