Construction Marketing | Time to Stop Screwing Up

Construction Marketing | You’ve Been Screwed Before

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Have you worked with other construction marketing companies in the past and you haven’t left with positive interactions? You may have joined because they promised you the world with their construction marketing, but they were not able to deliver in the timetable that they gave you? Or maybe they didn’t even give you a timetable and they’re dragging along while they continue to eat your money away and not you want to do with your construction marketing? Well you can definitely work with an organization like ours at Redmond growth to see what the example as on many winning a marketing strategies. That’s why working with us is such great bliss and just get started by talking with us at 918-298-7766 today.

Now if you’ve worked with these other guys who have scanned you are screwed you over, we are sorry. We know that we are in an industry of other guys who do not have the same intensity we do and do not have a hell-bent mission to get your goals. Lynn fortunate and it’s why we care so much that every single week you show up in order to work on things the business and that we get after it on our goals. It’s important that you get after it on your goals because there’s no way you’ll be able to see tangible results. That’s why often guys will start with us in the end of fizzling out because they aren’t able to do the consistent action items they have to do in order to grow the business. And while we help them on many different areas of the business and with their construction marketing, things like Google refuse are not activities you can delegate or defer to somebody else like our company. It’s totally based on how good your work is and how many times you’re willing to ask and get rejected for.

As an of the two, working with those helps you know what it actually takes. Where that if you just implement the consistent repetitive tasks that you need to do, that you will see the results. The problem is that most guys do not want to the consistent tasks that may be seen as difficult or hard. The hard part may just be in the fact that you have to be consistent. But if you want to be successful with your business, then you’ve got to be consistent. You show up every day even if your relative guides or even if he gets sick. Starbucks is not closing their doors because they have we were sick and gas stations are closing when it’s a holiday in your business should either necessarily.

If you just simply want to guide the trust for the resource in order to get you to your construction marketing goals, the we are the team. We have a founder and CEO who grew his own company to $40 million a year in annual revenues and we have a team that’s been able to double in size of the past two years in the client load and staff that they have. It probably makes sense to work with organization whose growing dramatically so that’s why you should work with threatening growth.

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