Construction Marketing | Calendars are Awesome

Construction Marketing | Use a Freakin Calendar

This content was written for Redmond Growth.

Would it be an anomaly for you to work with an organization that checks their calendar consistently and gets effort on the construction marketing action items? Would you love it if you work with an organization that met with you consistently every single week and delivered on all of their construction marketing deadlines? There were no unnecessary delays or nothing that was drifting four months, but all of their construction marketing processes were implemented on a fine tooth comb? if you’re ready to work with the company and that is all about making sure there is excellence, then you’ve got a work with Redman growth today. They do not understand anything less than excellence with their work and many times, this is illustrated in the intensity and urgency that we have to get things done for the business. So it’s time for you to get going and gives a call at 918-298-7766.

Now how are we able to actually have this be a reinforced aspect of our business? Because often times, business owners will just be extremely impressed by the pace of work that were able to do in our efforts. They will often express we get done with graphic design super quickly orchid done with websites away quickly and both things are super impressive so they had understood that other marketing companies would take a couple weeks or more to get those kind of things done. what we know is that in our efforts, we make sure to build a process that makes sense for our team and we make sure that come hell or high water, we get these particular activities done every time. And by scheduling this in a calendar and blocking out time to make sure all these activities are taking care of, we’re able to get these things taken care of.

Now blocking time in the calendar is often a very four foreign concept for people. I mean before I started working here, I didn’t use any calendar all. But what we know to be true is that anybody that’s ever been successful in their business uses a calendar in the lives by the calendar. And we know that you as a business owner have too many things going on in your head about what it takes you what you do. You don’t have space in your brain to ever remember every single appointment and to do every single phone call and follow up call off of memory. You have to jot down a to do list for a pad and you have to have some calendar to block out when you will get those activities done. If you don’t, you will constantly slip up on responsibilities or just failed to make your block times.

Once a business owner implements consistent block time in their schedule, it’s like the lightbulb clicks on their effectiveness. Every business owner I talk to that says they implement the system knows that a shadow of a doubt there is a difference between planning their day and not planning their day. They understand that building a to do list every single morning and scheduling their appointments and activities in a counter every single day helps them actually get stuff.. And when they don’t do it, they feel the pain. So will you actually execute on caring about scheduling things in your business? That’s the big question that will help you solve and help you actually implement by just giving us a call at 918-298-7766.

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