Christian Business Coaching | How to Execute Business Systems Better

Christian Business Coaching | How to Execute Business Systems Better

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Before we started Christian Business Coaching, as a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I sold golf balls. I grew up across from Goat Hill which is what they called Sand Springs golf course. I’ve heard of it like the 17th hole. My parents still live there and my first business in eighth grade summer between seventh and eighth grade was gone. I sold golf balls. So I had the system where I would find the golf balls and I would take them home and I would put them in the dishwasher.

Did you have scuba gear did scuba Steve or are you scuba Steve out in the pond.I’ve been called scuba Steve before but no but. So I I felt like basically about two summers that was my that was my job as I would go find golf balls I’d clean them up and I’d resell them and I undercut the pro for his you know he had the used golf balls but I’d sell them for cheaper and I delivered them to the golfers. Like at the holes. So you know I had one bag full of clean ones. Another bag of the ones I just found. Take them home wash them up. So that was my first thing.

But I think from the time I was you know when I was basically got my first real job and I was about 14 working at the golf course I worked at Apollo with your high school. I’ve always been trying to work you know I bought my first car when I was 16. I paid for it myself paid for my own insurance. But you know I kind of like didn’t I don’t know if it was like I’m the fourth of five kids. And we weren’t like poor, but we didn’t have the great experience of working in an Christian Business Coaching environment.

I don’t think by any means but there were five of us by the time you get to number four the parents are just kind of like yeah the other ones didn’t die. So you lived on hand me downs you know they were like Whoa dude. Yeah we had I was telling my kids this the other day we had a like a 30 year $35 budget for shoes that would get you a shoelace today. Dude. I mean even back then you know it was like I don’t want to date myself but it might have been the 90s. Oh man. Even then. I mean couldn’t get you couldn’t get some air Jordans for that. So you know you don’t like teen spirit in here.

So you know I had to find a way early on to be able to pay for the things that I wanted. Yeah. And so I did that just by trying to hustle and work in the mortgage business I got it. I was a debt collector from the time I was 18 until I was about 25 or 26. I got fired. I get fired a lot. Got fired from that job. And then got into the mortgage business Southerner in the mortgage business now for about 12 13 years. And what does your company call total ending concepts. What’s your what’s the deal? Have you even considered getting Christian Business Coaching?

Steve Currington you see the current dot rocks. You go to any of those. But. So a residential mortgage lender. Our niche is we do a lot of first time homebuyers first and second time buyers and I do a lot of self-employed people. I just get you know I get I got a lot of friends that own businesses like I do and they need help because they have this game we play you guys probably will figure it out because these coaches right. So hey IRS I’m destitute. I did not make any money. I owe you nothing. All right. Hey, Lender, I make millions. I need to buy this house. Tomato tomato. Yes. So there’s like kind of that game you play where you have to report enough income to be able to use your credit and buy the things you want but you also don’t want to create a bunch of tax liability. So it’s kind of that thing and I’ve been doing that for a long time so.

And how how big is the business now like how many locations do you have? Who’s your biggest competitor? Well, thanks to the help of some folks that do Christian Business Coaching, We don’t have any competitors, really just because I don’t believe that other people compete with us I think if I want the business that they have I just go get it. So but we are in Oklahoma Missouri Kansas Illinois Colorado New Mexico. Wow. And we’ve got there’s a couple states we don’t have offices in but we have three offices in Colorado. We’ve got two now in Oklahoma one in Missouri. And one in New Mexico.

And so Steve you’ve been an entrepreneur your whole life. You’ve had that entrepreneurial spirit since you were a kid that served you well in life. But I want to get in a little bit more detail about your background. Steve did you mind if I ask what was your high school GPA do you remember that. I don’t know. I took. Did you guys ever read the book 1984 by George Orwell. Yes. So it’s like the book Inside the book which is where Big Brother came from the show Big Brother. Right.

So I took because, you know advanced placement classes, became like cool back then. So I took like AP English and all that other stuff. And like our summer reading like I didn’t know when I signed up for AP English that there was like a book you had to read in the summer and summer. What is this heresy. I’m not reading this book so I think I read 80 pages of a 1984. I still have the book. It’s actually I apologize handsprings library. The book is getting better be careful. No I really still have it. And I think that they’re after me for it but I never actually read the whole thing. I never read it. I can be like a fifteen thousand dollar library. So I had a decent I had a decent GPA, I guess I could have done better with Christian Business Coaching.

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