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Construction Marketing that REALLY Works?

Getting a dream remodel job done for your house is exciting and likely the 2nd most expensive thing a customer will pay for. The 1st most expensive is the house itself! There’s also commercial properties that always renovate or need to extend for expansion of the team they have.  When these customers are looking to make these decisions, how will they find the right information available? As always, they will look around to friends, family members or colleagues for insight. Unfortunately, the personal connections aren’t always too trustworthy anymore. Your colleague’s uncle who does construction work doesn’t necessarily mean that the uncle will do an awesome job.

So where do people turn for accurate results for the work they need done? The way advertising and promotion used to be during the heyday relied on tons of physical promotion. Yellow page advertising, radio ads, billboards, and posters everywhere. Now, it’s all online and easy for the customer to use. Even with the change of times so apparent for many of these contractors, they turn away from trying to dominate the digital world. Many of these guys heard too many horror stories from their friends about shady contractor advertising companies looking to simply steal your money. Worse than that, they suffered from contractor marketing services that didn’t pan out! How do you know if a certain construction marketing company actually does do wonders for clients?

One way to find out is by seeing their client testimonial list. Reviews are the penultimate way for you to identify yourself as the landmark company to work with in your local area. It’s the critical category to stamping out any of your competitors. And if 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal referral, that’s HUGE. On top of that, it looks like 91% of customers will read the reviews you have before purchasing any products or services. If nine out of ten people actively look for the recommendations online about a business, then you should likely pay attention huh?

Another way to easily stand out in the crowd through your construction marketing is by visibly looking excellent anywhere a customer would find you. There are so many websites that a customer can find you from. Homeadvisor, Porch, Networx, Thumbtack and dozens of others give you space to promote what you’ve got! While Google and your Google My Business listing will stand as the most valuable area to dominate online, all these other areas help to paint an overall picture that your work is infact fabulous.

Now you may be very technically deficient. That’s likely part of the reason why you haven’t tried to do this yourself. Due to this weakness with technology, you’d love it if some company existed that provided tangible results consistently. Unfortunately there are so many companies who talked about providing great results for their clients. And yet, it’s hard to find an enormous amount of reviews about their work, video testimonials from real clients or tangible evidence.

Here comes Redmond Growth to the rescue! We are a construction marketing company that’s provided consistently fantastic work for our clients. While we assist with MUCH more than just contractor marketing services, we thrive on being able to in 60 to 90 days, generate more revenue for a business than they pay us. Over the course of a year, it’ll be common for businesses to double in size after working with us and following our best practice methods for strategic construction marketing work. Give us a call today at 918-298-7766 or just fill out a form and we’ll be thrilled to get in touch and set you up for a free hour-long business assessment.

Top Five Concerns for Contractor Advertising and Construction Marketing

We talk to contractors, remodelers and construction business owners all the time about our construction marketing work and too often, we’ll hear the same concerns from everyone. It may deal with working on their construction marketing efforts and many times, it’s just the thought of growing and scaling their business that seems so impossible to them. For whatever reason, these business owners live with a limiting mindset on what can get done. It’s actually a state that Tim calls the “poverty mindset.”

While it sounds harsh, it’s a key difference that Tim identifies. The difference lies with someone who views the world as a victim and someone who views the world as a victor. When we talk with contractors though, they all have the same five worries about construction marketing.

“I just can’t find any good workers.”

Tough luck Mr. Contractor. Everyone who’s a business owner is going through this same issue. While a deficiency does exist, any business owner lives with the struggle to find high-caliber employees. Lets just face it, most prospective workers will not end up as a great fit for your company. On top of that, most workers nowadays are switching jobs much more rapidly. So it’s on us as a business owner to always actively pursue options for employment.

Now most business owners are not proactive about their hiring so they just settle for whoever comes their way and what their current needs are. We work with our clients though to create a proactive mentality to hiring and firing. Through our best practice method and structure to conducting interviews and reviewing tons of clients, our business owners are only required to participate a couple hours each week to hiring. Yet, they can see dozens of candidates every single week. Many times, this is the biggest area of improvement with any of our business owners because now, they will no longer get stuck with people they don’t want to work with.

“I don’t have time to grow my business.”

Contractors live in a perpetual state of burning fires and explosions. Someone is confused on this part of the project, some other guy needs to get off their butt to actually work, and you have five calls scheduled that you’ll likely get tardy for. This state of confusion obviously doesn’t sound great, but sadly, over 90% of the contractors out there life through this constantly. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much consistent education out there for how people should manage their time appropriately. Most people also feel weird about saying no to things all the time.

We totally understand the challenges, tugs and pulls of the daily life of a contractor. We’ve worked with too many remodelers who face this challenge. Yet with every contractor that buys into our strategies for construction marketing and contractor marketing services, they see what it takes to get where they want to go. We also train these guys on super effective time management principles. By everyday, setting a specific time to adequately plan and schedule the day, construction guys can more proactively get a handle on their workload via our construction marketing.

The secret ingredient though is through saying no. As Steve Jobs puts it and as a CNBC report wrote, “‘You’ve got to say ‘no, no, no’ and when you say ‘no,’ you piss off people.’ To Jobs, focus wasn’t about willpower. It was about the courage to abandon 1,000 great ideas to meet one big goal — even if that made people mad in the process.”

“I’ve been screwed over by other construction marketing companies. You’re all the same.”

Sadly, this is a common obstacle we must deal with. Contractors are inundated with calls and promotions from construction marketing companies all over the world (literally). Everybody is talking about their ability to help you grow your business. I can’t blame these guys at all for assuming that every company proposing their contractor marketing services are scams. It’s a lot of statements about what they can do without any weight behind their claims. In our dictionary (and really any other dictionary), that’s the pure definition of puffery!

With Redmond Growth, you can see the evidence for yourself about how we’ve produced positive results multiple times. You can see recorded documentation online about Tim’s multi-million dollar company being sold to Intuit, the creators of Quickbooks and Turbotax. You can find articles online from our local news publication, the TulsaWorld, detailing the success of Tim Redmond’s work. Heck, there’s even a live interview on set for the Channel 8 news where Tim discusses these same principles about business growth.

Then you must check out all the 300+ Google reviews from friends, family members, colleagues, and of course, real business owners who are privileged to work with Tim. The entire team here operates in a way that screams excellence. If you can’t see that, then you honestly won’t work well with us. The evidence is there!

“If I grow any bigger, there’s no way I could handle it!”

There’s two sides to this. First of all, most people won’t stand out because they are not worthy of standing out in the crowd. There’s a multitude of business owners out there that all do bland things and are beige with their actions. All are saying the same things about their business and nothing is substantiated with facts. It’s why only one in three businesses survive to the 10-year mark. Take special notice to the word “survive” as well. This doesn’t mean that they gained a ton of traction on their business at all. It just means they survive and didn’t totally fail.

The second part of this lies in the fact that those who are diligent doers and stay consistent CAN handle getting the company bigger. With Redmond Growth, we work very proactively for each business owner to get them “in orbit.” This means that everything with their marketing and sales flow is charted out and is a consistent, turnkey operation. After they reach a point where the work consistently flows in the business, we proactively document and create systems so that the operations of the business are out of the mind of the business owner. Then, in just a couple years of diligent work, that business owner can position themselves with more time freedom than they ever imagined.

So is it a myth that you can’t handle the ability to grow any bigger? Well with how your business is currently functioning, it’s actually pretty true. You ever feel like your business is constantly in flux with its construction marketing? Are you always putting out burning fires in the day and then scrambling to every appointment? Do you live with the belief that no one is “trainable” for the positions in your company? Then mister business owner or misses business owner, you have yourself an unhealthy business.

By working with Redmond Growth, it’s important you maintain an open mindset and are coachable. Many of the things we talk about will seem counterintuitive to what you likely hear in chamber meetings, informational videos or other workshops. What you’ll realize though is that everything we discuss is merited on sound philosophies, real-life experience and testimonials from actual business owners who blazed a trail prior to you. Talk with us today to figure out what needs to happen with your construction marketing needs.

“I’m just a one-man show. I don’t need to grow.”

Again, you may find yourself in a good flow with this. You run your own remodeling and handyman work, you contract out some guys to fulfill jobs for you, you’ve known them for a long-time and it’s a good flow. Keeping it small isn’t a bad thing you are totally content and satisfied with the revenues that come in. Where we find business owners stuck is when they are scared of taking on the “risk” of expanding past themselves.

May I ask, what’s the risk in totally relying on yourself? What if you get hurt on the job and suffer a bad injury? How will you afford this? Are there savings you take out each month in case something terrible happens to you? Operating a business that’s totally reliant on you may seem like the most secure position, but if you can’t come to work to maintain the efforts, then you’re screwed. How long could your business or your income survive if you weren’t there?

Entrepreneurs and business owners though get sucked into this mindset that “no one could do what they do.” They never train or take the patience to bring up a potentially awesome team member to take the load off their shoulders. When you finally build up a team of dedicated people who provide value to your company and are committed to the work you provide, that’s absolutely powerful! We often discuss the ridiculous scenario for when aliens abduct you and you are totally separated from society. How long with your business survive? My educated guess is that it dies the day you get abducted.

At Redmond Growth, we specialize in the ability to take any diligent doer business owner to the point where they develop and train a healthy team to take care of key responsibilities in the business. While this does not factor into play over night, it’ll be a lot sooner than with the methods most business owners utilize. It’s a weird combination of verbal commands, constant frustration and no documentation that the majority of entrepreneurs like. Work with us today by calling at 918-298-7766 to make sure your construction marketing work is in tip top shape!

What If You Aren’t in the Construction Industry?

Now due to the scale of clients we maintain for construction marketing or contractor marketing services, you may think that we specialize exclusively with the construction industry. While we consistently provide an awesome job at contractor advertising or contractor marketing services, we work with entrepreneurs in all sorts of industries. We work with people in the medical field like physical therapists, chiropractors and even emergency centers. We work with massage therapists and beauticians. We work with online product companies and retail places. We work with IT software developers and hardware specialists. We work with professional industries like accounting, finance & legal specialists. We’ll even work with non-profits or church organizations, which Tim exclusively worked with for several years in the 2000’s.

Whatever your business is, as long as you are a diligent doer who’s coachable to the mentoring we provide, you will thrive through working with us. And if you don’t trust what I’m putting down here, there are hundreds of written reviews about our organization and also multiple client video testimonials about the REAL impact we make. Just watch some of these videos below about our work!

  1. Givich Construction

At J. Givich Construction, they have almost tripled in the pace of work and size of projects they do within a year! How were they able to do this? For one thing, the business owner, James Givich, stuck to the program. We won’t deny that growing a business takes a lot of hours and work consistently. That’s also with very little praise to show for it.

After working with us a few months, James finally came out to one of our in-person business workshops at our offices. There, he met with other real entrepreneurs who were years down the path. This gave him the light bulb and message to himself that he needed to get serious. So now, he and his wife wake up everyday at 4:30 or 5am to get what needs to get done. And what do you know, he’s also coachable to what we talk about! As a result, he massively grew and sees very real fruits from the insights and tools we work in the business.

C&R Contracting

C&R Contracting does beautiful work over in the Colorado Springs area. Unfortunately, the business owner knew little to no details about how to properly manage a business. Like many of the entrepreneurs out there, he scrambled from job to job, with no proactive work or planning in sight. He needed a guide to take him down the pathway that any successful small business owner or entrepreneur goes down.

Since he’s a very coachable individual, Ryan, the owner for C&R Contracting, now profits an insane amount every single month and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. As you see in the video, this isn’t a facade of a man. He seems very down to earth and genuine. Another fact is that he’s now probably making more money than you, doing what he does best.

Body Central Physical Therapy Center

For Body Central, they saw INSANE results by working with us. Through the three or more years of work with us, this team goes from three locations out in the Tucson area to eight locations! As well, the business BOOMS in the amount of revenue and profits each year. Now as a recent goal, the owner since is in a position to sell the business for big profits and continues to pursue other endeavors with our team and lead consultant, Robert Redmond.

Learn from Body Central!

Mike Rovner Construction

Now this guy is an absolute veteran working with us. He and Tim since became friends through their working business relationship. Even in tumultuous times in the business, they maintain a very healthy and vital relationship working together for just about 10 years. This company, Mike Rovner Construction, over the course of time with Tim, grew to exist as one of the largest construction companies for apartment complexes in California. That’s thanks in large part to Tim’s knowledge on active construction marketing efforts.

See that’s the fascinating part about working with Tim Redmond. He’s able to work with guys who are one-man shops to companies with crazy large-scale operations, no matter what their contractor marketing work needs. How is this possible? Well, Tim did grow a company from scratch to over $40 million in annual sales.

On top of that, once you research the whos’ who in business, the same principles exist everywhere. It doesn’t matter what industry these companies are in, even if it’s nowhere near the needs for contractor marketing. They all follow the same standards and methods as each other. To work with Tim Redmond and the great team at Redmond Growth on your construction marketing needs, just give us a call at 918.361.041.

Top Ten Areas Where Contractors Get Construction Marketing Wrong

Contractor marketing often gets a lot of beef and bewilderment. Many construction guys live with the stigma that their way of life almost requires them to simple standards. They often face ridiculous situations where their competition bumbles around with so many scammy activity. In some ways, our construction marketing firm and contractor companies are similar.

Lots of people out there profess to do excellent work in both industries, but there are so many cases where the proclamations fall short. The praise is only coming from the company themselves and there isn’t enough proof to validate it. It makes it so much harder for the rest of us who actually, genuinely provide awesome work for our clients.

With construction marketing and the companies out there, there are at least ten areas where the contractors out there don’t get it right. Also, the contractor marketing services these companies utilize do faulty strategies too. While so many businesses do fall to these traps or don’t take advantage of these great strategies, we’d love to enlighten you on where you can improve!   

Reason #1 – No One Knows Why You’re Awesome…No Reviews

Reviews are such an important part of ANY business’s growth. This in fact, is the first thing that we discuss with everyone of our clients (spoiler alert). The power of reviews and in particular, Google reviews, bring clients some of the very first wins in our relationship with them. What’s crazy is that contractors almost always have the easiest pathway forward with online domination. While there still is a great percentage of small businesses that don’t even use a website, so many don’t utilize one of the best tools to ranking at the top of Google search terms.

Getting Google reviews can literally be a game changer for clients. In fact, we have one client who works in the Claremore area (Rescue Heat & Air), and they are pure evidence of this fact. In our first meeting with them, (as I mentioned earlier), we leaned in on the pivotal importance for companies in service industries and every industry to generate tons of reviews. So since they were coachable and ready to take action, they gave us lots of emails and contacts to reach out for Google reviews. On top of that, they harassed all their love ones for character reviews. Within just a couple months, they grew to over 80 5-star reviews and they were OFF to the races. They were literally frantic and in panic about the amount of calls they were now getting. We helped them with that too, but this is one story of evidence on the power of reviews.

Now you still may think, “Well hey, I work large-scale jobs or my jobs are not as frequent. Is it still worth it to be relentless about Google reviews.” Our answer is ABSOLUTELY. If someone were looking to get a remodel done and they wanted to review options, don’t you think the business with over a hundred reviews would win? Especially when the competition is about half of what their reviews are? Getting inside the customer’s head, they are looking for every reason to doubt you as a provider.

With Google reviews and with a lot of 5-star Google reviews, you are validating yourself with really reviews from real customers. On top of that, Google is prioritizing companies who implement a sick fascination for getting reviews. So not only will they reward companies for taking control of the market with written reviews, but also with video reviews. Yeah, getting your customers to leave you reviews on video to validate that it’s a real human? Sounds extreme right?

Well Google basically sees and examines the worst in humanity every day. And every day, they see companies and people building fake Google business listings online. They see companies trying to copy content on their website from other competitors. They also see companies create fake accounts on Google to create positive reviews for their businesses. This kind of consistent behavior makes Google question everything about the business owner who look to promote themselves online. Often times, companies who want to utilize Google My Business are forced to shoot a video of themselves in front of their truck to visualize that they in fact are a real business.

When you control the space and have the most reviews in an area (even if it’s not that many reviews), it gives you opportunity after opportunity for work. Then, that gives you the freedom to choose for yourself what kind of work you’d like to do. So a lot of clients who begin to utilize our construction marketing work maintain this hesitation for more work. They think that they must fulfill every single job that comes their way. The fact of the matter is that no, of course not! You getting more work to your door will grant you the opportunity to say no to jobs that you would hate to do. Too many contractors are stuck with clients that annoy them to death.

So with Google reviews and reviews anywhere, this will continue as such a pivotal area of development and work for clients. Schedule a time with us today by filling out a form or giving us a call at 918-298-7766. We are more than happy to complete an hour-long, free business evaluation to see how the review generation process and any of these construction marketing tools can be fostered into your work.

Reason #2 – You Have a Dysfunctional Method for Closing Deals

Are you writing up estimate after estimate for clients, yet do not realize any closed deals through your construction marketing? Tired of constantly meeting people day in and day out to no avail? Do the jobs you book grant you very little value to your wallet? If any of these questions resonate with you, we are happy to help you out! At Redmond Growth, we’re able to seize the opportunities of work available to any of our contractors through very intentional points of improvement. Here, I’ll illustrate a number of those areas below.

For one thing, there’s likely zero documentation available to how someone should be closing deals in your company. What’s likely even more the case is you are the only person who closes deals in your company. We find this too often with contractors. If they are sick or need to leave for some occasion, the sales for the business totally dies. The construction marketing efforts they invest money into completely goes to the wayside. If you are a business owner in this position, you must realize that this is a fatal flaw! A business that’s totally reliant on you to run is NOT a good, long-term strategy for success or for building that wealth-generating powerhouse.

The next part about dysfunctional methods for closing deals involves a very poor amount of follow-up methods. A key pinpoint to the failure in this implementation deals with the lack of planning and calendar usage. Most contractors who want to facilitate construction marketing work really need to work on their planning first! They get so caught up in the day-to-day burning fires that even if they developed some great construction marketing tools, they would always arrive late to appointments or miss phone calls.

In order for construction guys and remodelers or really any business owner to thrive successfully, they MUST utilize a systematic, thoughtful method to staying on top of leads. At Redmond Growth, we not only provide these construction marketing systems, but we practice what we preach! Our team makes hundreds of calls every week to schedule appointments with real business owners via our contractor advertising. Everyday, our managing director follows up on how many calls we make with how many appointments we book. He listens to recorded calls and pulls us in to train us on how to fulfill the work more skillfully.

So if you walk away with anything in this section, just know that if you want to close more deals for your company, take a deep moment to contemplate everything you do in your sales process. A big hiccup we recently worked on with a roofing in the Fort Worth area will do just this! He was previously just sending emails out for estimates and not hearing anything back. Then through Redmond Growth’s influence, he began to tell his sales guys to call and schedule times to go through the estimate with the homeowner. In the first two days, he’s already witnessing the power of this super move! Schedule a time to work with us on everything with construction marketing at 918-298-7766.

Reason #3 – You Don’t Have a Website and If You Do, It’s Terrible

It’s shocking to hear about the nobody of business owners out there that don’t even have a website! Via a 2018 small business survey, the polled business owners on various questions regarding anything in business. Those who were surveyed told them that approximately two-thirds use a website for their business. Let’s think of the crazy part about this though…there are still 36% of business owners out there that don’t have a website! How does this make any sense??

I get that you may be technically illiterate, but business owners must realize that not having a website makes you blind online. It’s a huge part of Google ranking you highly in search terms. The first pro tip is to get a great website for your business. An even more helpful pro tip includes building your website on WordPress. While many companies create custom websites and others make it super easy, building on WordPress is what Google wants…plain and simple. Basically a quarter of all websites are built on WordPress so please, just follow the parade on this one.

Just any website won’t do though! Google lays out certain canonical compliance rules to the setup of your website. What do I mean by “canonical compliance?” Well Google holds a few very strong and adamant rules about how websites need to be structured. For various reasons, (customer interaction, ease of communication and readability, etc), these rules are put in place. For search engine optimization and construction marketing purposes, it doesn’t make sense to try and fool Google. They are like God on the Internet and in just the same way, they will smite you down if you break their rules consistently.

While they won’t smite you to literal death or hell, it will feel like hell knowing that you own a website on Google, yet it’s nowhere to be found. The reason why you need to work with us at Redmond Growth about what to do, is because we just know what to do. We’ve read all the helpful literature like SEO for Dummies or Get Rich Click! Or How Google Works. We also build these websites for clients every week and get clients to rank for local terms in a matter of months. It’s also way faster and WAY cheaper than the competition. Trust me, talk to either Bruce Clay or SEO Inc and you’ll soon find out that their prices are astronomical for small business owners. So just know that at Redmond Growth, we’ll keep you on track for success with your website, with SEO and any other construction marketing you face.

Reason #4 – You’re Just Another Construction Company for All We Know (You’re Unremarkable)

There seems to be collusion going on with all construction companies. Every single one of them say the exact same thing about themselves. They all talk about how much “integrity” they practice with their work. They make sure to emphasize the top three aspects of “a good business.” One for sure is that they are a family-owned business. Because yeah, that’s a sign that they automatically provide great work. They also emphasize great ratings from the BBB and they talk about how good their word of mouth is.

If everyone is saying the same things about themselves, how can you tell the difference between one company and another? In the great marketing book, Purple Cow, Seth Godin discusses the amount of competition that’s out there right now. So many companies are vying for your paying dollars. It’s no longer enough to simply put your name out there and know that people will call. While contractor advertising will always last as a great aspect of your business, it certainly is NOT the sole answer to your construction marketing woes. Seth Godin’s main point throughout the entire book is that companies must remarkably present themselves. If not, they will not stand out.

So how can a remodeling company stand out? What’s a way that contractors can create captivating offers and contractor marketing services made easy? It’s a pretty lucky deal for contractors because the industry is rife with errors. Any homeowner who completes a home project knows a story from a shady contractor who tried to take advantage of them. Or worse, they were taken advantage of. The problem is that every contractor will try and utilize their construction marketing dollars to say that. So we need to live a little more creatively, with some intriguing wit.

So instead of simply “James Frank Remodels: Your Home For Integrity Building”, why not make your business James Bond themed? So your business would be…”James Frank Remodels: The Covert Operatives for Remodeling”. Does it have anything to do with the techniques and skills your remodeling company does? Not at all! It’s remarkable though, especially with the James Bond photography and black-n-white marketing designs everywhere. People will know you as the James Bond Remodeler, and that’s the whole battle…getting people to remember you.

If you thought that idea was terrible and you hate James Bond, then fine! Just come up with an idea that stands out and is likely pretty ridiculous. Then, people will know who you are and they’ll likely call you, especially if you add the rest of the elements we dive into below.

Reason #5 – You Don’t Have a No-Brainer Offer

By far, this is one of the best ways to get yourself in front of new customers. Giving people a fantastic offer motivates willing buyers to give you a try every time! If you don’t believe me, what’s a new thing you purchased recently? Did you try a different company for haircuts? Did you go to a new restaurant around town? It’s quite likely that with whatever new product you chose, they gave a no-brainer decision to trying it. If they didn’t, then they are likely missing out on tons of revenue dollars flowing into the business.

So for your construction marketing purposes, creating a remarkable and unique company is always a great move. For someone who’s a start-up though or who’s looking to seize control of the competitors’ customers, a inspiration for change needs to take place. When someone already enjoys and likes their current company, it can obviously be challenging to get them to change. People are always looking around at the best options though, and a no-brainer will do just the trick!

What are examples of no-brainer offers for business owners to utilize with their construction marketing? One of them actually deals with a topic we already discussed, Google reviews. Reviews again, play such a huge factor. Just promoting the fact that you are the highest and most reviewed company in your area for what you do convinces people to buy. We hear from contractors all the time about how they dominate based solely on reviews! In one of our meetings, we just got word from a current client about this. He diligently gathers reviews from friends, family members and previous clients. Because of the amount of great reviews, people no longer care to shop around. They read his reviews, give him a call, ask if the budget they want is available and then just go with him! The trust is already soundly built by his tremendous and massive amount of reviews for work.

Another no-brainer involves the on-time and on-budget guarantee. This is a hard one for contractors to follow-up on or maintain with their construction marketing. Contractors are notorious for showing up late to job sites, not hitting their deadlines and just simply not showing up to their job sites. All of these bad situations don’t reassure the homeowner that they are getting a fabulous experience with their work. What’s a way to stand out? Claim that you provide on-time work and you stay on-budget, or else! You could give them a steak dinner or gift cards or whatever for each time that you don’t honor this commitment. If you create some weigh to the claim, then it’s no longer empty and it shows you genuinely care about honoring it.

You want a last no brainer for good measure? If you say so! The final recommendation is to offer a value-add that no one else is doing in your market. So for instance, people would love to see 3D models and mockups of what their property will look like once it’s finished. They’d also love to see it before they need to pay for anything. THAT’S a value add! Because see, a no-brainer is not aggressive enough if it doesn’t require some sacrifice on your part. Please know that there are too many awesome stories that we have from real business owners who use the no-brainer to win new clients. If you want further details on how to implement this, just give us a call today at 918-298-7766.

Reason #6 – None of Your Processes for Work are Documented

We all know about the crazy old, small business owner who will die with their company. They always stayed small and wouldn’t know any other way to live. If they are fully happy and satisfied with that, fine for them! What likely happens though is business owners have no idea how to adequately scale past themselves. They can implement the greatest construction marketing plan on the planet, but there are so few limits to themselves. Plus, most people don’t want to slave over their work for 100 hours per week, every week until they die. What is the solution? Find awesome people to join your team and document everything you do.

Yes, hiring for construction and building doesn’t seem like an easy, straightforward task. All of your colleagues and business owners will whine and complain all day, everyday about their employees or subs. They will also complain about their construction marketing woes. To the haters out there, we know through evidence that there are always great people looking for a great opportunity. As impossible as it may seem to find A+ players in the construction marketing industry, we implement a very simple method to hiring great people. The first step is to ALWAYS look for people. You cannot afford to find somebody, stop looking for people and then when they leave/screw/annoy you, settle with it and have all that work piled onto your shoulders. Even if you hire someone, still look and let them know very candidly that they leave, someone else will join in their place very quickly.

Once those great people are in place and even before they are in place, your objective as a business owner is to create time freedom with the business. Since you are the mastermind of the operation and know how to play all the roles, document how you specifically fulfill those roles. Then, you train on how to specifically fulfill those roles! Since you use a document already made with everything the person needs to know, they now can just reference the document instead of asking you about every single detail 20 times throughout the day.

Another awesome reason for documenting your processes and everything you do is it helps you think about what isn’t working. We will never know what works and doesn’t work until we measure and track the results. We can track what’s going on by writing out the details and following up with the steps. Then, we can create these more accurate solutions over time. It’s the four step processing of defining, acting, measuring and refining anything you do.

To illustrate this in more detail, you must first define the issue and hypothetical solution that’s ahead of you. So the issue is, we need to close more in-person, home appointments. So you create a written out plan to address that concern. Then, you must act on the recommended plan in your life. Once you have a great number of samples and responses to base it off, then you measure the results all together. This creates a lot of areas to refine and improve the process. Correlate this with your time management and time freedom goals, and you’ll discover through this method how to actually gain more time freedom in your business.

If you actually want time freedom with your business and don’t want to live as a slave to your work, then come work with us at Redmond Growth!

Reason #7 – Your Methods for Following Up With People Involve “Getting to it Later”

You know what contractors are also notorious for? Never calling back their construction marketing leads. To be fair, every industry suffers from businesses not proactively calling back their leads. We just hear all the time from talking with customers that they called so many people, yet only a couple called them back to follow up. That’s just in the first stage of the work too. In a remodeling or construction job, there are tons of steps to getting this thing done. So the problem comes up constantly with contractors getting stuck in the construction marketing sales funnel. They do all this work for an estimate and then two months later (and even longer) the customer finally responds. That’s WAY too long to wait!

We must understand with leads who show desire to work with us, they are inviting us to nag them to make a decision. I know this may sound uncomfortable for you guys who don’t want to “annoy” people. You know what’s more annoying though? Getting a call from someone who says they’d like to work with us and then never getting any decisions done in order to make it happen. To the best of your ability, it’s pivotal to get the decision maker to actually make decisions sooner than later. Your construction marketing will flourish or perish based on the adequacy of your implementation.

Successful implementation mainly involves two aspects. The first must be with your reliance on your calendar. This is likely a foreign concept for some of you reading this, and I’ll dive deeper on the relevance later. The further you scale up your business, the more and more you will need to rely on a time management tool (like a calendar) to keep track of everything you work on. For each lead that comes in the door for work, you must follow a standard script for scheduling a day and time deadline for whatever the next step is for the person. It doesn’t matter what stage of the process is involved. If there isn’t a set time and day, then we are letting the lead drift into lost territory.

Reason #8 – Using a Calendar and Time Blocking is a Foreign Concept to You

As a perfect segway from the last topic, utilizing a calendar system that makes sense to you is SO important. This is especially true for your big ambitions to dominate construction marketing. Our organization interviews and talks with countless amounts of successful entrepreneurs. Both small business owners and founders for huge companies are interviewed on the hilarious show, The Redmond Growth. All of these people use a calendar and they all plan out their day, everyday. It’s a bonafide fact that a massive amount of successful workers and owners keep their lives straight by doing those two things.

The wrong assumption that small business owners carry is just because huge companies and owners do things, that doesn’t mean I have to do them. I’d like to ask though…if you see something that works, why are you not doing it? So it’s time to get yourself out the mental gutters of poverty and join up with the methods that already work. Get to place where you commit to just following what works and shut up about it. I promise you that in a year, you’ll see an insane difference in the success of your life and your business.

One of those methods is of course, getting to a place of dependency with your calendar. Imagine if you took your $200,000 annual construction business, and then it exploded into a $800,000 business. Could you imagine currently handling all of those meetings, job locations, appointments, phone calls, and responsibilities? If you use a calendar, I’m not sure how you could without going crazy! Or even worse, not reliably providing great work, service and timeliness, which tarnishes your reputation. In business and especially in the review age of construction marketing, it’s SO important to maintain a great reputation. So get those appointments, meetings and everything you do under the sun scheduled!

The other point I must make involves your application of time blocking. For every activity and action item you must do for each day, it takes a certain amount of time to fulfill. No duh right? The problem is that when we plan out our day, we easily set ourselves up for failure due to our insane confidence in our productivity. “Oh yeah! I can get these 20 things done, call all 100 leads and hire two people today. Piece of cake!” I would think again about that. The way you can check yourself before wrecking yourself is via time blocking how long an activity will literally take into your calendar. Very few people are perfect at this task, but the longer you do it, the more you realize what you can truly fulfill and not fulfill in a given day. If you follow this method to a T, you will dominate your construction marketing leads.

Reason #9 – You Don’t Take Great Photos of Your Work and Share it Everywhere

As a remodeler or contractor, promoting photos of your work through construction marketing is pivotal to converting leads. You are a builder right? You desire projects and new spaces for people to enjoy for decades. Consumers are looking for companies who can provide real evidence of what they will look to purchase, what you are capable of. They are very interested to see what you wield with your talents, expertise and skill level. Can you build great projects for people all the time or are you just lucky?

They will never know the true value of what you provide unless you show them! That’s why before and after comparison are so great. It’s a clear layout of a home that does not look awesome versus your project making the home look brand new. Those photos show the real worth of your company.

One area of focus that we work on at Redmond Growth is promoting the true value of your company’s work. When we begin our efforts on construction marketing, what are able to promote? If you take fantastic photos of projects that look fantastic, then that’s a phenomenal way to prove your worth. If you don’t do great work, then that’s an issue. If you simply don’t take great pictures, that’s just as bad of a problem.

What are examples of terrible photos to use for construction marketing? First pro tip, take photos and videos horizontally rather than vertically. I’m sure there is a real smart way to convey this point, but just know that it pisses people off if the image or video is portrayed vertically. Then, please take photos of the finished product rather than photos of the trashy, messy job site. You want photos that customers will think, “Oh wow, they do provide awesome work!” The bad move is to create a reaction from customers that say, “Oh sheesh, there’s a lot of photos in the midst of projects…not a lot of finished work.” Finally, any photo you take should honestly showcase what you actually want people to see as your best.

All of this is not only true with photos, but videos are the hot, new tool to emphasize on your work. Videos showcase less fake attributes. You can tell when someone is sharing from their own voice why a certain company is awesome, as opposed to a written review. Even Google themselves use video! When people create Google My Business listings, Google will often require people to video themselves in front of their store. Utilizing great videos improves the branding of your company and the trustworthiness of your company. You might as well start using it and getting after it!

Reason #10 – Your Lack of Competitive Spirit Leads to Less and Less Leads

In all honesty, we must work in a frank manner with our clients. Often, the only reason why you don’t do great work with your company is because you don’t want it enough. Jim Stovall, author of The Ultimate Gift and multi-millionaire AFTER he became blind, gives a fantastic quote on this very topic. In his public speeches to large crowds, he explains that the only valid excuse for why you take off anything is simply…because you didn’t really want it.

Working as a business owner shouldn’t work for everyone. In fact, it’s our understanding that MOST people shouldn’t be a business owner. It’s often a lofty, big dream for people to work their own businesses and grow their own organization. Yet so few are successful long-term. I mean, 90% of business startups fail and 80% of businesses don’t last to the 10-year mark. Then with any of the businesses that do make it, are they just making it or are they actually profiting? Don’t start something like building a new business if you are not willing to sacrifice and make full, outrageous commitments to it.

The main transition for most business owners is moving from the worker mindset to the business owner mindset. The worker thinks of the business day from 9 to 5 (or whatever eight hour period you’d like). The worker understands themselves as a victim to whatever terrible or annoying thing is happening. They blame outside forces that they can’t control for the failure or success of their ventures. Workers do not take command of their surroundings and let their employees or colleagues or competitors determine their outcomes.

The business owner mindset is a total 180 from the worker mindset. The business owner sets specific, measurable goals for their growth. The business owner is willing to say no and piss off people who don’t get whatever they want from them. The business owner sets up a calendar with specific times to take care of tasks. They also don’t really get distracted from burning fires or let those destroy whatever goals they needed to achieve for the day. Business owners OWN anything that goes on in their business.

While you may believe that you are a righteous and all-mighty business owner, this is the value of our implementation specialists or business coaches. When you team up with us, you gain accountability to the true implementation of key action items. You don’t get a mentor, you get a leader who’s very much willing to piss you off in order to push you forward to the important goals of your business. Generating Google reviews every single day, writing consistent content or recording podcasts for your website, running interviews every single week for new hires, and reviewing your numbers every week. These are tasks that are crucial to the success of your business, yet so few find their business ventures to truly be successful.

What I will illustrate below is the R.E.D.M.O.N.D. pathway that you will find on all of our case studies of previous or current, awesome clients. It’s seven areas of focus that don’t highlight everything we do, but they are the seven main areas we get into with contractors like remodelers and construction companies. For any of our construction marketing work, these areas build up the business to the beast in your region. If you don’t want to grow your business to profitable areas, then that’s fine. Continue to live in poverty while we help diligent doers everywhere at their financial goals.

R.E.D.M.O.N.D. Pathway to Financial Freedom and Time Freedom

In our 13-point assessment that we give to prospective clients who want business growth, Tim gives tremendous feedback. This feedback dives deep into their business and compares what works and what doesn’t work about their activity. It’s a very proactive and practical hour of power that every business owner really loves. Here though, I thought it would be very helpful to give you a taste of the action. These are seven different areas that all entrepreneurs and especially contractors focus on for their construction marketing efforts.

Revving Up More Work!

Precisely! Getting more traffic to your website or to dial your phone or to refer you is extremely pivotal. All of these avenues in construction marketing though are founded on some key activities that generate this great buzz for your business. Google reviews are the great action item that will never die. We see too many entrepreneurs take advantage of this and receive more calls and more referral work out of it. Other areas include the consumer perception of your company everywhere online. Making your website look awesome, having your ads promote great no-brainers, and posting numerous video testimonials all are about building social proof. It’s your job as a business owner to ensure that everyone who finds you knows why you’re awesome. The confidence in your work goes a long way with your construction marketing.

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

An important point to pay attention to is how much you truly make from your work. If your team is not fulfilling the work in a timely manner and do not look to improve, then you need to let them go. If you are pricing yourself to low to make a decent profit, then what’s the point of starting your own venture? If you cannot upsell your services and sweep in the extra revenues from additional work, then you are leaving money on the table! Our work not only prioritizes the construction marketing, but also focuses on the profitability of the literal work you do. Because our team creates wonderful results for construction marketing, but if it’s not piling up the money in your wallet, then it’s worth nothing. Take a deep look into your books to figure out why in the world you aren’t making more money with your time.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

Quite possibly, you need to really hone in on the productivity of your sales steps. Many contractors who take a deep care for their contractor advertising, do nothing with the leads they get. The leads that flow in from their construction marketing end up leading to no work. That’s not a good situation. One of the ways we dig into the trenches is via lead tracking. Focusing in daily on what leads came in and where they came from incredibly helps you keep on task. Because now, you no longer really on your memory to call leads back and stay on top of things. You document what needs to get done, schedule it out and don’t think about it again until that moment in time. Keeping everything in your head wears you out! It’s not a sustainable way to grow your sales efforts, so also stay on top of leads by DAILY reviews.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Your schedule is super important as a business owner. One of the biggest aspects we lean into with contractors is to take control of their schedule. Just as I talked about on daily tracking your leads, we must daily revisit our goals and schedule when we will specifically get action items done throughout our day. Probably the most important aspect about this involves our need to take care of too many things. We believe that we’re secretly the Flash and can run to any new appointment or finish any job in a…Flash. Have you not caught yourself scheduling too many things in a day to then fulfill just about nothing? Busyness doesn’t always equal productivity, especially with construction marketing. Scheduling will soon become the most important tool you implement in your business and will save your life. Not just your business life, but your personal life as well. Time will soon result to becoming the most valuable aspect of your life.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

As time works itself into your most valuable area of focus, the easiest way to grant yourself more time freedom is through hiring. Unfortunately, hiring for the contracting world is not such a smooth road. What’s oddly encouraging is that hiring in any industry is terrible. That’s because most candidates are terrible fits for your company. As I’m sure you know, you cannot do everything in your company forever. Business owners though have a knack for living with a lack of patience to train employees. “It’s a waste of time of train people that don’t like working hard.” Sorry for the shocking surprise, but rarely anyone likes working hard. Unless it’s their absolute passion, but I assume it’s hard to find people who are insanely passionate about installing siding. You must know that your business will not scale without a constant ambition for hiring people. Yes, even if every position in your company is filled, you always want to prepare yourself for the likelihood of someone leaving your company.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

In your pursuit of capturing financial freedom and time freedom with great construction marketing, know that things will drift without supervision. No, there are zero businesses out there that provide passive income. Nothing comes through passively in this life. So know that with your business, you must schedule times in your calendar to check in with your team members. How frequently should you check in with your team members? Every single, working day…doing this will impact the camaraderie of your employees in the company. It will also weed out more quickly, the terrible fits for your business.

This move of accountability will let the staff know that you don’t let things slip by you. You are always on watch or install systems to make sure that you are always watched. This is why we always recommend our clients to record phone calls, install cameras in the teaching areas and place GPS trackers on company vehicles. Why? Well because we see too many business owners get mightily screwed by employees and they have zero proof of the instance. Understand that as your business scales up further and further in profitability, more and more people will get squirrely, attack your success and look to destroy you. It’s your job to do everything you can to keep this from happening.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Once these systems are in place though and you created the ability to say no to all who defy you, you are now granted time freedom. It’s a goal that extremely few business owners are able to attain. You hear the stories all the time. Salty old business owners end up just quitting on their business to spend the rest of their lives in sadness. This is no fun! Business owners should grow their organizations to whatever goals they have, then shift to the ambitions for their life they want to further pursue.

Remember, the business exists to serve you. So with the schedule you seek to create in order to solidify your time freedom, it’s full of sacrifices. It’s full of nos and repeated moments to deny someone of your time. Through the successful implementation of all these systems, processes and steps, the future of financial freedom will no longer look so far away. For once, it will actually look attainable and realistic. While none of your colleagues and friends will understand what it took you to get there, you will now live a life of control and sanity as a business owner.

Redmond Growth is privileged to work with you today on taking your business to the very next level. It doesn’t matter if you are not a construction company. We still implement the same systems across the board and sure enough, they work for everyone. Taking the time to dedicate an hour with Tim Redmond will ultimately reap great rewards for yourself and your business. He is extremely great at taking core concepts from best-selling novels and billionaire businesses to the practical business application you seek.

To schedule a time to speak with Tim or any one of our team members, give us a call at 918-298-7766. You can also just fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll happily reach out to you to schedule this call. I’m telling you, Tim’s work with business owners like yourself really inspire a lot of confidence and actually results! Even for the one hour of power with Tim, he’ll illustrate some important steps for you to take in your business. You don’t even have to work with us if you don’t want to, it’s totally free.

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