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Construction Marketing | Focus on Key Numbers

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Are you excited about the possibility of working with a proven construction marketing company to get your business to new heights? And with this company, would you be even more excited that the founder actually grew his own business to be a business that generated $40 million annual revenue? Then after building up that titan of the business, he was giving you his wealth of knowledge and expertise is that you can advance your own construction marketing? been lucky enough for you, it’s time to work with the organization called Redmond growth. This team is dedicated on getting you to your goals and seeing real things happen with your business. that’s why you should deftly get going today and start working with us so that you can see the real results segues for your business. Get in touch with us at 918-298-7766 today.

Those key things that you can know about your organization when working with us is that were to focus on the real things that matter. While logos are nice things to talk about that marketing agencies really focus on, we know that that is not going to make somebody totally switch from one company to another. So while you’ll spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for a team to create a logo for you, human organization that’s gonna focus on whether the conversion rate of ads actually make sense. And from working with our business, you’ll be able to gain more traction and more capabilities to grow and advance your organization.

Like one of the key numbers to focus on is literally how much revenue you make per month. That’s a pretty important number and have and I know with your organization, you may not even know that number. We tie with business owners all the time that couldn’t tell us what they earned in monthly revenue. These are really important numbers to just know and be able to spit on because that you’re a knowledgeable business owner that has some semblance of knowledge on how your business is doing. It’s not only just the overall revenue but it’s also how much it takes for you to breakeven with your business. And on top of that, how much profit are you making on a gross scale and on a net scale?

All these numbers make sense for you to know financially but there are other numbers you need to track as well. Like for instance how many leads are you getting in from your motion in business today? And what is the success rate of your leads? Are you following up with those leads consistently? While you may talk with other marketing guys who are not to be focused on these real tangible aspects of the growth in your business, it’s important for you to know those details that you can grow and accelerate your own work today. That’s why you sign up with us and that’s why it’s totally worth it to sign on with Redmond growth today.

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