Christian Business Coaching | Sword of Action

Christian Business Coaching | Sword of Action

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Who know, Grancey is another one of those athletes that wasn’t that great of an athlete. He got it done but he just executed. He had great coaching, which really helped him quite a bit. However, he also had an incredible group that helped him develop. This is why I think Christian Business Coaching can be so valuable for your business. The Michael Jordan’s story got cut from the basketball team right. The Steve courages the story gets fired a lot. Gets back up you know that’s right. It isn’t something. But you remember I said at the beginning your response determines your destiny.

So just take that in inserted into any area of your life and it doesn’t matter if you get into a fight with your wife it doesn’t matter if your kid messes up and you have to how you respond to things determines your future of how things happen and you can you can look at a negative situation where something bad happens to you and you can look at it negatively and live in that spot. Or you can not you can choose not to. You know not that long ago. Guys two not even two years ago I got fired from my job has run in three states are a national mortgage company. I’m in my office. They sublease for me. I have 15 people that report to me in Oklahoma and Texas and New Mexico. And they just fire me 12 days before Christmas 13 days before Christmas.

And you’re still on that commission waste. But everything was taken from me on this on December 12th. I mean that’s what happened everything. And some people go into the death lane. You know they’re like a gun you know. Look what happened to me. I feel terrible. Well no not me because I chose because I learned that a long time ago not because Gloria to Steve and I’m so amazing it’s just because I trained myself a long time ago to respond in a different way than other people respond to the victim. I’m not a victim, I am an overcome through the help of my Christian Business Coaching experience.

So Steve if someone because because this is highly important in your sharing for your own personal experience if you’ve been at the bottom right and there’s a lot of people listening who who started at the bottom and they’re still at the bottom. Right. You’ve been at the bottom you’re not at the bottom anymore. You’re back on top. Can’t can you say one more time what you did to get back on top, did Christian Business Coaching help you?

You just have to execute and you have to hustle. You know. I know somebody that. OK so when I the last time I got fired. I wasn’t originating loans at the time I had been for about a year and a half I was I was still getting referrals and I was giving in to people within my office so there was a lot of the technical aspect to doing the job putting files under the system and pulling credit and doing that stuff that I just didn’t do any more because I had a team that did that so I would take the call you know tear up the deal get the application going and then hand it to a person that would do it. Well when I bought into TLC and I went to work with those guys I was in a 3200 square foot office. That you know three months later in February when I worked in Christian Business Coaching and really got the help that I needed.

By myself me it was just me and I had to I literally had to just go execute. And some people don’t do that. They just won’t because they’ll be like well I don’t know how to do it. Why choice to it be who not trained every single person that ever worked for me. You know 95 percent of people work for me never worked in the words business before. So I just had to go do it I think or did I like it. No. Was it painful. Absolutely. But I didn’t have another choice because I had a duty to my. I’m I’m married I’ve got two kids I got a house get a mortgage payment I’ve got stuff to pay for. And I just had to go do what needed to get done to get it done and some people just go into a spot where they’re like everything’s bad and you know it’s negative and they don’t want to execute. You know they don’t want execute. So all I do is I just execute I respond properly. You just don’t respond properly so people don’t respond properly and then they live. They hang out there you know. And like everything’s bad. They hang out with people that agree with them or I know because they’re talking to their buddies enablers and their buddies are like nobody that’s messed up girl. I mean you should get an attorney like he should sue you. I mean I can you know just go work. Same thing if you want your business to grow. If you want your business to grow, then a Christian Business Coach can help you do it much faster.

What would that what would that message be if you were surrounded by a team of doers at that time. The message with Dewar’s would be like suck it up buttercup and get to work. Why I had to have a notable quotable for you. Come on. Why does a diligent do or say that what does a diligent do or no. And this is something that founder of 315 dotcom America’s number one business coach America’s number one business consultant and also America’s most humble man. This is something that he’s kind of a big deal. He is a huge deal and is through many companies and he’s overcome tremendous adversity. Something that he says that has stuck with me is this. He says that inspiration is the reward in action. Is the giant. Action. Is the sword. Inspiration is the reward. Inaction is the giant an action is the sword. Call Power to Create, the world’s best Christian Business Coaching program today.

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