Construction Marketing | Having Trouble Writing Down Systems?

Construction Marketing | Document Your Systems

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Do you know what works and doesn’t work with your construction marketing and just with your business in general? If you are to try and train somebody or instruct somebody on how you implement your construction marketing, would you be speechless? Maybe does even have to do with your construction marketing, but maybe you have a hard time just communicating how you do your work to a new worker? If you have been struggling to scale yourself past yourself and you want to work with the company it’s able to get you those consistent construction marketing goals, then you must work with Redmond growth today. They have been a pivotal resource for people that have joined up in’s bought into the systems. that’s why you work with us today and give us a call at 9182987766.

Now you may be thinking that were just a marketing company that can create ads or websites and do fun things like that. What we actually are is a business growth firm and were able to tackle and get a handle on anything that has to do with your business. With that includes processes and documentation it’s needed in order to actually scale your business. So that involves building checklists and building documents about what needs to happen in your business. You should know your business is able to fulfill so much in your work and you should also know that your organization needs to have some kind of documentation or roof references to how you do your work. If you haven’t had documentation or anything like that, it’s probably been pretty challenging to train up guys to be just as good as you.

So while you may think it’s difficult to create a checklist of something that can be quote on quote complex, just know that a 20 page checklist and to do on this on a certain activity is not out of the question. Be as we have a guy here in our team that has never developed websites nor has a background developing websites. But in just a number of months, he’s been able to use documents that are 20 pages long to be able to code out a website. Did he needed a degree from some University in order to teach them how to fill websites? No he didn’t he just followed systems. You can do the same thing for your construction work.

Then as the elements when you have checklists you get a follow-up and key people accountable to checklists. By having daily huddles with your guys and consistent points check in with them and having a weekly training session, you can verify that your team is in fact getting better and is in fact improving. Team members actually love the fact that their business owners are willing to invest time in them as opposed to just sending them out and assuming that they will figure it out. It’s so much easier when a business owner is investing into their guys to make sure that they actually do a good job.

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