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Construction Marketing Case Study | Focusing on the Key Ingredients to Success

Struggling to grow your one-man band of contractor advertising work into a beast construction marketing organization? Would it be supremely helpful if you could join with a construction marketing company that brought their A game every time? Want to find out what it takes to deep dive into the core aspects of your business? At Redmond Growth, we implement best practice methods to all of these questions and concerns. While many construction marketing firms preach excellence in their business, we provide the real results for clients all the time. Some clients aren’t diligent doers and don’t do what they need to do, others thrive working with us. Even clients who only conduct that awesome 13-point assessment with us walk away with clear action items to their business.

Client Profile:

With Journey Home Remodeling, that’s exactly what they did. After the free 13-point assessment they did with Tim Redmond, it was clear they needed to complete a lot to get ahead. It’s important you work with a mentor or coach that will fight on your side, but push you. A main reason why some business owners are clients is to simply kick their butts and get them into action. Many of the clients were athletes or grew up in a military background. The best way they function is with some verbal abuse. Some clients simply need a cheerleader on their end and a guiding hand to take them to the promised land. No matter what works best for you, we know that our contractor marketing services will get you to your construction marketing goals.

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

To get even more specific about those construction marketing goals, one of the areas of huge concern is how you’re represented online. You can’t ignore the fact that online reputation is so crucial for any business. Whether you are the local bakery on main street or one of the largest technology companies in the world, online reputation is everything. So in order to produce great amounts of traffic and business, there needs to be a maniacal ambition for more and more reviews, testimonials and greater praise for your business. What our clients soon realize is a proactive persistence needs to exist with this goals. On every job, always ask for reviews. Ask for video testimonials and include incentives for referrals. Do whatever you need to do to drive your construction marketing forward!

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

This aggressive doesn’t exist for long though if you aren’t paid what’s due to you. Many of contractors get stuck on the use of invoicing. Invoicing is where contractors and their contractor marketing go to die. It’s the pre-21st century move to send invoices and requests for payment. We now have credit cards and can organize payment structures that make sense. You no longer need to complete a job, pay out all the expenses on the front-end, to then wait for the buyer to “when they think about”, pay you what’s owed. Install strict payment practices so you never get behind on your work.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

Of course, our work will generate all the construction marketing you’ll need. Even so, you still need to create a sales system that makes sense. The conversions you get from an interested prospect to a close client is super important. Are you doing absolutely everything you can to take advantage of your construction marketing? Nine times out of ten, probably not. There is likely some element of your business that needs to change or adapt. You likely are not sending emails to confirm appointments. Maybe you aren’t calling your leads as aggressively and proactive as you should. Dive deep with us as our Redmond Growth team teachings you best-practice moves to capitalize on all your construction marketing investments.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

The daily schedule you function with is vitally important to the success of your business. Managing your time as a business owner becomes a vital way to stay on your A game. Because while the construction marketing goes into effect, tons of other systems work. Systems for hiring and firing employees, writing up people, weekly meetings and training, and other plans. On top of that, you likely live with a family and kids. You likely maintain fun hobbies and interests in the side (or at least would like to). When will you time block those activities? Work with Redmond Growth and one of our implementation consultants to nail this down!

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

Hiring and firing shouldn’t ever be super enjoyable. Unless you operate with a weird fascination for seeing people lose their jobs, then alright. Even if that’s the case, providing tactful and quick hiring policies will always work out in your favor. It will greatly benefit you to have our construction marketing team walk you through our best practice model for running the HR side of your business. Yeah that’s right, we also dramatically help companies with their hiring and firing policies. The method we utilize will not only save you several hours a week (to answer all those construction marketing calls you get), but also grant you opportunity to see tons more candidates.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

You function with all these systems and you are now used to the flow of your business. You now have totally shifted your mindset from simply functioning as a worker in your job, to a business owner. You OWN everything in your business and take responsibility. Let’s think big picture now…what if you were abducted by aliens? Could your business survive without you at the helm? This is a big, ugly thought that we specifically attack. Our methods for building documents and processes in your business gives you liberty for time freedom. Now you can spend more time investing in financial freedom AND more time training and developing your awesome team members.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

The awesome team members that you spent years finding and training now really don’t need you too much. Through your beautiful efforts to train and instruct, each member works great together. There are documented systems and processes for everything. You can now take care of those fun hobbies you wanted to start. Or, you can sell your business and live with what you’ve saved. No matter what your goals are, we are here to get you there. Give us a call today at 918-361-3047 to get started on that 13-point assessment with Tim Redmond.

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