Christian Business Coaching Helps Businesses Avoid Costly Mistakes

Christian Business Coaching Helps Businesses Avoid Costly Mistakes

This is an amazing statistic-according to Bloomberg, eight out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. Forbes magazine also found a very similar stat to be true. the U.S. Census Bureau reports that of all the new businesses have started which amount to be about 400,000 on an annual basis, at the same time there are about 470,000 businesses that are failing. This is an astounding fact! John Chambers, CEO of Cisco for over 20 years said that more than one third of businesses today will not survive the next 10 years. In addition according to the SBA, small business administration, that there will be close to 66% of small businesses that may survive within the first two years and they go on to tell you about 50% of businesses fail during the first year of business. Power to Create Wealth

Even though this is a much better statistic than not the 90% failure rate estimated by some, business owners that start their businesses have a bigger chance of failing than they do of succeeding. That’s why it’s so important to find an expert these business owners can work with to keep them on track to implement these duplicatable systems of abundance that help the business to succeed even in the most tumultuous of times. Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert believes that your business can be the most vivid expression of God’s creative compassion. Your business is the vehicle that God can use to bless and serve others while abundantly meeting the needs of the business owner and their family. Business does not have to be this place where people believe that they have to lie and cheat just to get ahead. Power to Create Wealth

That’s not what Christian business coach Tim Redmond believes at all. he is helped hundreds of business owners all over the world overcome insurmountable odds to set up powerful systems and checklist and scripts that enable the business owners employees to take the business to a whole new level of profitability. So what are some of the mistakes that are commonly made by business owners that causes their businesses to fail? That is a question that this blog entry will explore and explain.

The most common mistake that business owners make in building their business is identifying clearly crew their ideal client most likely buyers are. If a business owner does not do this, as Christian business coach Tim Redmond has seen countless times in his work with business owners, business owners and that spending too much marketing dollars pursuing people that are really not set up to buy from them. They wasting money and time both of which are resources that come in short supply early in the business life. When the business owner makes it super clear who their ideal client most likely buyer is they will focus their efforts just towards them. They do that through creating a dream 100 marketing strategy, one that Christian business coach Tim Redmond helps business owners set up with much success. Power to Create Wealth

Another mistake is not offering an attractive, head turning, no-brainer offer that gets the attention of people that have never heard of your business before. The business owner takes time to get the attention of the marketplace with the dramatic offer it catches their attention where without one of these businesses would be invisible. Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert who is being used by business owners throughout the United States and the world has helped these businesses boost their sales by helping them move from being invisible to be in highly successful by making an offer so irresistible that strangers to this business want to hear more. When a business makes it super easy to experience the product or service that that business offers, the business owner increases the chances of those people returning back to buy that product or service time and time again. If people don’t know the business is available or they’re not attracted to the business because it is nothing about the business that stands out, the business owner stands little to no chance of becoming successful in their business. Power to Create Wealth

Another mistake is the failure to follow up on the leads that come into the business. Tim Redmond has worked with so many business owners and setting up the generation strategies that have been very successful. What is not been successful many times is the follow-up that these businesses have with the leads that are generated. When a lead is generated, that is a prospective client expresses some level of interest in buying from the business, that business only has a day or two with which to connect with it interested prospect to establish the first transaction with that possible customer. If there are several days or even weeks before a business gets back to a lead, there is little to no chance that customer will be impressed with the business on the one to buy their product or service.

Unless a business has a set procedure and required processes followed to make sure the leads are called and interested prospects are brought into a better understanding of why this product or service is the best thing that they been looking for, that business stands little chance for success. Is a natural human tendency to want to avoid potential rejection. Tim Redmond, top Christian business coaching expert to hundreds of businesses around the world has found that the employees and even the business owner tend to avoid calling leads because they are afraid of the rejection. How can one have enrolled business if they are not willing to talk to prospects that expressed some interest in their business especially if that business had paid several dollars for the generation that lead Google ad words, Facebook ads or mailers? Power to Create Wealth

Another mistake that businesses typically make is they don’t create an effective sales script the business owner and the employees can follow consistently with every prospect that they. Why is this important? If a company does not follow a very specific script to help them close the prospect, they are left to the whims of whoever it is that is talking to the client at that moment. Again out of fear of rejection many employees and even business owners do not follow a logical process of connecting with the customer, identifying exactly what their needs are, convincing the client or prospect that they offer the solution to their needs, and are able to bring the client into a close. There are so many people in the sales process that avoid the closing process because, again they are afraid of rejection and they have not practiced the closings part of the script of thousand times. Power to Create Wealth

The lack of effective salesmanship, that is following the script in a way that guides the customer through expressing their needs and revealing the benefits of what that business offers, leads that business to certain destruction and is the reason that so may businesses fail. No sales guarantees that the business will fail. How effective are your sales scripts in your business? What is the closure rate of the leads are generated versus the sales that are made? Are your people and even yourself following an effective sales script as part of an overall sales workflow that includes actions of the business take before the call is made and after the call is made to ensure the maximum sales? These mistakes can easily be avoided by hiring Christian business coach Tim Redmond to help your business. If you are interested in getting a free business evaluation allows you to see the strengths and the weaknesses of your business along with a recommended plan of action to grow and strengthen your business in less than an hour, please call Tim Redmond and his team at 918 – 361 – 3047 and they will be glad to set you up with your very own business evaluation.

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