Checklists Are a Gift from Effective Christian Business Coaching

Checklists Are a Gift from Effective Christian Business Coaching

The subject of checklists can never be a topic that is over they talked about especially in the life of a an effective Christian business coaching expert. That’s why Tim Redmond corrects all of his clients towards creating checklists that help reduce the training time, increase the performance, and brains powerful accountability to everybody in the company. Whatever’s measured and monitored improves. What’s measured gets treasured. It is so important for people to know that they’re being held accountable.

A Christian business coaching expert that does not show their clients the importance of accountability nor helps the client sets up practical and powerful ways of holding their staff accountable is doing a disservice to the client. That’s why checklists are so powerful. They allow for the accountability that the owner in the business so desperately needs. If they are closely filled out by the employee and their signed off by that employee’s manager and everybody knows that they can be evaluated based on the accuracy of the checklist, it keeps everybody honest and motivated to work hard.

That’s why one of most powerful books that talk about the subject is a book written by Haskett, Sasser and other Harvard business personnel. The book is called putting the profit chain to work. In a dramatic statement that they make in this book is as follows, “a popular concept of quality and manufacturing is the importance of doing things right the first time. But customers of service organizations often allow one mistake. Some organizations are very good at delivering service as long as nothing goes wrong. Others organize for and thrive on service emergencies. Outstanding service organizations to both by giving front-line employees the latitude to affect recovery. Southwest Airlines maintains a policy of allowing front-line employees to do whatever they feel comfortable doing in order to satisfy customers. Xerox authorizes frontline service employees to replace up to $250,000 worth of equipment that customers are not getting results.” What a powerful statement!

Imagine if we took this powerful statement and applied it into our businesses as recommended by effective Christian business coaches. Here is a big warning regarding checklists and completing overall business systems. Initially, there’s tremendous excitement and everybody is involved in filling out the checklist and holding people accountable. They can see the results in the increased energy levels of the people involved in the process. However, over time people tend to drift. They tend to not put their heart into the work as they once did. They tend to quickly glance over the checklists and fill them out without fully engaging in the work that is required to complete the checklist. As a result the business systems are not being executed as they were designed. Power to Create Wealth

What happens as a result. People assume that just because they set up a business system or they create a checklist, that it will be followed forever. Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond has seen a number of business owners surprise of the breakdown of the checklists and business systems. They will say that they train their staff and the staff agreed to follow this forever. However the business owner didn’t realize what he or she is also capable of doing. What is that? That is the tendency that we have to get bored with our work, and when we get bored with our work we disengage our heart and her energy levels in the work. Power to Create Wealth

So is very important that when you establish a checklist make sure that all the employees are fully engaged in following the checklist. Make it part of your weekly meeting. Give recognition to those who are following the checklist and are engage enthusiastically in their work. Reward them with verbal praise and the money raise. Make sure that the heroes of your organization are those people that are following the checklist and implementing them with a high degree of accuracy and accountability. Without that accountability the checklist becomes worthless over time. Power to Create Wealth

What happens as a result of people getting bored in their business and getting lax with the filling out of their checklist? One could that the results will be very predictable. Tim Redmond, is a Christian business coach too many good and godly business owners have seen this happen over and over for hundreds of times. When you get lax at following the system, the system doesn’t work for you. In order for a system to work, you have to work the system. If you don’t work the system, and the end results will be far less than what the business is capable of producing if it stayed true to fulfilling the business systems that it has created.

That’s why one of the first commandment in the Bible that God gave man, or I should say that one of the first responsibilities that God gave man this to tend the garden. What happens if you don’t tend the garden? A garden that is unattended eventually begins to become overwhelmed with weeds. What do we do? We choke out the purpose of the plants have been planted in the garden. They overwhelm the other plants and prevent them from being productive. God told Adam a need to tend the garden. The words tend is a present progressive. It means to attend and keep attending and keep attending and keep pending forever.

That’s how it works with their business. A business owner has to attend and keep attending and keep attending to make sure that checklists are being followed and systems are being implemented according to the how they were designed. It requires an ongoing looking at the numbers and evaluating the results. Do the lead measures and the like measures both show that the results are strong? If so that one can assume that the checklist in the business systems are being implemented as designed. But even then Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert to many businesses around the United States, encourages his business owners to look into the details. Power to Create Wealth

Even if the business owner says I am not a details person, rather, I am a visionary, Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond still encourages the business owner to keep his hand on the plow. If the business owner doesn’t, then the same thing will happen to his business is what happens to gardens that are unattended. Power to Create Wealth

It is a biblical principle that what we mismanage, we lose. One can see this in Matthew 25:29. Here, Jesus is making what appears to be a politically incorrect statement. Is a statement of accountability and responsibility at the highest levels. It is a concept that Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond provides to his clients as a point of illumination. What does that verse say? In essence Jesus is saying to him that has, or in essence manages well that which he has, will have even more. However, to him that does not have or does not manage well the little that he has, even that little bit is can be taken away. Again it is one of the key principles of productivity found in the Scriptures. What is that? Whatever we mismanage, we lose. Whatever we manage well, we’ll get more of that.

If you want to learn to manage your company well and see the increase that you are capable of producing along with the prosperity that that brings, it is time to give Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond a call to allow him and his powerful team can provide you with a thorough business evaluation. You should begin this evaluation process simply by calling him at 918-361-3047.

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