Construction Marketing | Good Work, Few Workers

Construction Marketing | No Good Workers

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Are you having a ton of trouble finding guys in the construction industry and that really brings down your potential for construction marketing? Would you really like to focus on construction marketing and getting that better, but you don’t have a team to rely on to just do the work? Do you find that construction marketing is very laborious and honestly rather just to the construction work yourself? What if you hired a construction marketing company to help you achieve these goals for your business? Then that’s why you work with an organization like Redmond growth. They time and time again has shown themselves to be a legit organization that helps you reach those goals in quicker time than most anybody. This is especially true for somebody who’s worked diligently for several years and haven’t seen that dramatic growth in their business. So if you’re ready to work with somebody that’s helped do this for several of the companies like yours, then get in touch with our business at 918-361-3047.

Will we know to be true is that no matter what contractor we talked to, we know that all of them have an issue with hiring. They all talk about how there’s just no good people out there. They may have just given up or they may have tried to look or they’re just talking to their buddies in the industry who can’t find guys… Whatever the case is it’s a huge problem. We understand that it is legitimately huge problem, but we know that other guys are finding workers. And most of our clients after implementing our hiring system to find guys. So we believe is that when we start talking with business owners about what they do to find guys, they can’t really give a clear answer for whatever they do is just very half ass.

The first thing we had a do is explain to them how our process works. And how the process works is you write job posts on as many places that you as you can talk about how awesome your company is. The content should be all about why the heck this new person should apply to see if they can work for your company. And after they apply you send them all to a group interview setting. That way you’re not eating several hours of your week every single week to talk with people who most of the time will not be good fits or won’t even show up. So that’s why it’s crazy important to do our format because we know that it takes definitely less than three hours every single week to execute but you’ll be reviewing as much is over 100 candidates every single week.

And what business owners will find out is that it really does save time. Even though they commit to it is time to do interviews every week and do a little time just sending fights to people, the candidates we themselves out through the process by their own dysfunctions. And then my having this group interview, you get to make real quick judgments about whether this person is worth coming out to the job for. In our construction guys who implement this to find it to be super beneficial and are able to find people. So if you’re ready to do this and more construction marketing work, they give a call today to Redmond’s growth.

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