Christian Business Coaching – The Stage by Stage Growth

Christian Business Coaching – The Stage by Stage Growth

According to the many experiences that Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond has had with a number of clients and speaking to audiences all over the world, many of the people that he is met think that a successful business is this mystical blessing from God that mysteriously happens. As any decent Christian business coaching specialist would admit, success in business is not mysterious. However, it is a blessing from God especially when the business owner is attentive to follow the principles God laid out in his Bible and pays attention to what God may be speaking to him or her in his heart based on the Bible.

What is interesting to note is that according to the Fortune magazine issue

dated September 2015 90% of startups fail. That is a chilling fact in one that entrepreneurs everywhere should take notice. What is it saying? That most people who want to start a business and actually take the guts to launch the business usually do not know enough about getting that business to a point where it is successful before the business runs out of money. Is a fear that many who want to start their own business are paralyzed by an end up never really pursuing their dream of starting their own business. Christian business coaching experts believe that their tangible ways to overcome this fear.

Tim Redmond is one of those Christian business coaching experts who believes that most businesses can succeed if they take the proper steps in setting up there’s business to succeed. There are number stages this article will walk you through that you know what to expect when you start your own business. What Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert wants to do is help you not be part of that 90% statistic of startup failures.

So the first stage is starting the business is a stage of excitement. You are excited about your product or service and you want to unveil this great product or service to the world. You are busy writing your business plan in the hopes of raising the money to launch the business. What Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert believes is taking as many small steps as you can without a big outlay of money, at least initially. Many get started writing the business plan the begin asking their friends and relatives to invest in their idea only to find quite a bit of resistance to raising the money. Why is that? Is because these people who love you you love them don’t really trust that you know what you’re doing with their money. You have to be prepared for that resistance.

Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond can help you write a compelling business plan and give you practical steps in this first stage of raising money and developing your product. There we go on to the next phase of your business launch. This is a phase where you’re trying to convince everyone around you that you have not lost your mind by actually selling that product and generating your first dollar. You are knocking on doors, making phone calls, convincing and controlling everybody you meet to buy your product. This is not a time where you get to sleep in. But you don’t need to be convinced of being motivated because you’re highly motivated in your excitement to get this product out. Power To Create Wealth

Then you go on to the next phase of launching your business and that is a phase where your idea is beginning to prove to be worth something. You’re able to consistently close deals at a profitable manner. You’re able to deliver on what you’re told the people they can expect to get with your product or service. The only thing is, it requires your full focus and lots of energy. You become your company’s only salesman but you are starting to get tired. Then we move on to the fourth phase of your business growth.

What does that look like? Your company is created Samoa Joe and you’re beginning to make consistent sales. Your business is starting to grow but you haven’t developed other key employees to run the business. You are the top salesman, you are also the top everything in your business. This is the time that you hire additional people and train them to take over aspects of the business that only you have run in the past. Once you have key personnel on board your training them to leave and take over aspects of the company that you once ran, now you’re ready to go on to the next stage in the business growth process. Power To Create Wealth

With the fifth phase of your business growth your team is beginning to look at you is the one with the answers. Your business is beginning to produce significant revenues and you are super excited about it. You now have hired and trained three or more key employees to begin to manage aspects of the company that you once ran. The daily operations are now becoming less dependent upon you being there every day. Power To Create Wealth

 That’s when stage VI comes into play. What does that look like? You no longer have to show up at your business every day. You’re beginning to make significant profits without having to spend near as much time as you once did in the business. You now can begin to focus on other aspects of your life or begin to chase after other ideas, hobbies or passions that you trained about years ago. The next phase is a phase that you have developed your team of leaders to confidently lead the business without your input. Power To Create Wealth

This phase of the business find you very comfortable with your financial increase in cash flow along with a very little to no demands the businesses place it on you to work in or even on the business. At this phase you decide to either sell the business or continue to grow and scale it outside of your current geographical reach. That may be hroughout the state that you are operating in or going to multiple states throughout the country. With some clients that Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching specialist has worked with has expanded internationally.

Let’s say that you decide that you want to begin to expand nationally and internationally with your amazing business. Now you’re ready to go into the very last stage of your business growth. At this phase your business is running with such precision that you have a number of additional options. It may be that you want a license or franchise the business in order to take the systems that you approve and and reproduce those in the many other locations. If you like the idea of attracting other business owners to help you grow this great business idea and give you that opportunity to pour into them to help them better run their businesses, that may be the option you take. At this stage you can also invite deep-pocketed investors to really ramp up your business to become a dominant brand worldwide.

In any event, failure looms large for those that are inexperienced and moving through each of these eight stages of business growth. So what do you do? You hire an experience Christian business coaching expert that can walk you through each of these eight phases in a very powerful and surefooted way. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be any challenges along the way, however, you greatly increase the odds of your success by hiring Tim Redmond and his amazing team of Christian business coaching experts. To start with a free evaluation of your business that is sure to give you great insights, please call Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert at 918-298-7766. Power To Create Wealth

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