Christian Business Coaching | Press Into the Difficult Task

Christian Business Coaching | Press Into the Difficult Task

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Yesterday we recorded the podcast about Christian Business Coaching before our meeting. We were doing the coaches meeting yesterday and I came in and I said Tyler go ahead and get started because I’m trying to get Tyler called to Steven Tyler on our podcast try to get Tyler to be able to kind of take that and be able to do it on his own when he needs to you know because I’m traveling a lot with the company and there are things that are going on and I don’t want to get out of our schedule of what needs to happen it shouldn’t be dependent on me being here right. His system yeah. So I’m trying to get Tyler to record so it isn’t funny guys. I mean I came in and I’m like they’re sitting here with the timer set for 10 minutes and I’m like what’s going on. Oh well, we just finished what I said.

I was like have you guys that record any have you been a singer that’s sweating me. And they go yeah we have it and they’re joking and I’m like are counting us funny. Like I literally don’t think it’s funny. Like that isn’t funny. And then I come and I said something else and I literally stopped and this is yesterday morning. And I said Look guys I know you think you’re being funny and all that but it isn’t funny to me because this is serious because we have to record this podcast and it’s really annoying to me that you would make a joke about Christian Business Coaching.

I got here five o’clock to prepare for this thing while getting Christian Business Coaching. At 6:00 that I was here. I saw you roll in at 6:30 and that’s fine. It ain’t no big deal. But do not joke with me. It’s not funny.  It’s I don’t think it’s funny. And so there is pain that is associated with Tyler and I having to come in every Wednesday and every Friday and sit here and record for an hour and a half a podcast so that somebody can go transcribe it so that they can video recorder for lending university so that it can go on our website so that we can do all this stuff and it isn’t easy. It’s not like we’re all like jumping up and down excited right Robert. It’s like oh this is great I can’t wait to go in and do a podcast again topic do 200 podcast and then see if you can come up with another topic about the mortgage business right. Seriously. I mean it’s like retreading I’m like well let’s redo the meatloaf USDA because the first one sucked let’s say the words backwards this time.  Because you have literally like trying to find things to do and say and it is a point of contention. We work together. Tyler and I do everyday. He’s my right hand guy. And so when I come into a podcast at 6:30 in the morning and I’ve got to rip his head off because I’m annoyed because you’re joking with me and this isn’t a funny thing. This is like what has to get done for us to be successful as a business with Christian Business Coaching.

It’s not you know what I mean it’s not it’s not all fun and games guys it’s not right to execute and do it and you’re rewarded as you begin to execute your inspired as you begin to build that confidence. This is something I learned while Christian Business Coaching. I’m excited about this show is that at the end of the day there’s three reasons why people don’t get stuff done. One they’re afraid of offending people too. Like like we mentioned the motive isn’t worth the pain of change. They just want to stay stagnant. They just want to stay the same. And then three they don’t know the tactics. This show is all about teaching you those tactics for those that want to change develop and grow. We’re going to teach you the tactics to make it happen. So guys thank you so much for listening to our first podcast. I’m excited to move forward. Is there anything else up Steve. Hey last minute Kearns is going to leave you this. This is all over the walls here at 3 at our studios. Vision without execution is unloosen is it a hallucination. Say that again. Vision without execution is hallucination. So that means what I said beginning. Your ideas aren’t worth anything. Execute is worth it.

If you want to kill the giant of an action the giant that holds you back the giant that Steve is talking about right now that’s keeping you at in that low point in that pit you have to take up the sword of action you have to take up the sword of execution. And when you begin to do that not only will you begin to develop confidence but you’ll actually be inspired Steve. When you were recording podcasts you recorded over a record over 100 podcasts and transcribe and then put up on your website so that you could get to the top of Google when you were when you were 200 to 200. Oh my gosh. Wow you’re counting on it I mean maybe got an ice sculptures kind of hit 100 to the name of the game but count how many words you’re putting up there. You can begin to have success in your life, if you’re willing to press into the difficult task.

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