Christian Business Coaching Expert Urges Building One Checklist at a Time

Christian Business Coaching Expert Urges Building One Checklist at a Time

Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert, encourages his clients to build their skeleton or series of systems for their business one checklist at a time. Since he is been self-employed for so many years and his work with so many clients with so many industries has seen that the key to business success is building checklists that are easy to follow and are closely watched and held accountable. The key to building key checklists is set time aside to be able to evaluate each business system and the steps are procedures that make up that business system. That is simply a matter of making a checklist based on the steps are procedures and allowing the employee to have a place for they can sign off of having done or completed that checklist. Power to Create Wealth

Christian business coaching specialist determined that the very best way the best time to create these checklist is when you see the need to create them for that particular purpose. When you look and evaluate your employees of your team doing a certain task that is repeatable you notice that there are mistakes or errors been Don or it’s taking an unusual amount of time to be able to complete the task, it is time to create a checklist to standardize or systemize that process. Tim Redmond encourages business owners to be on the watch at other companies to see teams of people that the work in your business. Creating excellent products and outstanding services that go way beyond what other at average companies create. Power to Create Wealth. As you begin to focus on creating these checklist, you can begin to see the steps that these excellent companies are taking to produce than outstanding level of production and service.

It requires you to come into a whole new way of thinking about your business. Christian business coaching experts encourage their clients to embrace this new mindset which is disciplined, detailed, and accurate in the making of their checklist. Power to Create Wealth. Was very important to know as these checklists are not done wants but there constantly evaluated in their been updated to make sure they best reflect the optimal service or product or performance that you as a business owner want to create. Please note is most Christian business coaching experts would admit that building business systems is not just a one-time event, instead, it is an ongoing series of events that is continually of applied to allow there to be continual improvement. The Japanese have a word for this is called kaizen. It is the process of constant improvement. The way that constant improvement gets done is an ongoing evaluation of your checklist and how effective they are being followed and how effective they are leaving the employee to produce high levels of output in a short amount of time.

To the key to creating checklists that really work is the find and train outstanding people to work in your company. Power to Create Wealth. The people that you hire and especially when you do not tolerate poor performance, instead you lean into the poor performance with training and of the training does that work the replacement of that person. Is like the CEO of Southwest Airlines said, “we hire someone with less experience, less education, and less expertise, than someone who has more of those things and has a rotten attitude. Because we can train people. Power to Create Wealth. We can teach people how to lead. We can teach people how to provide customer service. But we cannot change their DNA.”

in order for checklists to do the magic that they’re designed to do, it does require that you maintain a culture that is both encouraging and demanding of a high level of excellence. People do not want to operate in an environment where there put down and not respected. It is important to understand that you can build the confidence within individual by given them a task and CNM fulfill that task and follow that up by recognizing their efforts to get that task done. That is a great way of building confidence within people. As important as it is to encourage your employees to provide powerful self affirmations, it is as important to get them doing things. Confidence calms by planning the work and then simply executing and working the plan.

So building the right culture where key values are being followed and respected from the top of the company to the lowest ranking person in the company as a source for great motivation for employees. The culture is built around the reward systems that you create that support the values you make super clear for all of your employees to follow. What’s important is a business owner is to subject yourself to the same values. To realize that you are not above these values but you will submit your behavior to the same values. You allow your work and your responses to be evaluated by those people who report to you in accordance to these corporate values that you’ve established. Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert, has worked with countless companies. When Tim sees that the CEOs will subject himself to the values they establish he inevitable he sees an up tick in the morale and the motivation of the employees companywide.

There was very important for the business, is as they begin the progress and make progress, is very important to create guidelines and milestones to make sure that it keeps the team on track. Some Christian business coaching experts have called these guardrails. Guardrails are made to maintain order of the team members keep them from making highly costly mistakes due to not paying attention.

One powerful example of one of these guideposts would be the make sure that your employees that work in your sales department are focused on sales but not focused on making sure that they write the checks out for the commissions that they are. Power to Create Wealth. That would be confusing to have them do both. Another great example of a powerful guardrail is to look at the person who make sure think deposits to make sure that the same person does not reconcile the account balances. That would be confusing and would leave room for that person to be tempted to embezzle cash from the company.

If you are interested in creating checklists that literally will activate and motivate your team high levels of performance, it is time to call Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond to meet with him. He in his outstanding team will provide you a thorough business evaluation so that you can see the strengths and the weaknesses of your business and they will provide you with solid, powerful growth action items. And if you want to continue the coach with them to enjoy and benefit from their guidance, then you can certainly hire them to be your Christian business coaching experts. So call Tim Redmond at 918-298-7766 today.

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