Christian Business Coaching | Make America Confident Again

Christian Business Coaching | Make America Confident Again

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You know those things that you always wanted to get done? Those things that you thought there was no way that those things that you wanted to get done? Yes, you I’m talking to you. You always wanted to do them but you’re frustrated because you just haven’t been able to do it. You have great ideas but the change hasn’t been made in your life. You haven’t implemented the idea that’s why you need Christian Business Coaching and that’s why you need to listen to the show because this show will teach you those things and you know who doesn’t want to change. So a lot of people don’t. That’s the problem. You know what some people Robert though literally want to live in the world of suck. That’s true. They just don’t know Santa. They’re like seen it. They fight Do not challenge me. No I would like to just stay right here and suck. Yeah if that’s cool with you guys.

I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it grown up in the construction industry. I’m not disparaging all construction workers but a lot of them. What I noticed as a young lad growing up out there you’ve got your young guys out there busting out working hard having fun partying and then you got you like 50 and 60 year old guys that were busting out working hard partying and now they’re like, “Wow, wish I would have executed some of my stuff when I was a young person getting started early because now it’s every industry is like that too. I wish I would have gotten some Christian Business Coaching.”

I mean it’s the same it’s the same deal. Jonathan is a listening guised. If anybody doesn’t know Jonathan Kelley author of a couple books that are here in the Thrive time studios I think also your hustler extraordinaire pressed against the glass. So if you listen I encourage you if you’re listening right now to go to Thrive time show dot com and look at some of the pictures of videos and testimonials and that type of thing that are on the because you’ll you’ll kind of get an idea. This is a first show but you kind of get an idea of where we are and the area that we’re in. You can see the box that rocks you can see pictures of where they do the conferences here and all that. And I think Robert that’s important for people to be able to see. You know I like the energy from Christian Business Coaching. And that’s why I office here now.

We have other Christian Business Coaching podcasts other resources the materials that show you the proven path. And you know there’s a lot of people out there who don’t want to change. And if you are committed to staying stagnant then this show is not for you. I’m sorry we’re not going to be able to help you. All right I’ll turn it off right now if you want to if you want to live a life that embraces mediocrity and stagnation then this is definitely the wrong show for you. But for those who do want a change for those who came up with the New Year’s resolutions but weren’t able to follow through with them for those who have written down goals but haven’t been able to execute for those who want to grow their business but they don’t know how to execute the proven systems. This show is for you.

Yeah and you know what you can do Robert. I think a lot of people don’t realize this when they don’t work in a Christian Business Coaching environment. People set goals right. They’re like their goals are right they set a goal. Maybe it’s too I’m going to make 50 phone outbound phone calls today. OK. And that’s on a Monday and they’re like all pumped up. Everything’s good. They got good energy everything’s good. And then on on Monday they make 50 phone calls and then on Tuesday. Stuff gets in the way. You know something happens and the next thing they know. It’s Wednesday morning and now they’ve jilted themselves. Now there are like 50 phone calls yesterday. And so what happens is they don’t make the 50 phone calls on Wednesday either. And then they don’t make them on Thursday and then they don’t make them on Friday and before they know it it’s two months later. And that goal that they set one Monday which they made for the phone calls that day. They haven’t done. And they’re like I’m a failure. I’ve done I haven’t done what I said I was going to do. I haven’t set my goal I need to be better executing. But what I think a lot of people forget is that you can just start over. That’s absolutely right.

I just tell people like , “It’s a new day. It’s a new life. It was terrible.” I’d like to apologize and like for everybody sorry for your ears. Oh my god mom I’m sorry while sorry to hear that. Yes, Eric’s mom we’re sorry. Yes we call she’s not actually going to listen to this. By the way you’re smoking hot. Oh just kidding. So listen you just had to start over. Like. OK it made my free phone call. OK. Whipping yourself up just do it today like do it today do it today. I didn’t do it yesterday. OK. Well then just start tomorrow. Yeah you know it’s just like do it again. Just start over. Just start. And I’m so glad that you brought the conversation here Steve because one of the missions that we have here on the execution our podcast is that we want to make America confident again. We want to make America confident again.

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