Christian Business Coaching – Selling to your Ideal Buyers

Christian Business Coaching – Selling to your Ideal Buyers

Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond leads his clients into an area that’s highly overlooked and massively underutilized. What is that? It is identifying who your ideal clients most likely buyers really are. Tim and his team of Christian business coaching specialists have found that many of the clients they serve have not taken the time to identify their ideal clients and most likely buyers. As a result, they are spending excess time on leads that don’t lead anywhere. In addition, they spend time pursuing clients that never really respond to their multiple attempts to bring them and as a customer. Power to Create Wealth

Identifying your ideal buyer and those that are most likely to buy is a real key to cutting your marketing costs, improving your sales, and an increase in the motivation of everybody in your company. That’s why Christian business coaching advisor Tim Redmond brings his clients for the process of truly identifying who these people are. Tim has been highly inspired by Chet Holmes and his book the ultimate sales machine. In this book, Chet talks about a client he served that sold computers. This company had sent over 22,000 flyers out to all the companies in their city. The sad thing is that they never heard from any of these companies if they set the flyers out to. What happened? The postcard they sent out did not have a compelling enough offer to be a will to turn the heads of the male person who is processed in the mail that day. They spent thousands of dollars and got zero results.Power to Create Wealth

That’s when Chet Holmes was hired. He came on the spot and ask the sales manager in the present the company for a description of who their ideal clients the most likely buyers are. After fumbling through a week explanation, just realize that they need to take time to identify who these ideal clients are. When they did that they were able to focus their energies and spend their marketing dollars very smartly. What Chet had recommended that they do is narrowed down who it is that they want to go after. Through a process of asking the sales team all kinds of questions which we will cover in just a moment, they were able to nail down to their clients were and who their clients were not. As a result, they focus their efforts on those companies that had 50 computers all the way up to 300 computers that they plan to change out every 3 to 5 years.

As a Christian business coaching expert, Tim Redmond has helped numerous companies narrow their focus as well. He likes to say the narrower your focus, the more powerful your reach. Jet went on to help this company determined that those companies that had less than 50 computers were too much of a hassle to sell to and maintain and service. Those companies that had over 300 computers were buying directly from the manufacturing with wholesale prices. In these cases, these companies did not have enough margin for this company to be a will to make a reasonable profit so they drop them from their view. That took their focus from 22,000 companies down to 2200 companies. What they did next was remarkable and it is something that Christian business coaching advisor Tim Redmond advises his clients to do as well. Power to Create Wealth

What was that? Chad had encouraged this company to call all 2200 clients Russian say prospects to find out if they would qualify as her ideal client most likely buyer. They were looking for these clients that had 50 to 300 computers and they change them out every 3 to 5 years to stay current with the technology. The result of their calls gave them 500 potential prospects from which to focus. Instead of spending their money spreading it a mile wide and inch deep, they focus their efforts at marketing to these 500 clients. In the process they would call and keep calling. They would send them mailers and letters and special gifts to get their attention. They were not deterred in the process. With pigheaded determination they continued to reach out these 500 prospects. They would send them stress balls and wrote a little note to say that it would be a lot less stressful by your computers from this given company. They sent them Rubik’s cube puzzles and say if you are puzzled by technology, we will straighten out the mess and make it super simple for you. Power to Create Wealth

As a Christian business coach, Tim Redmond does the same with his clients. He narrows her focus to be able to increase the strength of their reach. When clients do this they are able to get the attention of their prospects and to be able to bring them in as clients over time. With Chet Holmes client in this case, they virtually doubled their sales every year for the next three years. What did they do? They continue to stay focused on these 500 clients and would not stop calling and alerting them to the beauty of doing business with them until they cried, died, or bought. This can be the same for your company. The question is have you taken the time to identify your ideal clients most likely buyers?

Christian business coaches that are effective bring their clients should this powerful process they help their clients ask the right questions to build a really narrow down the focus of who their best prospects are. Questions such as:

1. What is the age of these likely buyers and ideal clients?

2. Are your ideal customers male or female primarily?

3. What segment the business best suits your ideal clients?

4. What do your ideal clients read and from what publications do they subscribe to?

5. How big is the company that your most likely buyers run?

6. Where are they geographically?

7. What schools do the kids of these ideal clients most likely buyers attend?

These are just some of the questions that Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond brings her clients through and helps them answer with clarity. Tim does not allow the client to be casual with their response. Why is that? Because it’s very important to be super and abundantly clear with who you want to market to. There are so many other questions you can ask that helps you get focused such as what position does the decision-maker have in the company that you’re targeting? What groups are they part of? What social circles do these prospects interact in? What neighborhoods do they live in? What is the typical salary or income levels does your ideal clients most likely buyers maintain? These and many other questions help to narrow down where your marketing dollars are spent in with who you direct your sales efforts towards. Power to Create Wealth

If you want a biblical basis along with good and godly counsel from experienced Christian business coaches that can help you identify who these ideal clients most likely buyers are for your company, it is time to call Tim Redmond and his team of Christian business coaching experts. For a detailed and powerful business evaluation that Tim Redman and his team will provide for you, please call him directly at 918-298-7766.

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