Christian Business Coaching Expert Reveals Secret to Business Success

Christian Business Coaching Expert Reveals Secret to Business Success

Was to reveal a very powerful truth that many business owners of startups failed to embrace and understand. What is that concept? It is the key to building any successful business. And that key is building a system that is not reliant on the business over. What does that require? That requires the business owner to create processes, systems, scripts, checklists, and procedures that everybody he hires can quickly embrace and implement. As long as each of these employees are being held accountable, they will quickly learn how to become successful in the business or they will soon know they’re not a good fit and leave or be dismissed. Power to Create Wealth

Tim Redmond has worked with hundreds of companies and has addressed hundreds and thousands of business owners throughout the world. From his perspective, most business owners build their business with a reliance on them. They are the only ones that knows where all the passwords are. They are the only ones that knows how to turn on and run certain processes and machinery. They like to brag to their friends on how they don’t trust any other human being because human beings they think, are lazy, stupid and don’t care about their work. The sad point with this thought is that that business owner, due to his believes, has God himself or herself stock into creating an owner -dependent business.

The most effective Christian business coaching experts help their clients do just the opposite. And that is to build a company that is not reliant on the business owner and do not require the business owner to show up every day in the business. The key here is not to build the business around the special and exclusive knowledge the business owner has. Instead, Tim Redmond, business coaching expert and his team will leave the business owner and did building a documented process with each key aspect of his business. With each of the processes, they create checklists that not only make sure that the work gets done right in on time but also works as an accelerated training program to get non-genius types up and running successfully in their job. Power to Create Wealth

A huge secret that many business owners do not know about is that the checklists and procedures are a way to save them huge amounts of money. How is that? Instead of having to hire a genius level expert at rates that the business nor the business owner can afford at the time they need that person, with documented processes the business owner can hire unskilled individuals and quickly train them to be successful in that level of expertise. If you have ever read Tony Robbins and his book unlimited power, you can see how he helped an Army division produce expert level rifle us in just a matter of days. How to do that? He found and documented the exact movements and processes that the expert rifleman used and reproduce that in a way that he could teach underperforming shooters. He simply walked them through the process and train them at the high level expertise procedures and found that average shooters became expert level shooters in a matter of a few hours.

Tim Redmond and his team of Christian business coaching experts will do this in your business as well. They will help you document the expert level steps and procedures along with the right mindset to be able to be super successful in that given task. Because Tim leads the businessman into setting up systems of accountability, they can quickly train that employee to perform at high levels. The problem with most business owners as they are very impatient with this process. They tend to skip the training altogether or very quickly review the steps to perform a given task to the new employee. Most new employees do the best they can at being successful in their given task but without the training they frequently fall short and become discouraged and then mentally check out. This process has cost companies countless hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars lost. Power to Create Wealth

What is required is the closed monitoring of the new employee. Are they following the procedures that you’ve laid out for them? Are they implementing the steps that you told them to implement? Are they being held accountable by filling out a checklist that follows the exact procedures that you outlined in your training? When they have these tools it makes a world of difference. Tim Redmond has seen numerous average to low skilled employees become super successful at high levels of expertise and very little time. How is that? It’s because he encourages the business owner to intensely watch the employees and make corrections according to the established procedures and checklists that he is already set up. Power to Create Wealth

In working with hundreds of businesses, Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond has found that business owners do not like holding their employees accountable. They’re not rated to handle the emotional backlash that the employees give them for holding them accountable. The question that Tim Redmond asked the business owner is who is leading, you or the employee? in order to be successful in your business, you have to be willing to lean into the employees emotional responses that resist you and try to make you feel bad for holding them accountable. That is just the way most people were raised. When they throw a fit, they get their own way. If you allow this to happen in your business, you are inviting your business to fail in a very short amount of time. What’s the solution?

It is training your employees with established procedures and converting those procedures and checklists that the employees must follow and fill out as they do their tasks. Christian business coaching experts know this fact. However, there are many novice coaches that do not hold their business owners to a high level of accountability to teach them these difficult truths. However, when the business owner leans into his own emotional responses and begins to do the right things, regardless about he or she feels, he or she will begin to see amazing success and progress in the business.

What is amazing is that the very employees who complain the loudest about being held accountable are actually deep down wanting you to be firm and holding them accountable. Most people want to be held accountable. Most people want a well defined structure and systems in place to guide them to levels of success. The business owner has to be willing to put up and lean into the emotional out lashes of employees. They have to be stronger emotionally than the emotional childish responses that they see their employees make. Power to Create Wealth

To be able to set up the kind of training that your business desperately needs and on boarding top-performing employees, please call Tim Redmond and his team of Christian business coaching experts will walk you through a powerful business evaluation and give you a concrete pathway with which to grow your company. To get started with this, simply call 918-298-7766.

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