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Construction Marketing | Quantum Leap to Growth

Are you curious as to what solutions we can provide you when it comes to tremendous steps for growth and improvement in your business? Are you looking for something that has to deal with some construction marketing issues and where will be able to capitalize on that? Does your construction marketing need a lot of help and you’re just looking for a reliable company to get you there and actually give you quantifiable results with construction marketing? Then go ahead and give us a call today at Redmond’s growth because were the organization they can help get you to those goals. We’ve been the fantastic business that has gone to the ends of the earth to make sure things can happen for our workers. So if you’re curious as to what can happen in your organization and how you can transform construction marketing, that is give us a call today at 918-361-3047.

So saying that you don’t know about working with us and I was walking through the steps of how you become a client. So it starts by getting in touch with her team at Redmond growth and is going through some preliminary questions. We kiss while you’re trying to figure out whether where a genuine fit for your organization, we’ve figure out whether you are actually good for us. One of the key signs that somebody is a good fit is if they are very coachable to new ways of doing business. He is genuinely most of the things that we talk about are things that really successful businesses do but many small businesses don’t do them. And that’s why 90% of business owners fail in transforming their business to something significant because they’re all following strategies that don’t make sense or don’t give any report reaped rewards.

But we get some limited questions done and then set you up on a 13 point assessment with Tim Redmond. This is a guy’s been able to grow his own business to wonderful heights and you do point worries had as much is 400 employees staffed in his company. That some employees that he probably doesn’t even know a lot of the employees are either. And you may not want to grow to that level with your business, but you have your own goals of growth in the business and are looking for ways to get there and so he wants to personally spend an hour with you to get the details in the Jess on how to get you there.

So whenever you’re down talking with Tim, you’ll likely the answers you need to know that we’re able to help you get to those goals and make things really work for your business. And were able to help make things worse by doing consistent meetings each week we keep you accountable to your goals and keep you accountable action items. Every week we assign different goals and different things to do for the business that were proactively growing the business and getting results that we need. This gives a call today and 918-361-3047 and will gladly take your money and provide you three times the return after working with us.

Construction Marketing | Grant Yourself Some Success

That you love the fact that you’re able to get a lot of things done in your business, your sad that one of those things you can’t get done is good construction marketing? Do you Artie run a pretty successful business but you’re wanting to take it to the next level and you feeling you have the ceiling that’s keeping you from getting your goals are you spending it crap ton on different construction marketing work with another company and you just wish things were more affordable and actually showed a direct return on investment? That look your buddy it’s time for you to get in touch with Redmond growth because they’re able to help you get to those goals and find great things to take care of in your business. so all takes to get started just to give them a call at 918-361-3047 and they’ll be able to show you the way along the process.

Nowadays are the last time is I ended on the fact that hiring is an important aspect of owning a business. You have some way where you’re able to look at candidates and not waste time and still be able to find some quality people to bring into the company. And here’s the deal you need to have an understanding that most people are not good candidates for your work. This is especially true because the unemployment rate is superlow now and so whoever is left at the bottom of the wrong is not really the best people out there. Even Daniel Tosh is a great quote or great sketch out a standup where he’s just amazed that even 10% of you that even 90% of the population is working. Because his argument is that the 10% the bottom of the barrel should not even have jobs at all.

But have a misunderstanding, we can have a system where were still able to see a lot of people. I mean it’s just very rare to run a job post one time and after that one occasion, you’re actually able to get somebody that’s worthwhile and your company and solve the issue. What you can know to be true is that it’ll probably take several weeks even several months to find that person that’s can be a great fit for your company. So by working with us, really be able to show you what that specific pathway looks like and how it breaks down on how to run the system for hiring. Run the hiring system, you’ve got a look at a lot of people at one time and so you run what’s called a group interview.

Now a lot of people get weird about running a group interview or they fear that people will come to it, see on a silly attitude have to tell. But this is on the perspective of helping you out as a business owner because you get so many things going on here day especially if your contractor you have all these calls come in and from workers you have a job and different issues you’re facing. And since you don’t have the scalable systems so that you have all all the time in the world, you gotta run a system for hiring that takes you less than three hours each week to do.

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