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Construction Marketing Case Study | Our Lead Tracking is a Game-Changer

Managing a sizeable remodeling company and looking to take it forever to the next level with awesome construction marketing work? Does the thought of dominating your local market with construction marketing tools that kick butt excite you? Just left another construction marketing company because they decide to do a terrible job? We are elated to get started with you on all the work and progress needed to dominate. We work with business owners to take their businesses to their end goals of financial freedom and time freedom. As our core quote expresses, “We fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” To get started, it’s as easy as filling out a form online at You can just as easily give Tim a call at 918.361.3047 to get going as well.

Client Profile:

For instance, J.N. Residential worked great jobs in their local area. They just needed a wise counsel and resource to take them to their big goals. In order to get there, they also needed the accountability we offer with our weekly meetings. Some clients will not take it as easily meeting every week. We find it’s pivotally necessary to meet every week. This way, you as the business owner, implement a weekly period to always work on the business. No more “when I get to it moments” for you. Working with us on your construction marketing surely provides the stability you need to grow this beast!

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

An important first step for any business is to sell work. Even before you get anything official with your business, it’s critical that you know you can actually provide awesome work. We talk with people all the time who want to sell products and merchandise online. We say, “Okay cool, could you go ahead and sell a hundred things and come back?” Those first 100 products that you sell illustrate great truths about the validity of your work or product. Once those first few jobs are done, then let’s look to expand the operation with glowing reviews online, great video testimonials for your work and a no-brainer offer that piles people at the door.

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

Now that you are selling jobs, you likely do a great job and may have created a long list of customers. This is a fabulous opportunity to test out the market. How much will people actually pay for the work you do? In order to manage a healthy business, you must implement a profit margin that makes sense. What profit margin makes sense? For most companies, a margin of 20% or more makes a ton of sense. Now homebuilders are likely the exception due to the high cost of the project, they likely only look for 10% in profitability. Since the job is so expensive though, the margins make sense to actually growing the business. Pay attention to your finances and make smart decisions.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

Now wait, what if your construction marketing works wonders for your company, but the leads end up dying? This is far too often the case. Clients who utilize great contractor advertising generate an influx of leads, then nothing happens. So while we care deeply that our contractor marketing services help, we need it to help your bottom line too. No longer will you settle for taking in leads for the fun of it. Call them all until they cry, buy or die. That’s from the great sales trainer, Zig Ziglar. Also, measure where all the leads are in the process to see who drops the ball. As many have quoted, “you measure what you treasure.”

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Your construction marketing causes your business to go through the roof. That’s awesome and in those first couple months, you validate more and more what we preach. The main issue though lies in your management of the daily schedule. This is usually a very difficult lesson for business owners to seize. Business owners everywhere are taken over by the daily burning fires. Very few have the aptitude to schedule things in advance, let alone, say no to surprise obligations. If it’s not in the calendar as a scheduled activity, why are you doing it? You then push off what you intentionally planned and now, you’re stuck with a day wasted.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

The help and assistance that you need to grow a business easily comes with new employees. The trouble is that everyone in the contractor business seems to hurt a lot with hiring. While many dominate with construction marketing tools, fewer are dominating with finding and hiring candidates. Fortunately, for clients who consistently implement our system, they all see great results. So let me ask you, are you spending way too much time looking at terrible candidates? Wish you didn’t have to spend so many hours to interview people who are awful fits? Well that’s why you simply work with us at Redmond Growth for those key contractor marketing tools.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

Through implementing these many construction marketing systems, you now operate a business that thrives. Congratulations! Here comes the interesting part…time freedom now needs to be accomplished. As a business owner, the business exists to serve you. What needs to happen for your business to only require so many hours every week? Once you figure out what your goals are for yourself, then we implement construction marketing tools just for that.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Look at you now! You hired on some awesome job managers who get paid really well and your business now fuels you end goals. This is also happening while you only work several hours/week or close to zero hours per week. It’s time for you to get pumped up about how awesome your construction marketing could be. To get started, we offer a great no-brainer offer to give you one hour free with Tim Redmond. The man who grew a company from 2 to 400+ employees gives you an hour of his life solely to benefit you and your growth.

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