Construction Marketing and Contractor Advertising – Rock Bottom to Massive Growth

Construction Marketing Case Study | Ready to Propel Your Business Forward?

“We fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” When you read our core quote for the company, do you raise your skeptical eyebrows concerning our construction marketing? Are you a business owner who’s witnessed too many scams from construction marketing firms? Was your business a victim of the “jackassery” that came from other construction marketing companies? We feel terrible that this happened to you and honestly,

Tim Redmond feels for you. We call out to contractors all the time preaching the good news about Redmond Growth. Sadly, we get responses so often from fed-up business owners who hear from charlatan contractor marketing services companies. Let us be your saving grace and provide you with contractor advertising that genuinely works. We know you’ll see the roots of success consistently, as long as you implement the systems.

Client Profile:

East Shore Remodeling does a great job out at Charleston, South Carolina. They can build and create just about anything you would want for your residential property. The issue is that they needed some focused attention on their construction marketing.

They were looking to really take their work up-a-notch. While the excellence in their technical skills was very evident, their business was not evident. So they joined up with us and while they did not last for an extended period of time, they learned insightful clues about the value of our work and what we do for construction marketing.

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

The work you put into your business only gets supplemented by the amount of deals you actually book. So the first area of concern for us is whether or not you’re making enough deals happen. The first big move we do is emphasize the insane value that Google reviews have for any business owner. Yes, I do mean that every business owner needs to gather reviews.

Google reviews really bring so much weigh to the business’s credibility. When you look for remodeling companies in your area, you likely look at Google right? If you’re like the 90+% of users out there, then as a remodeling company, it’s super important to understand how to get to the top. Unfortunately, too many business owners don’t know how Google works because they’ve been told that it’s immensely mysterious. Work with us to take the mystical out of it!

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

While discussing how to actually win work over to you is super important, we also can’t deny the financial side of the work. If you keep signing up jobs super dirt cheap, you will eventually run yourself dry. You must work jobs that give you a favorable margin of profit. This allows you to cover overhead and other expenses that are not factored into your actual job costs.

While contractors will unequivocally agree that this is important, too few know how to enforce great profit margins. Other contractors that are not you would be lazy with their estimates and don’t put in the time to specifically detail what’s needed. For great work to get done, it’s time to get serious about your profitability so you can realistically grow to your goals.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

What’s the best way to ensure that our construction marketing actually provides insanely valuable work? How about by actually closing deals?? While this sounds obvious, too many of your contractor compadres are getting calls for business and NEVER calling them back. They miss that this person was a lead and since they didn’t document it, how will they remember what it’s for?

This is a poor way to operate your contractor marketing. If they do document it, it’s on some spare sheet of paper that gets lost or isn’t documented neatly. Take time to work with Redmond Growth no only on your construction marketing, but also with your documented systems for sales.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Your calendar will look packed with jobs by the time you reach the several month mark with us. If you were already packed, then it will continue to look packed through the slow season. As you reach this point, we will repeated bring up the fact that there are certain daily activities that generate consistent revenue. One of them is gathering Google reviews every day or every week.

One of them is running a group interview every week at the same time. These activities MUST live on the calendar forever and never change. This is a huge, limiting factor for business owner who feel in control by their business. Fortunately for you, we saw ourselves get out of this thick cloud of despair and you can see the light as well.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

A pivotal aspect in the success of any organization is its ability to find and retain awesome employees. These people are hard to come, as I’m sure you know. Rather than take the approach of being sad and whining about it, we take a different approach. Our best practice method for finding and hiring these great individuals are proven based upon the multitude of clients we successfully implemented this with. Through a group interview you run every month, you save several hours every week. On top of that, you also get to see many different candidates for the position.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

The work you are able to do for this organization really makes great headway. After a few months of working with us, you’ll definitely find that this was an awesome decision. It’s no time to leave now because you are just getting started. The main lesson here is to take time every week to continue working on the business. By asking yourself how to improve the business by 2%, you see steady difference in the success of it. That way, (theoretically), it would improve by 100% year over year!

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Gaining your time freedom and financial freedom is the WHOLE reason why we work with great people like yourself.

That’s why when you work with Redmond Growth, you get access to answer any question you can conjure regarding your business. For a free, hour-long business assessment with Tim Redmond himself, just give him a call at 918.361.3047. You can also simply fill out one of the forms on our website and we would be delighted for you to work with us.

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