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construction marketing and contractor advertising case study - Core 9             Would you consider yourself to be one of the best in your region at what you do, but haven’t found the tangible results of what you have currently going on in your construction marketing? Are you looking down the end of the tunnel to realize that you don’t want to be on your hands and knees forever? Are you lost in the plethora of resources available to you for “business growth” and just what one, reliable resource to provide you everything you need? At Redmond Growth, we love addressing all of these issues and much more. In our business, we hold a key quote close to the chest, “We fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” In order to validate that point, we do whatever the client needs to practically get them to their goals. With Core 9 Design, it was no different!

Client Profile:

Core 9 Design is a specialty contracting company that works on creating the best available in Oklahoma for flooring, fireplaces, and other construction masterpieces. The owner’s ability to create the work left almost everybody with 5-star quality work. The problem was that his understanding of what it took to scale out his work was lacking. On top of that, his digital presence with the website was zero to none. With our construction marketing work at Redmond Growth, we went right after it and he left us extremely grateful for the work we had done.

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

With your business, we will more than likely start with ensuring that people will always be able to find you and see your value anywhere they look online. Whether it be 3rd party listings like Thumbtack, Porch or Homeadvisor…or your website or your Google business listing, you want to create a professional WOW factor everywhere. Too many business owners are lazy with their contractor marketing and aren’t going to the full details that’s needed to make the most of profiles on places like Porch! So we nip that in the bud and take the quality of your presence online to the max.

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

Now as we implement our contractor marketing services, we also don’t want to help scale something that will end up not being very profitable or worthwhile for you. So we’ll dig deep and ask annoying questions like, “Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner, do you actually make a healthy profit? Really…you make 30% profit from your work?” More times than not, they don’t truly bring in 20% profit from whatever work they do into their personal wallets. It’s likely a very minimal amount that they really haven’t been tracking either! So we highly encourage that for the business owner’s sake and their longevity in working with us, to make sure they at least profit 20% from their work every time.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

The construction marketing we do definitely does work wonders, but it’s up to the client to actually move the prospects along to the close and sealing the deal. So in our relationship with the client, we make sure they are doing absolutely everything possible to close the deal. That involves creating scripts that are based on best practice methods for sales and our clients we’ve worked with in the past or currently. For your information, whenever you are trying to sell anything, it breaks down into five sections. You start with building rapport so that the ideal and likely buyer actually likes you. Then you fully discover what their needs are and emphasize the value of your company with benefits. Then, you simply ask for the close and address any issues or concerns. If you script out and confidently follow that method to a T, you’ll dominate.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

As you become busier and busier as a business owner and the construction marketing definitely develops into the turnkey marketing engine you always dreamed of, it’ll be supremely important to manage a tight calendar and to-do list system. Too many business owners are actually slaves to the work they do. They become swept away by each day’s issues and lose focus on the key aspects of daily producing revenue for the business. Days go by very easily without getting down what needs to get done to actually grow the business, like closing new deals! As the wheels are turning and churning in your contractor advertising endeavors, you’ve gotta make sure you are always in control of what goes on with your schedule. Because if not, you’ll be subject to whatever the world throws at you.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

Building a fantastic team around you is the only way you’ll be able to gain true time freedom from your work. Unless you only have a few clients of work and it doesn’t demand 60+ hours/week to fulfill your responsibilities (and exist in a unicorn universe), you will have to find awesome people. So instead of constantly complaining and lamenting about how terrible the industry is with its workforce, let’s do our very best to work on what needs to happen in order to win great people over to us. We will also show you a best practice method for small business owners to see tons of candidates while only take a maximum amount of time of two hours/week.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

As the team is beginning to form and the work continues to pile on, you’ll likely start to see the light at the end of the tunnel for time freedom and financial freedom. Before we get there, we can’t lose our intensity! In order to put up guardrails and ensure that your business functions very appropriately (even without your being there), you have to focus on how to grow this business every week by 2%. It’s that mentality that keeps contractors in the game.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Now that you have documented just about everything having to do with your business, you can fully delegate these responsibilities and fulfill time freedom and financial freedom. While you may have come to us initially for our construction marketing expertise, you’ll walk about seeing awesome results with every aspect of your business.

You Can Grow Your Business Too!

Having read through this (or maybe just skipping to the bottom), are you encouraged and ready to get your business kick-started into high gear? Well it’s time for you to work with us at Redmond Growth. It’s our privilege to be able to showcase what it takes to fully develop a business that exists to serve you. So give us a call at 918.361.3047 or simply fill out a form today to schedule your FREE, hour-long business assessment today.

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