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Construction Marketing and Contractor Advertising in a World of Chaos!

Construction Marketing Case Study | Structure and Marketing in a World of Chaos!

Can you design a really great product or service, but have had an egregious construction marketing strategy that’s brought zero fruits? Having a terrible time delivering results on the leads that you get from your construction marketing? In general, do you find that it’s disheartening to be running a business that you can’t seem to gain any time freedom from? At Redmond Growth, we provide the assistance and know-how to specifically address that issue HEAD ON! We have a team of people ready to tackle topics such as digital marketing, website design/development, hiring and firing quality people for your business, and the tons of other processes or systems you would need to grow your business. So by working with us on your construction marketing, you’re not only getting contractor advertising work, but you’re getting best practice tools from Tim and his partnership in growing 14 multi-million dollar businesses.

Client Profile:

By Design Contracting is a concrete and cement company that does anything you would need with concrete. That includes parking lots, driveways, patios, concrete retaining walls and more. He’s been satisfying his customers for many years, but he needed to really step it up with what he was receiving with his contractor marketing services. He is like many of the contractors we meet with where most (if not all) of his work was word-of-mouth and referrals. For a truly remarkable company that has a significant presence anyone you could find them, that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. This is a small business owner though who had zero presence online and needed to get with the times!

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work

In one of the first steps we take with clients, we look to create a sustainable channel of leads and work to come to the clients’ door. An odd phenomenon happens with some of the clients we start with, in that they get crazy stress about all the leads that will come in. Our thought is…why is it a bad thing to have too many people wanting to work with you? For one thing, it gives you tremendous options to work with great people and higher paying jobs. It also erases any stress of NOT having work (which if you haven’t figured out, is more stressful than having work available). With our construction marketing, building a world-class website with an awesome Google business listing filled with photos, video testimonials, and reviews are the steps forward to success.

Explore Profitable Enhancements

Now as we accelerate the proficiency of the client’s construction marketing, we also keep a close eye on whether or not the client is actually making a great amount of money with their work. Because the contractor marketing can work all day, everyday, but if the business can’t scale profitably, then it’s not a successful business model. So we lay out a very simple standard for all of the work they fulfill. Make sure that every job has a profit margin at a bare minimum of 20%. It’s even better to go higher than that on almost any case. At the most basic measure, just take whatever your job costs and add 20% on top! Digging Deep Into Sales Once of the work comes piling in with our construction marketing efforts, it’s part of our obligation to make sure the client actually closes deals and follows a best practice method for keeping every ideal and likely buyer engaged. So what are the key ways you significantly stand out from your competitors? Do you have an offer that’s a no-brainer for customers to at least give you a call for? Do you send testimonials and email or text reminders for your customers to stay aware of appointments and your work? All of these measures are great for making sure you do everything you possibly can to ensure that anyone who’s interested in working with you closes the deal.

Managing the Daily Schedule

Keeping your appointments and being on time for the customer is super important for contractor work. Many times, it’s the WOW factor for customers because they’ve just dealt with too many lazy construction guys for quotes or estimates. How can you ensure that you will actually be on-time though? By utilizing a daily calendar and to-do list! This is one of the BEST areas of focus with our clients because, as mentioned before, it’s part of our obligation to make sure the construction marketing efforts aren’t going to waste. If our contractors are late to jobs constantly or don’t get done their daily, revenue-producing activities, then there’s no way their business will grow! You gotta work that calendar!

Opening Avenues for Quality Help

The most straightforward way to think about gaining more time freedom is by hiring on quality people to take on that responsibility. One of the biggest complaints we get from contractors though is that they are convinced there are no good workers out there. While we can’t ignore the facts that our economy as a whole and the industries bundled into contracting have shortages of available workers, there are still great people out there. Or even more so, there are coachable, good people that just need to be trained on what to do.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability

As the business continues to grow and develop into a behemoth in your city or region, the construction marketing will be blowing up with work and you’ll happier than ever. In order to get you to that end goal of true time freedom and financial freedom, the focus shifts into how to increase the effectiveness of your business by just 2% each week. Do we need to tweak the numbers to save a few hundred dollars per month? Do need to make a change to the script in order to add a new layer of assurance with customers? These small shifts are what will bring your business to the dream land.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom

You’ll make a decision at this point that will officially alter your company from you just being a worker to becoming the business owner. Am I willing to sacrifice how much I personally make on the business each month in order to pay people what it’s worth for them to manage my madness of a business? As you grow the company with our construction marketing, this is inevitable and as you seek out the time freedom to do whatever you want to you do, you will have to delegate and train excellence into your company!

You Can Grow Your Business Too!

Are you tired of being on a plateau with your company and need to revitalize your construction marketing efforts today? Does it excite you to work with a company that’s likely more enthusiastic about growing your business than you are? Then you have to give us a call today at 918.361.3047 to book your free, hour-long business assessment so you can officially see where you can practically get started in your business today.

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