Dallas Motivational Speakers

Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

If you have been looking for one of the best motivational speakers in Dallas, look no further! Tim Redmond is a speaker for you. Tim has the ability, with the experiences that he has had, to bring your event to the next level. He has created a business and personal growth curriculum called “Power to Create”, and he has been mentioned in a number of John Maxwell’s books. His business experience includes, growing a tax and accounting software company from 2 to over 450 employees and generating over $120 million pretax revenue and he now does business consulting. It is also a mentor on along with men such as the former VP of Walt Disney World, Lee Cockrell and NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson.

Tim Redmond is the type of speaker that will keep your audience engaged the whole time. He brings a unique type of humor and comedy to his speeches while still bringing a powerful and effective word. He has done everything from playing a harmonica solo in the middle of one of his speeches, to walking around on his hands on stage. He will continually strive to bring a wow factor to your audience. Being able to quickly relate and inspire to an audience is one of the gifts he has.

Because of his vast consulting experience and research in turning around and growing multimillion dollar businesses, Tim provides a number of in-depth training topics. Some of his most powerful and popular topics are resolving conflicts ñ build powerful relationships, projecting your uniqueness, and team performance ñ move from mediocre to greatness. If Tim does not have a topic that meets your needs, you and him can create a custom presentation specifically for your group. With his experience he will be able to deliver a top-of-the-line presentation.

People remember the key principles of his humorous, and often interactive presentations long after the event. He leaves you with extremely valuable action items for you to carry back into your everyday life. These action items apply not only to the business side of your life, but to your personal life as well. All of them have been backed up by case studies, supporting statistics, Tim’s own life experiences. He will even spend extra time after the presentation to talk to and help anyone who needs it.

You will be completely wowed when Tim Redmond comes in speaks for you. You will not find another motivational speaker in Dallas like him. With him being a nationally recognized speaker and a mentor on he is booked fast. So don’t miss out, go online and fill out his form or give his team a call today to get Tim Redmond to speak at your event. He wants to truly wow you and help you succeed in everything that you do. Don’t miss your chance to book the best motivational speaker in Dallas.

Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your Dallas event, Tim Redmond would be a great fit. Tim is a nationally recognized speaker, and a mentor on , along with guys like former Walt Disney World VP, Lee Cockrell, and NBA Hall of Famer, David Robinson. His experience is what gives him an advantage over most speakers. His expertise comes from a combination of very successful business startups as well as his amazing life adventures. Tim help build one of the top tax and accounting software companies in America generating over $120 million in pretax profits. He now works as a business coach, to help business owners get from a place of just surviving, to truly thriving.

Tim is known for getting a results in a short amount of time whenever he goes and speaks. He always brings an exuberant amount of enthusiasm and energy to every one of his speeches. His job is to quickly relate to your audience, so that he can help them work through their problems and find ways to achieve their goals. Tim loves to inspire an audience through his great messages that can truly change lives. He has been called by many a, Transformation Specialist.

During Tim’s interactive, entertaining, and deeply thought-provoking message you will experience a extravagant shift in the way you think. He is an expert in showing people how they can increase productivity, accelerate the rate of growth, and most importantly to him, unleash leadership throughout your group. He knows that leadership is lacking in the world today, and he is passionate about showing people what a true leader looks like in the business and personal world. He has a number of topics that you can choose for him to share on such as resolving conflicts, leading from the power of the heart, and planning to achieve goals. If you do not see a topic that you think would fit your group you can work with Tim to customize your own.

Working with developing countries to release, reach, and restore leaders to the ultimate potential in their organizations, communities, and countries, Tim is equipped with the knowledge to help you wherever you are at. Tim has produce a multitude of training CD seminars and curriculums designed to strengthen and expand the leadership and wealth capacity of people all around the world. In his message he takes the key points from these trainings and gives them directly to the audience. The action steps that the audience receives from these key points are extremely practical to business and everyday life, and they are easily implemented even that same day. All of his action steps and key points have been extensively studied and applied, and they are backed up by case studies and supporting statistics.

Getting Tim has a motivational speaker for your Dallas event would be huge win for you and your team. But, being a nationally recognized speaker and business coach, Tim is booked very quickly. You must act fast, and either go online and fill out his form or give his team a call today. You will be able to work out all the details and book him for your Dallas event. You will love Tim as a motivational speaker and he will truly wow your audience when he comes and speaks for you.

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