Christian Business Coaching Checklists Really Work for Business Growth

Christian Business Coaching Checklists Really Work for Business Growth

 Christian business coaches strongly believe that building and following checklist are the key to rapid growth in the business without that business wheels falling off in the process of the fast growth. Tim has seen a number of companies grow so fast without checklist and systems, that they lose control of their business only to crash and burn. Power To Create Wealth. There are two fears that bankers have when they loaned money to a business. The first fear is that the business will gain enough momentum in sales and profits to be able to pay the bank back. The second fear is on the other side of that same coin. What is that? It is the fear that the business will grow so fast that it will not be able to handle the growth. Bankers have seen a number of companies get overwhelmed by their success only to see their company destroyed because of the lack of been able to fulfill their promises and deliver the goods and services that they promise to their customers Power To Create Wealth.

There are a number of different checklists that Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond will help a business owner create in the process of growing their business. It is based on a scripture in Proverbs chapter 27 verse 23. It simply says to look well to your herds and know the state of your flocks. It is tracking your progress in making sure that you are holding the people that work for you accountable to make sure that they’re implementing the procedures of each business system in accordance with the checklist that you created for that system. This is where many business owners get off track. Casualness causes casualties, especially in the creation of the checklist. Christian business coaches have seen business owners fear about creating checklists and they begin that process but only do so casually. Because they casually are creating the checklist they don’t lean into it and find tune it to make sure it really works for the business owner, the business, and the person implementing the checklist. It is frequent for the business owner to forget about the checklist and not insist on a proper follow-up going on to make sure the checklist is being followed.

So what are the common checklists that Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond helps each of his clients create? To begin with, let’s focus on the sales process. The first checklist and actually it is a script is the inbound call script. This gives the people answering the phone with people calling man to ask about their product or service the exact script to follow in and client. Every incoming script will have the five basic elements of a successful sales process. Power To Create Wealth. That includes first establishing rapport to make sure that you are emotionally connected with the client and the client is engaged with you. If you try to sell a client and they think that you are trying to take advantage of them or you are just watching out for your best interest to their best interest they are very quick to shut you down. That’s why it is very good to start with establishing rapport with the client. The other four key aspects of the sales process are establishing the needs, providing the benefits along with a proof for fact that proves the benefit is real and true, then moved to the close then that this step is handling the objections. Many Christian business coaching experts will help the client create follow-up text messages and emails to make sure that the client has a reinforced message from your company and encourages them to move forward with your product and service. Another sales related checklists and actually it is a script is the outbound call script. Power To Create Wealth .

The outbound call script is a script that is really used by companies especially when they’re so busy handling the incoming calls. Unless it is deliberate and purposeful, companies that handle a good number of incoming calls do not see it necessary to establish staff and train them to handle outbound calling. Tim Redmond recently worked for the company that had all kinds of incoming calls and request for quotes for the product they produced for their customers. Power To Create Wealth . There were so many incoming calls that they didn’t have time, or at least that’s what they told, to call out to make sure that these prospects were still engaged in the sales process. When Tim investigated further, he found that they were closing less than one out of 10 of their prospects. Without having a focus on creating an outbound sales force with the appropriate checklist and script for them to follow a business is at a huge disadvantage over competitors that do create this outbound call capability.

Another checklist is creating a prewritten email that is sent out after the sales call is made. This is a very important item to include in your sales process because it reinforces what the sales staff has told customer. When the customer feels and believes that a company is very precise with their sales activities and gives them a better feel to know and think that the delivery of their products and service will follow suit. When there is a lack of follow-up such as a prewritten email that follows the sales call, the customer begins to doubt whether this company is on the ball. Will that affect the way their product or service is handled by this company? That’s what these customers are wondering to themselves as they go from vendor to vendor looking for the best fit to meet their needs.

Another great form to create is a prewritten email that is set on auto responder. Actually, this may be a number of emails that are sent out after the sales call. It is called a drip program that follows sending out strategically written emails on a periodic basis to make sure that the company stays in touch with the prospect. Power To Create Wealth.  The prospect has so many different stimuli coming at him or her, that they frequently forget who they called and who they talk to in their pursuit of buying this product or service. This auto responder drip program is a very powerful checklist item to make sure that the sales process keeps your company in the prospects mind.

Another sales related checklist item is creating directions to your office. As Tim Redman was busy writing this particular article, he received a tax from a prospect that is going to be meeting him on Monday morning. This client needed the address and directions with how to find Tim’s office. Because Tim already created a prewritten form that gave directions to his office, he simply released that document to the prospect and in just a few moments the issue is taking care of. It didn’t require Christian business coaching specialist Tim Redmond to have to write the entire thing again from scratch.

Another sales checklist is creating a folder to be able to record all of the calls from incoming and outgoing to build a be reviewed. This checklist will lead the supervisor to take a step-by-step process on a certain day a certain time to check the recorded messages, make notes of what changes need to be made, and specific coaching points to be made to each of the sales staff. Christian business coaching Tim Redmond has seen dramatic increases in sales because this checklist item was put in place in a number of the companies that he coaches. Why is it so powerful? Because the staff know that they are being recorded so they put that much more effort into following the script. The supervisor over the sales staff knows that he’s going to listen to these recorded calls and provide timely coaching tips to see improvements in the sales person’s ability to sell and close deals. When this has been enacted and followed closely, again, Tim and his team of Christian business coaches have seen dramatic increases in the sales results Power To Create Wealth .

One of the checklist items that affected Christian business coaching specialists will use as a sheet that identifies the unique value propositions that the company offers that makes them better than their competitors. Many business owners do not take the time to delineate what makes them stand out. What are the things that differentiate your company from your competitors? When you begin to identify what those elements are and put powerful wording behind those elements that presents your company a very compelling and persuasive way, big issue a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Kim Redmond, as an effective Christian business coaching expert goes a step further with this checklist item. What does he do? He creates a document that compares the unique advantages that his client offers compared to a typical client or a typical company and what they offer. Because people think and binary terms, they can see the difference between Tim’s clients and atypical competitor in their feeble attempt to offer their product or service. Power To Create Wealth . When the people see the difference between the two companies in plain English right in front of them, it becomes a very persuasive sales tool to lead towards closing the sale with that particular prospect.

If you are interested in creating a thorough list of checklists, please give Tim read and his amazing team of Christian business coaching specialists a call at 918-298-7766.

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