The Problem

80% of businesses fail within the first 2 years. If they survive after that, most businesses never create enough momentum to fulfill their dreams.

The Solution

On the other hand, 4 out of 5 businesses that are started by an experienced business person supported by experienced mentors are successful way beyond 2 years. They continue to gain momentum, navigate through challenging times that shut down most businesses, and fulfill their goals and dreams.

Enter Your Personal Mentor

Tim has worked with a number of companies to help them achieve growth rates of up to 95% and higher.
With almost 30 years of experience growing multi-million dollar businesses, Tim works side by side with you in your dreaming, planning, implementation, and ongoing decision making. Have a confidential expert to interact with throughout each month. It’s like hiring a million dollar seasoned executive for a fraction of the cost . . . with returns that pays the investment back many times over.

What do people want to see in their businesses?

  • More customers and sales
  • More profits
  • Greater teamwork
  • Clarity of goals and strategies and how to make them happen
  • Fun and fulfillment

However, many smart business leaders sabotage the growth for their company.

Do you struggle with any of these problems?

  • Staying focused on highly productive activities – planning the work and working the plan
  • Lost sense of purpose or meaning in your work yet want to make significant impact
  • Not enough customers and sales
  • Having enough money/capital to keep the business growing until it can sustain itself
  • Getting quality, productive employees and getting them working well as a team
  • Poor or no marketing and branding
  • Your business dominates your life, zaps your energy, and isolates you from those you love most

Consulting for Growth

Tim’s greatest ability is guiding you to identify and remove the core constraint that hinders progress. Then, he shows you how to create key drivers that lead to significant growth. He works closely with you and your team to incorporate the needed changes smoothly and effectively.

“I am fascinated with the process of growing businesses and organizations. I love working with CEOs, business owners and other leaders to expand their thinking, vision, skills, and the capacity to build high performance teams around profitable ideas.” –Tim Redmond

Here is just a sample of some of the processes, systems, and deliverables you will experience and benefit from when you work with Tim and his powerful development team:

  • Executive Development Coaching – adapting high performance mindsets and practices combined with increasing clarity of purpose and work/life balance
  • Strategic Plan review, re-creating, and explanding
  • Strategic Thinking Process – Getting the whole company creatively involved!
  • Effective Decision-making and Accountability Process – Don’t do it alone!
  • Individual and Team Assessments with practical training to
  • Optimizing Profits via the Profitability Model
  • Get the Funding You Need – Loan Proposal Preparation
  • Ready to Sell Business? Process to maximize sales price

Are you ready to grow?

Email or call for an appointment with Tim to see if we are a right fit for you. Then, you can join the other companies who are experiencing significant growth each year.

Tulsa Business Consulting that Works Best with Business Consulting Tulsa

With all of the Tulsa business consulting firms available, what sets Tim Redmond and Redmond Growth Consulting apart from the others? For those wanting to really growth their business and move from having a job to truly owning a business, there are a number of reasons.

First, results. If you are interested in achieving results – it may be increasing profits, reducing marketing expenses, growing sales or creating high performance teams, Tim Redmond and his team apply proven processes and practical action steps that move the needles in the right direction. Expect big results in a relatively short amount of time.

Why have so many been so frustrated or disappointed in hiring a number of Tulsa business consulting firms? Some business consulting Tulsa companies have countless meetings with their clients, review and discuss countless reports, and at no point in the discussion make a point that leads to measurable and scalable results.

Not so with Tim Redmond and his Redmond Growth Consulting team. In every meeting, wins are highlighted and celebrated, action items from the previous week’s meeting are checked and new needle-moving, results generating action items are assigned by the end of the meeting. The focus is action; action towards things that matter and make difference.

Drawing from Tim Redmond’s extensive experience of growing a company from 2 employees to over 400 and generating over $40 million in annual sales, every week is an exciting adventure of learning and doing. What CEOs and entrepreneurs have repeatedly said about their experience with the top Tulsa business consulting firm is that they feel like they finally own a business rather than being “owned” by the business. They hold themselves and their staff to a whole new level of productivity. Employees are not just being held accountable by their supervisors, in the leadership environment that Tim helps leaders create in their organizations, the employees hold themselves accountable for the results they produce. It is so refreshing and energizing to grow a business using Tim’s proven, duplicable systems and processes.

There is a whole new level of electricity in the air with business consulting Tulsa’s leading firm impacts companies. Every area of the business is positively affected. One of the biggest areas immediately affected is the marketing department. There is so much advertising dollars wasted with ineffective, inconsistent, unclear advertising. Tulsa business consulting’s leader in town, Tim Redmond typically cuts the marketing costs by 50% while doubling the effectiveness. Business consulting Tulsa’s Tim Redmond ties everything together in a coherent, organized way. Instead of the business owner having to keep track of several marketing people he’s hired to do graphics, design and update the website, increase SEO (search engine optimization) and overall web presence, and PR work – none of which talk and collaborate with each other, Tim has the business owner talk to just one person. Tim Redmond acts as a quarterback to coordinate everyone’s efforts. It’s up to him to motivate the various marketing experts so they get the right stuff done on time and under budget.

All of the other areas of the business are also positively affected including sales, accounting, cash flow management, and personnel; among many other aspects of the business. If you want a super positive experience with a Tulsa business consulting expert, call Tim Redmond to experience his powerful Business Evaluation today.