Construction Marketing | It’s So Fun to Be Excellent

Construction Marketing | Don’t You Love Excellence?

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Are you wanting to work with a construction marketing company that actually provides the time of excellence with their work? Are you tired of working with lackluster companies who do not illustrates a grade of excellence with their construction marketing? And then when all else fails, do you want to be able to turn to an organization that can get you to the top of the charts with their key construction marketing tools? Well it’s about time that you know that Redman growth is the key organization for the growth of your business. They are totally within the wheelhouse of being able to help you get your goals and see that your organization actually sees some fruits. So in order for you to get started and actually make this thing a reality, get in touch with us by calling 918-298-7766 today.

Now where does this whole process starts on working with us? Well the thing is you get started by talking with the actual big man himself to read. Tim Redmond is the CEO of our company and has the experience of a lifetime being able to work with hundreds of business owners to get their businesses to change for the better. Not only has he grown his own and must be a $40 million empire that was later sold to the guys you created QuickBooks and TurboTax, but he also has been able to work with guys who have been able to grow their businesses from $20 million a year to over $100 million a year. It’s truly remarkable the different accomplishments in different helpful insights he’s been able to provide, and it’s super important for you to know that this is something he’s able to grant you and give you as a luxury.

The is in this deep dive on a 13 point assessment, he is going to concentrate on these key areas of your business that make a huge difference. So not only will he want to know the different numbers in different goals that you’re wanting to reach with your business, but he’s also gonna want to know how you are actually able to generate workers. And if you wanted it to a certain goal, what will it take for the amount of work that you need to get that done? And on top of that do you have the structure and the systems in place in your business to actually make this a reality? My guess is you doubt and that’s why would mean the world for you to get in touch with us. Because were able to help you double your business and make sure that you actually get a realistic growth on the kind of work were able to provide.

But the area you need to remember is that whenever you are working with growth, you can actually do your action items. You cannot be a lazy ass business owner and not things needed to grow your business. Now many of our clients are awesome people that are able to do some cool things the because they put forth the action. And if you are one of the people, that you should deftly give us a call at 918-298-7766.

Construction Marketing | Why Aren’t You Getting Reviews?

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Are you wanting more customers to get in touch with you online, but you’re wondering why no one is actually interested in talking to you? You paying somebody for your construction marketing, but no matter what they do it doesn’t seem to change the narrative of the growth of your business? And what is good to be the key area of significance in development so that you can actually influence the trajectory of your construction marketing? Well ready to actually take your business to the next level and do some very basic things consistently, then it’s time for you to work with Redmond growth today. Their tools for success and proven systems that they reinforce makes a huge difference with business owners and I highly encourage you that this will be a great step forward for your career and for your pathway. Give them a call today at 918-298-7766.

Now why in the world the reviews to people? Well a couple studies have been done to evaluate the amount of massive traction and success people have whenever they’re doing reviews. For instance it’s been shown on Adweek that 81% of customers who are searching online for anything wool look at reviews before making a purchase. Then on top of that, 86% of customers according to Forbes will consider reviews just as impactful are important as referrals from their friends and family members. Is a really key staff to consider about the influence and impact of reviews. People most of the time are looking at reviews before making any kind of purchasing decision. In fact they will consider reviews just as important as a friend or family member tell them about how cool that movie was.

How does this translate to your business? What when somebody searches for your business on Google, what kind of reviews do you have available? Do you have like five or six or 10 the 20 or hundreds of reviews? All of these really make a difference in your business because the more reviews you have, the more significant your service will be the people looking up and reviewing your business online. You want to be able to stand out and you also want to capitalize on people sharing really good praise and satisfaction for your work. So it’s important that you are able to actually get in touch with people on a consistent basis that are your customers or just friends and family members, and asked them to leave you review on your business listing.

One of the very significant cool things about your business and about your worth is that it can be presented online for everybody to see. And if somebody is looking to figure out who the best siding company is in the area, one of the best ways to validate that is through the amount of reviews and good fanfare a business has. There are many other areas to how somebody would value an organization, but it is widely known that the reviews a business has makes a significant difference. So if you want or threatening growth to help them fix this and your skull and make sure that you actually do get reviews, then give us a call that.

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