Christian Business Coaching Expert Helps Businesses Avoid Costly Mistakes

Christian Business Coaching Expert Helps Businesses Avoid Costly Mistakes

As the leading Christian business coaching expert in America, Tim Redmond helps companies avoid costly mistakes by bringing them clear processes and procedures with which to implement into the business. He has been inspired by Harvard professor Clayton Christensen who said an organization’s capabilities reside in two places. The first is in its processes – the methods by which people have learned to transform inputs of labor, energy, materials, information, cash and technology into outputs of higher value. The second is in the organization’s values, which are the criteria that managers and employees in the organization’s use when making prioritization decisions.

Is so important to break down what Dr. Christensen said in this powerful quote. When a business does is it takes something from a lower value and creates it into a higher value. An apple juice company take samples and converts them into jugs of apple juice to make it convenient to buy at the grocery store. An oil drilling company sets up the oil drilling equipment to be able to pull the oil out of the ground to be able to be delivered to an oil refinery where the oil can be broken down into gasoline oil products, and plastics. You get the idea. The idea that is so important here is the focus on processes. That is where companies generally fail. They do not have a set process which is the way people get stuff done to be able to better serve and attract their clients. Because of this, the business is subject to the emotional state of whoever is responsible for these processes. Power to Create Wealth

The best run companies to find the processes in a super clear way, train their people to implement the processes, and tracks the progress of the people running the process to make sure that is that it is accurately being implemented. If a certain employee is not reaching the benchmarks and achieving the expectations that are required, that employee is called into question and is further trained and encouraged to perform at a higher level. If they are not able to perform at the required level and they are released and replaced by somebody who wears. This is a very common problem that Christian business coach Tim Redmond runs into in the hundreds of businesses that he has coached over the years. Power to Create Wealth

Because of a lack of processes, the owner of the business either is not doing well in the sales and profits or is finding themselves overwhelmed and overworked with no hope in sight. This is where proven and established processes that Christian business coach Tim Redmond is able to help business owners succeed. He begins with helping them determine and implement the highest and best use of their time. So many business owners find themselves doing things that really don’t make a difference in increasing sales and increasing profitability for their business; instead they find themselves chasing rabbits and running from one end of the company to another putting out fires. Tim Redmond, an expert in coaching Christian-based companies loves the quote that Jim Rohn said many years ago, you don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring into the hour. Power to Create Wealth

Tim Redmond was working with an owner of a manufacturing company who had no established processes in most of his departments. They were generating a good amount of sales for their production could have been so much more. They were closing less than one out of 10 of their leads and were not giving enough time in their follow-up program. There was no process in their sales department. As a result they were busy just responding to the leads that were coming in without categorizing them to find out who and which were the best leads to spend their time on. In addition this business owner did not have a clear process for each of his department heads and as a result there was poor communication between departments that resulted in many mistakes that had to be redone when their product was delivered to the customer. As an expert in Christian business coaching who is focused on working with business owners who want their business to serve others and watch their profits to honor God, Tim Redmond works hard to create clarity so that manufacturing clients like this run much smoother operations and produce much less errors in the production of their products. Power to Create Wealth

What is the goal of your business, Tim Redmond Christian business coaching expert asked many of the business owners he speaks to in conferences all over the United States and the world? The goal of the business is to serve the business owner and to serve the clients and customers that the business has gain their trust in a profitable way that enables the business to employ great employees that serve their clients in dramatic ways. How do you achieve this goal? How is this goal ever to be achieved if a business owner does not set up clear processes throughout his entire business? That’s why the power to create Christian business coach Tim Redmond focuses on helping owners build powerful business systems that work even when the owner is not there.

What kind of business processes does each business need to set up, establish exact procedures and steps to follow, creates key performance indicators to make sure these processes are being implemented, and keeps the employees involved in implementing the processes accountable to reaching the expectations? To begin with a business needs sales. So that begins with establishing a powerful marketing process that is able to attract prospects to the business in an affordable way. Power to Create Wealth the next process is the sales process. What is all bad about? Once a business is able to attract the prospect that business has to find out economical ways to convert that prospect into a sale at a price that allows the business to produce a profit. Then there’s the delivery process which is focused on providing the product or service to the customer after they purchased it. Then there is the follow-up process to make sure that the customers are wowed by their experience in the company that causes them to refer their family and friends to do business with you. Then there is the hiring inspiring and firing process to make sure you have enough employees that are producing at the level that these processes require. And finally there is the accounting and information processes to keep track of how the business is doing to make sure that they’re properly allocating the resources and making a profit in the process.

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