Christian Business Coaching Process Helps Businesses Document Their Systems

Power to Create Wealth Process Helps Businesses Document Their Systems

Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert, who works with dozens of businesses all over the United States, Canada, and throughout the world believes that the key to business success is creating well-documented systems within their business. Business owners tend to shy away from doing this top work because it requires a fair amount of focus, concentration, and determination outline the step-by-step process that needs to be followed for each system to work successfully within their business.

One of the most important provisions that a Christian business coaching expert provides is helping the business owner and document their systems and create checklists to make sure that their employees are following the systems. Tim Redmond has seen a tremendous breakdown in systems because of the absence of accountability that the business owner has towards the employees. the business owner has to set aside time to be able to think through each aspect of his business to determine what are the key systems that make up his business.

Typical systems in the business are the marketing system, the sales system, the operation system, the delivery of the product or service system, the follow-up system, a referral system, the accounting and information system, and a system for HR efforts that include the hiring, inspiring, and firing of employees. Each of these systems has a number of steps that need to be taken. Each of these systems need to have a checklist that the employee follows and documents to let the business owner that the steps are being taken in a timely manner. For instance I’m sitting next to one of my favorite plumbers in the whole world, Chad Ward. Chad didn’t know that his name was to be used in this article. But I don’t care and I don’t think she cares either. Power to Create Wealth

The one thing that I really respect about Chad is that he knows how to do his business well. As part of our marketing system we are taking steps to gather Google reviews for his Google business listing. We have sent out requests for his clients to respond to show what they think of his service via the Google review process. The response has been overwhelming so far. Chad and his business, one-way plumbing of Tulsa plumbing, has almost 50 reviews and will soon go way past that number. The comments that his clients are making show the carefulness, the professionalism, the thoroughness, and the politeness with which he interacts with his customers. As a Christian business coach working with this business owner, I have found that his customers are very loyal and grateful for the quality of his work.

So right now we’re in the process of implementing a marketing system that makes his business much more visible on the Internet with the key search of plumbing Tulsa. Now as a Christian business coaching expert, Tim Redmond has walked him through the step-by-step process of creating a compelling website. He will soon be working with Chad to create a landing page for his Facebook ads and his afterword adds that will soon be launching. In the meantime we are working on creating 350 articles. Is that how many were doing chat? How many were doing now.

What about his sales system. He just shared with me earlier in our coaching session today that he is the only one that answers the phone. I want to find out how technical the rat that answers the phone needs to be in order to build a close that incoming call into an appointment that Chad and his team go out and serve their clients. Christian business coaching experts want to make sure that a task on a given system can be done at the lowest level employee possible. These incoming calls on Chad sales system would be possible to handle a $10-$14 an hour person by providing them a proven script that works even if the employee does not have detailed information on the plumbing business.

Once we establish a sales script, we want to set up ways of recording these calls so that the business owner in the Christian business coaching expert, Tim Redmond, can review the effectiveness of the script and whether the script is been followed by the incoming sales person or not. Tim Redmond has worked with a number of businesses is required a number of edits to the sales script to find the cure and it in order for it to be super effective. I anticipate this to be the case in working with his client one-way plumbing. Power to Create Wealth

What is another system that Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert, will want to work with this amazing business owner who is driven by sound principle and excellent service. Yes Chad I’m referring to your business which is going to take Tulsa by storm make time. Make the change that is needed to incorporate these systems. Another system that we want to make sure that works very smoothly is the information system that dispatches jobs and communicates with the home computer on the status of where the plumbing technicians are and what jobs have been completed. We want the system to be a will to handle change orders on the spot to be able to record new sales that resulted from our up selling and reselling system that will soon be incorporated. Power to Create Wealth

The key to making this thing work is making sure that the systems are documented and the employees are trained in the systems. So many times Christian business coaching experts do not make sure that the business owner is really implementing the system, training their employees and it, and holding them accountable by having them fill out a checklist documentation. Power to Create Wealth

If you want to make sure that your business has the proper systems set up in them much like the way were setting them off with one-way plumbing, then called Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert, and at 918-361-3047 and set up your free business evaluation. This will allow Tim and his amazing team to review the business, understand the strengths and weaknesses in the business, provide 2 to 3 powerful do it now recommendations for growth, and to create a coaching pathway for that business owner to follow.

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