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Construction Marketing | No Reviews

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Are you wanting to grow your business and implement some successful construction marketing, you have been getting the leads that you want? Or maybe you are getting work but you’re having a very difficult time convincing them of your value with your construction marketing? Furthermore, do you even have any kind of construction marketing that you’re doing right now with your business? Well we help to educate the common business owner on the simple things they need to do in order to grow the business and that’s why you work with our organization at Redmond growth.

One of the key things that you got understand about customers and about who you are working with is that everybody looks at reviews. I mean literally, everybody is looking for views researching your business and figuring out whether you actually are a legitimate resource. Stats show that four out of five customers are going to research any company online before choosing. That comes from the Adweek magazine publication for the advertising industry. Then on top of that almost 9 to 10 customers are going to read reviews before making any kind of purchase. Actually let me restate that, they actually will consider reviews just as important as a referral from a friend or family member. That basically means that reviews they read online are just as impactful as some friend of theirs or family member talking about how cool your company is. It’s crazy good stuff and that really helps you to be able to do some significant things with your work.

So that gives you the first bold step to getting yourself be a remarkable company, get reviews. Whether it’s obviously from your previous customers are not, you can still get reviews. We prioritize that you get reviews on Google because that’s where over 90% of the population looks whatever they’re looking for companies. But on top of previous customers, reach out to your friends and family members reach out to vendors reach out to that business owner that has a restaurant app. We say that we don’t care just get good positive reviews about yourself or about your company. As the more you get, the more fun happens with your construction marketing.

Because before you probably didn’t have a ton of reviews online. But after working diligently to get after it always get reviews about your work, people will look you up and see that more people like you that the other guys. And if you have so many reviews than the other guys, they would be an idiot if they didn’t call you or give you a shot. That’s the power getting tons of reviews because it verifies that yes in fact you are a worthwhile resource, this specially when a business owner is getting in contact with the customer they’ve never worked with before. So get reviews and work with us today on all the other construction marketing things you need to do.

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