Build Unshakable Confidence

One of the most necessary elements for success yet it is the most frequently missing resource in people’s lives.

This life-changing training shows you how to:

  • Identify 5 key realities impacting your confidence level
  • Define confidence in a way that you will never forget
  • Uncover the 4 confidence destroyers
  • Unveil 5 confidence building strategies to immediately boost your confidence

CD = Price: $39
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Confidence Kit

Includes “Building Unshakable Confidence” (see above) PLUS:

Making Massive Impact On People & Your Income

Using the latest research and proven steps, this transformational training shows you how to:

  • Identify the key element that wakes up and unleashes your leadership gift
  • Uncover the most important influencer of people & cash flow
  • Use these 3 key factors to shift things in your favor
  • Implement practical strategies to gain benefits in no time

CD = Price: $78
Mp3 Download = Price: $78


Powerful Discovery and Planning Process that Bust through Your Fears and Inhibitions and Unlocks the Unique Greatness in Your Heart to Achieve Huge Results.

What unique greatness do you have trapped inside of you? Ever get frustrated trying to “export” that greatness from your heart into your plans, goals and everyday life? Have you given up on your dreams?

This series wakes up your heart and brings you on a refreshing and energizing journey to help you further discover and release the huge wealth creation ability within you.

Heart-birthed plans attract resources, needs do not. It is the “mighty men and women” of this earth who engage in planning. You are one of them and your destiny is calling you to step up!

This unique Discovering and Planning Process gives YOU an enjoyable, easy and massively effective way to engage in the planning process to produce significant results in your life.

The Discovering Your Greatness series:

  • Reveals the missing ingredient that causes most plans to fail
  • Provides powerful “freedom questions” that help you discover and release the unique power of your heart
  • Brings more passion, enjoyment and results to your life
  • Equips you in a vital aspect of the “Wealth Creation” process
  • Strengthens you with a powerful and practical perspective towards the challenges that occur in achieving your plan
  • Gives you key productivity strategies that ensure you achieve your plans and goals
  • Presents 3 levels of accountability that empower you to accomplish anything you commit to

CD = Price: $29
Mp3 Download = Price: $29


  • Power to Create Coaching System
  • Signed hardback of P2C
  • Wealth School – Wealth Manifesto, Emotions of Money, Discovering Your Greatness
  • Confidence Kit – Building Unshakeable Confidence, Massive Impact
  • Finances & Relationships – Real Life Marriage, Money and Marriage
  • Leadership School – Leadership’s Biggest Battle, Leadership from the Heart, PeaceMaker

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