Construction Marketing Case Study | From Multi-Millions to 9-Figures!

Are you dreaming of having crews upon crews of people to staff for your work, but fail to build a construction marketing strategy? Does it seem absolutely impossible to find anyone in your area with a semblance of intelligence or work ethic? Would you love it if you got to work with a construction marketing company that served as a pivotal force in a currently thriving, major construction company…that’s grown to be a 9-figure annual revenue business? Well that’s why you’ve come to the right place at Redmond Growth. While many times we work with business owners who are looking to first of all, fix their broken business, we often work with already successful businesses to get them to accomplish their aggressive and highly competitive goals. That’s what we’ve done with tons of companies by working with Tim Redmond and the team at Redmond Growth.

Client Profile:

Mike Rovner Construction is a multi-location construction company over in California that specializes in high-end apartment construction and large-scale property renovation. They’ve scaled across the state to complete many impactful construction projects, but back in the day, the owner of the business needed guidance in leading the charge to build his extraordinary empire in California. Since Tim Redmond built up a business that was consistently generating $40 million/year in annual revenues, Mike decided to reach out to him. What Mike found out is that one of the most pivotal areas we’ve able to help clients with is to simply keep them on track with their highest and best use activities. Through these consistent meetings and key areas of development, Mike took this business to be 9-figures in annual revenues!

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Rounding Up More Work

First and foremost, we have to ask about whether you’re truly generating enough work to grow the business. Not only that, but are you willing to spend your time aggressively in working your brains out to scale up the business? Jack Welch brings up the wise quote to “face reality as it is, not as you wish it to be.” So before we even get to signing up someone to work with us on accelerating their construction marketing, we have to set the true reality with them that this will be aggressive and this will be at a minimum, a 2-year grind of intense work to get you on course for your lifelong goals of time freedom and financial freedom.

Explore Profitable Enhancements

While it is important to make sure that your workload is full and you’re actually getting lots of leads with our construction marketing, are you actually giving yourself a big threshold for profitability? We’ve found that while business owners successfully generate work on their own (via contractor advertising), they still struggle financially with their 5% to 10% profit margins on their work. With most of our small businesses we work with, we highly encourage that they at least get a 25% profit margin on their work. If they don’t, then they will be more and more a slave to their business without being able to financially sustain the growth through contractor marketing services.

Digging Deep Into Sales

Then with every lead that comes in the door via our construction marketing work, what are you doing to make sure each of those prospects actually close? Many times, business owners fail to carry the same urgency with calling their leads as they do in fulfilling their jobs. It’s sadly not uncommon for customers to NEVER hear back from companies after they’ve called them requesting interest in their services. We really lean into the business owner to hammer down all the aspects of the sales process and make sure that they are consistently following these steps to a checklist. That way, they never forget and will convert many more prospects to closed deals.

Managing the Daily Schedule

This is secretly the biggest spot of improvement for our clients. Once they are finally effective at saying no to everything else and purely focus on their highest and best use activities, their business will dramatically grow. Because while our construction marketing work will definitely become a turnkey operation for these business owners, they need to be able to have a tight schedule as well. This is not only true for their business, but also for whatever goals they have for their life.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help

As maybe the top complaint with any contractor marketing we work with, finding quality help to rely on causing troublesome situations. Now, what we will agree with is that the job market involves applicants that for the most part, won’t be great fits for your company. What we also know is that the contractors we’ve worked with have consistently found success with utilizing our best practice hiring system that saves our clients several hours each week of time and headache dealing with people who won’t work with their company.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability

Now that we’ve at least introduced all of these avenues for development and growth in your business via our construction marketing efforts, it’s important that you don’t stop just yet. After the one-year mark of working with us, it often gets down to the simple intensity of tightening up all of your systems and making sure absolutely everything is documented. That way, if you wanted to take off for a week on a vacation chasing your better half around South America, you could do that and STILL make money on your business.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom

That’s the big dream too! Have you always wondered how that super successful guy you know in your city is able to fly around everywhere and spend his time how he pleases? Because he worked his butt off for years to nail down all of his systems and productivity so that he can invest in his time freedom for the rest of his life to do whatever the heck he wants! Please know that we’ve taken clients to this point multiple times with our construction marketing work and we can get you there as well!

You Can Grow Your Business Too!

So let me ask again, are you struggling to find the right crew or the right construction marketing company to help you get to your goals? Hopefully by now, you’ve found that Redmond Growth could be a great option for helping you grow your business. Just to be sure though, please give us a call at 918.361.3047 or fill out a form on our website requesting to schedule a FREE hour-long business assessment today!