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Construction Marketing Case Study | A Whole Lot of Love for Redmond Growth

Five years ago, was your company functioning at the same rate of revenue and do you wish your construction marketing could propel you to great heights? It is important for your construction marketing efforts to actually translate to dollars in your pocket? Do you find it a waste of time to work with vendors who don’t give you added benefits? For construction marketing that truly takes your efforts in business to the next level, work with Redmond Growth today.

Our company fulfills great work with contractors and clients all over the world. What’s awesome about working with us is that the same principles we find in any business will nine times out of ten, work for yours. With all the years that we have fulfilled work, it’s likely that we already worked with a client to grow their businesses too. Schedule a time to talk with Tim Redmond at 918.361.3047. That’s actually his mobile number so you’ll just get to speak with him right then and there!

Client Profile:

Just look at a company like Holland Construction and you’ll find that they enjoyed their time with us. They work out in the OKC area and though their stint with us wasn’t for long, it was fruitful. See what’s important about your relationship with us, it’s up to you how long you stay. You are not tied to any long-term contract like many of our construction marketing competitors will do. You know what those contracts communicate? They communicate a lack of confidence in what they provide so they are obligated to lock you down. Work with Redmond Growth to figure out that BS is nowhere to be found.

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

Of course the first step for all businesses is to generate enough work to exist on your own. Until the business can fulfill the financial needs for yourself to survive, then it’s still a side gig. That grind up phase is where most business owners fall off the map. When research shows nine out of ten business startups fail, that should strongly communicate some details. One of those details illustrate that most business owners don’t have what it takes. I’ll come out and say it, most business owners shouldn’t have even started. So take a deep hard look at yourself and ask whether you have the cajones to take this beast forward, no matter what.

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

Now that you sold a great number of products, jobs or services, look to your pricing. Once the base of clients are established, then it’s time to examine whether your work really is worth it. Are you profitably growing the business through your current pricing? If not, then we are either spending more elsewhere or we simply just need to sell more things. Our construction marketing will promote and generate the value of your business, but you also need to actually make money.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

Your work also needs to actually be booked and scheduled and sold. Not selling things is the ultimate issue for most entrepreneurs. They get pumped up about their business, but aren’t pumped up to get rejected all day. On the flip side, they do not block off time to proactively make sure that leads are consistently getting closed. So they are busy as a bee, then they suddenly aren’t. For the construction marketing work that makes a stupendous difference, work with Redmond Growth.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Through the nonsense of owning your own business, you will come to a life-altering and shattering conclusion. You were never effectively taught how to manage your time like a boss. That means as the business gets busier and busier, you get less and less sleep. Even worse, you slip up on your work consistently and lose your prized reputation.

We deal with this for every client on their time management. It really comes down to the business owner saying no more and more. Our contractor advertising is obviously important, but if you can’t maintain the schedule, then you’ll fail. So to fully implement our contractor marketing services, we’ll also focus on working with you on time management.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

What’s the best way to gain time freedom? Why of course, it’s through hiring awesome people into your company. The bad part is like everything else in business, it can be troublesome. This is especially true for contractors who live with the mindset that hiring is a waste of time. “No one wants to work anymore!” We work with too many contractors on their construction marketing to know that they are able to find workers. Granted it’s tough, but by implementing our best practice hiring methods, they consistently see people in their door. Now, they at least have options to choose from in their area.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

Toward the tail end of work with us, this is a spot where some clients leave. We think this may be the worst spot to bow out. Because while you are implementing all these systems we conducted into the business, YOU are implementing these steps. In our minds, your business isn’t really yet. You know when a business is fully developed and operational when you can leave and it still makes money. Whether it’s an extended period of time or a brief period, you still have the opportunity. So focus each week on how to improve the business by 2% and you’ll see this happen.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Yes, the illustrious spot of time freedom and financial freedom! It was possible by the great work we were able to do with our contractor marketing. The consistency of our weekly meetings really do excellent things for clients. The final aspect that I must add is if you don’t work the system, it won’t work for you. The construction marketing values we install into the business do give great worth to diligent doers. In order to get coached up on what to effectively do in your construction marketing, give us a call today at 918.361.3047. We do this with too many contractors to know that it really does work!

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