Construction Marketing | You Must Follow-Up

Construction Marketing | Lack of Follow-Up Kills

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Do you find that even if you implement some construction marketing plans and strategies, you won’t be able to execute the work well? Do you have a hard time making sure that your team actually gets things done and even if you hire guys that are capable, they just can’t seem to fit the bill? What if you hired a company that was able to provide you more than just construction marketing stuff? Well if you’d like much more than construction marketing strategies, but a whole organization to guide you in the growth of your business, then it’s time for you to get in touch with an organization like the Redmond growth. They have been able to do some really cool things with business owners and have been able to help business owners attain great their construction business growth. so all you get a deal is get in touch with the company by calling 918-298-7766 today.

Now you could implement a lot of ads and have a team create a website and everything, but if there’s no consistency with you as a business owner, you will not grow. I don’t care what you’ve done in the past as an employee and you found success in not being consistent, but that’s because you worked in an environment that didn’t inspire excellence. What you can know to be true is that when you start on your own nobodies give you accountable know what is keeping you a check and it’s on you to get the things done you need to do. So whenever you work with our organization to get this stuff taken care of, you must know that you have to consistently get reviews to consistently write content and consistently show up every single day.

Now on top of that if you have employees, you also need to follow up with them every single day. I cannot tell you how many guys we start working with who are so hesitant to schedule daily huddles with their guys consistently or to schedule weekly training. They just think it’s such a burden for their lives because they haven’t been doing it before and they don’t see how it’s crazy beneficial. We know to be true is that the client to do this find great peace of mind and benefits in doing this. On top of that, they think it’s a burden right now but it really helps them do so much more as a whole team. It’s one of those important consistent steps you need to take as a business owner to get the business off of your shoulders and onto the plate of your guys.

And finally, you may be losing deals because you don’t follow up. We helped fix this problem with the company that creates like huge cool set designs for different places. They would get a bunch of leads from tradeshows and just not call them. Or maybe they call them once but not follow-up at all to make sure those deals were confirmed because they were so busy. It’s a huge issue for businesses especially if they’re wanting to grow. They don’t have any consistency in following up making sure payments on track and keeping things collected and verified, then you probably shouldn’t grow your business. But please work with us today if you want to get these issues fixed and you want your business to succeed.

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