Christian Business Coaching | Learn How to Get It Done

Christian Business Coaching | Learn How to Get It Done

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One of the things that makes me good at what I do is I produce my income. So when I close those I get paid. I want to get paid Steve closed more loans. So if my commission check is lower than what I want it then maybe I should work harder the next two weeks maybe I should call my leads. Right. So the first of the month when you’re a commissioned salesperson and the month ends on the 30th. I’ve been in tears at the table in at or you in the deli talking to Dr. Green. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to do what you don’t want to do. Which is why it’s extremely helpful to have Christian Business Coaching. You have someone that shares the same faith as you, who helps you get the stuff done that you know you need to do.

I hate it’s like starting over. It’s like OK now I’ve got to go kill more stuff because I need to eat. Now let’s do it again. I make good money but geez man it’s like can I just wake up one month and not have to go pound the pavement for every nickel that comes in. Can I just not? And you know what? The answer is No. Stop being a weakling. I started getting Christian Business Coaching because I wanted to learn how to strengthen the weak areas of my life. But honestly that’s what it is it’s just you know once you want to do it for you. No one’s going to execute it for you. That’s right. That’s what you know. The other quote that I was going to say that’s on the wall. It’s a Steve Jobs quote says, “Focus is saying no to 1000 good things…”

And and that’s what I’ve learned over probably the last few years is that too many negative influences your life to many people that that bring you down rather than bring you up have an effect on your ability to execute the focus that you need execute because you’re focusing on the wrong things because you’re letting other people do that.

That’s huge and that’s something I’ve really learned a lot to especially with my time here at thrive working with Christian Business Coaching. I am an only child so what I’ve realized about myself is I’m a bit of a social butterfly I love to be doing stuff I never want to miss what was going on especially through college in those younger days before I got married and what you just said is so important. Learning to say no to those things and realizing Oh there’ll be another get together there’ll be another whatever and just stay here and get what you need to get done done. And that’ll put you ahead in the future. I found myself doing that too and recently I decided I don’t know you guys might know maybe a month and a half ago maybe two months ago I just decided I wanted to start getting starting my days at thrive at 5 a.m. so I change my whole schedule. So where I was going to bed at 10 11 12 o’clock at night you know rolling in the mortgage industry doesn’t wake up till 9:30 OK. So it just doesn’t happen. So what I was doing is saying well all this is coming in at eight eight thirty nine and I just decided want to change my schedule so now like last night.

I was in bed. I’m an old guy. I was in in my bed at 7:00 p.m. Because it felt good. Jonathan was doing some stuff too and I was like I’m going to get up and come in at 2:00 and then he text me because it’s a lot of technical stuff. I want need to come in at 2:00 so I just ended up getting up at about 3:30 or 4. I changed my whole schedule and part of the reason I did that is because when I’m here and I’m under positive influence and energy and everything I get a lot more done and I’m more a lot more focused and it’s better for my well-being. Everything I got on the lunch program here because you know why I don’t have to worry about lunch. I just go over to the thing the guy delivers it because he’s great at Christian Business Coaching.

Steve what you’re saying is you know procrastination what it brings is pain. What it brings is a loss of confidence in a prevent humans from using their creative potential and I believe regardless of your spiritual beliefs right regardless of what you believe about about God about the afterlife whatever it may be. Humans have tremendous potential which can be found through Christian Business Coaching. There are ideas there are books. There are inventions. There are accomplishments. There are businesses there are artistic creations there are Lamborghini’s that are waiting to be opened up that are waiting to be executed upon that rest inside of you that can cause you to live a more purposeful life. Procrastination not getting stuff done. Not executing is what prevents that. So we want to solve the disease of procrastination. We want to make America confident again and ultimately. We have three reasons why people don’t get stuff done we’re going to jump into that. I think Chuck has one last thought before him before.

I just wanted to get it. We’ve been talking a lot of business stuff but I have a quote about procrastination from Wayne Gretzky I wanted to read off. Ooh gross. So Gretzky says procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and it’s toll on success and happiness is heavy uits. Hey dude that’s heavy. That is so heavy from the main man Gretzky right. A guy that knows how to get it done.

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