Dallas Motivational Speakers

Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

Tim Redmond would be an amazing Dallas Motivational Speakers for any of your Dallas event. His experience gives him an edge over most motivational speakers, because he is actually lived the things he talks about. He worked as a CPA, and help grow business from 2 to over 450 employees, that generated over $120 million in pretax revenue. He is a mentor on the Thrive15.com, along with guys such as NBA Hall of Fame, David Robinson, former Walt Disney World VP, Lee Cockrell, and small business entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark. He now works as a business consultant helping CEOs and small business owners grow their business to place of massive success.

All the experience that Tim has gotten through to business and personal life has given him the ability to deliver powerful and motivating speeches. He has a supernatural like ability to relate to audiences and help solve the problems that they face. He will even spend extra time after a speech to personally talk to anyone who needs help. He is an enthusiastic and energetic Dallas Motivational Speakers, who will never give the audience a dull moment. He always brings a great message as well as a great delivery.

No matter what the topic of his message might be, Tim will always implement two main topics into every one of his speeches. He will always teach people leadership skills and personal accountability skills. He believes that these are two of the most important things a person can have, and that they are lacking in the business world today. He does offer a wide variety of topics that he can speak on, as well as offers the option of doing a custom speech specifically for your group. With his experience he will have no problem teaching about any topic that you give him.

Tim has spoke to top-notch business leaders and government officials across the globe. He knows how to quickly motivate and empower the audience to go after their goals with reckless abandon. He will give you the necessary action steps to be able to achieve the goals that you or your business are after. All of the steps that he gives you are backed up by case studies, life experience, and supporting statistics. He will never give you anything that you cannot use in business or everyday life.

Being the high-level speaker that he is, Tim books very quickly. In order to get all of this and more, must go online and fill his form or give his team a call today. This will give you the ability to set up the details and book him as your motivational speaker for your Dallas event. Tim can guarantee that you will leave wowed and that you will have the necessary steps to further succeed in your life.

Dallas Motivational Speakers

This content was written for Tim Redmond

If you are looking for Dallas Motivational Speakers that can bring a powerful message and has an extensive amount of life experience, Tim Redmond is your speaker. Tim’s experiences include being a CPA and growing a business to over $120 million of pretax revenue. He started with just him and another guy and grew it to over 450 employees. He now does business consulting and works with CEOs and business owners to bring their business move from losing money to putting them on a path of massive growth. He is also a mentor on Thrive15.com along with guys such as US small business entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark, former Walt Disney World VP, Lee Cockrell, and NBA Hall of Fame, David Robinson.

Tim is a very enthusiastic and energetic motivational speaker. He knows how to quickly connect to the audience members and find out what their needs are. After finding out their needs he can quickly assess the needs and help them solve problems or situations that are holding them back from their goals. His passion is helping people achieve the goals they have set for themselves. He will work to bring out a fire of desire in each and every one of your audience members.

Being as experienced as he is, Tim has a number of extremely powerful topics that he can speak on. After talking with him and finding out what your needs are, he can quickly tell you what topic would be best for your event. One thing that makes him unique compared to other motivational speakers, is that if he does not have a topic that can relate to your team you can customize one with him. With the experiences that he’s had in his business and personal life, he will easily be able to deliver a powerful and practical message on that topic. He wants to help you anyway that you see fit.

The action steps that you will receive from his speech are the same ones that he gives to his business consulting clients. His clients have consistently generated a greater than 50% growth in their business, after receiving his action steps. His action steps are not complicated, they are simple enough to apply even that same day. But they are things that you will use for the rest of your life, in business or in your personal life. He will shift the way your audience thinks, and empower them to be and do more in their life.

Being as highly sought after as Tim is, you have to book him quickly. If you want him to be your Dallas Motivational Speakers for your Dallas event go online and fill his form or give his team a call today. You will be told to find out much more information and ultimately book him for your Dallas event. After booking Tim for your event people will see you as a hero. He can guarantee that you will be wowed and leave with a better understanding of how to achieve your goals

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