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Construction Marketing Creates Consistent Work!

Are you wondering what it’s going to take to get your construction marketing work ignited for great results? Have you been running your business for several years, heck even decades, with no tangible growth or revenue in the business? Are you tired of this happening to your business constantly and you need someone to give you the source of light to take you to the promised land? Well at Redmond Growth, our big quote to signify everything we do is that “we fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” So when it comes to your business and your worries, we look to hear about all the issues and solve them proactively. We’re almost like your business counselors sometimes, but we also work to create action items for each of these problems. Just ask Cornerstone Remodeling about what we’ve done!

Client Profile:

Cornerstone Remodeling does some great work out in Atlanta and in fact, they were a featured contractor for one of the projects with the Property Brothers. Even with this great social proof, they had a difficult time generating recurring work and needed a helping hand with his construction marketing. So at Redmond Growth, this is been a pivotal area that we’ve been able to assist Cornerstone Remodeling. Thankfully for him, we deal with so much more than just his construction marketing.

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

This has been the primary focus for a lot of our contractors. While some come to us with already full plates of work, many of them are wondering how the heck these large companies got to be so big. With our construction marketing expertise and guidance, we’re definitely able to help any diligent business owner generate more work for their business within 90 days! In multiple occasions, these edits to their strategy is by simply beefing up their digital presence online. A large majority of contractor advertising out there do a half-a** job at filling up their profiles, generating reviews or sharing their expertise in videos and photos online. The evidence is out there though that with more content and validation, the more people will call and platforms will respect your presence.

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

The work that comes in your business is always great, but what isn’t great is working for nothing. Some will be able to generate tons of work via contractor marketing, but they aren’t actually getting rewarded appropriately for that work. Now, if you really are a sub-average remodeler or electrician, then you should be promoting Walmart prices. We attempt to create a huge mental shift with contractors to give the right dollar amount for their work and not stay with the same pricing they’ve had for several years. The construction marketing we implement will work, but to what end if you only make 10% profit?

Digging Deep Into Sales!

With every prospect in the business, every large-scale, successful organization has a best practice system to funnel them to a close. Every week, they take a look at key performance indicators to figure out how to improve the process by 2%. This includes continually editing scripts for phone calls, callers practicing scripts, editing any content or emails sent to prospects, and a number of other variables in a sales system. Our question is, why are so few business owners paying attention!? At some point, business owners have to come to this reality and the sooner they do, the better their livelihoods are via our contractor marketing services.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Along with all this structure with the sales process, the business owner has to have structure with their daily schedule. Managing your personal calendar and your to-do list is so important to anyone with lots of responsibilities. And even more importantly, it’s pivotal that every business owner gets great at saying no to anything that doesn’t make them money or doesn’t fulfill their goals. As Steve Jobs said, “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully.”

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

You may be asking though, “All these systems are great and all…but how in the world will these things get done??” First of all, if you aren’t working more than 60 hours/week to do whatever you gotta to do to grow this thing, you shouldn’t be a business owner. And with our best practice hiring methods, you won’t be working that hard for all your life. You’ll be able to vet out people who are terrible fits quickly without wasting several hours per week of time.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

Now fortunately, by working with us on your construction marketing efforts, we’ll be able to expedite all of these systems and best practice tools quickly. The key to getting yourself to grow this beast into a wealth-generating powerhouse is by focusing on increasing the productivity and performance of all these elements in your business by 2% each week.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

After about two or three years of hard work and diligence and ridicule from your lazy friends and business owners, you will rise above the rest by actually accomplishing your goals. Too many businesses were started with the dreams of creating time freedom and financial freedom, and yet, so few actually achieve this dream. At Redmond Growth, we have a plan to make this a reality with anyone who is a diligent doer and NOT a happy hoper.

You Can Grow Your Business Too!

Has your construction marketing been in the pits for too long? Does immense business growth and actually achieving your goals motivate you to work your butt off? Well then you’re a perfect fit for Redmond Growth! Just give us a call at 918.361.3047 or fill out a form to receive our free hour-long business assessment. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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