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Christian Business Coaching | Grow Your Business Faster!

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It was somewhere in the 3.5-6 range but I guess what I’m asking is your real successful entrepreneur. You know you have a thriving company so there must have been something you must have had tremendous academic success throughout your career. Where do you get your MBA Steve, before you started working with Christian Business Coaching?

So I was not the valedictorian of my high school but in the two days that I attended Tulsa junior college I believe that I probably had the highest score of any other students who attended for two days. So. So you went to college for two days you said well I mean I don’t know if the second day counts because it wasn’t Christian Business Coaching.
I kind of you know Deuce’s means I was like yeah I was like I actually was like Hey can I get my money back. So one confirmed day in college is what you’re say. Yeah I think date two was more planning on how to get my money back. Got it. Got OK. I was paying for it myself and I was like this is going to work. So I did. I got my books money back. I got yes I think. Day two. I don’t know that I was in class so I always say that but I think I probably need to correct that and say two was it they got it. And so like the last day of work if you quit your job do you really do anything else. You need to consider getting some Christian Business Coaching before you quit your job.

You know I mean I don’t know I haven’t I’ve yet to be fired when I get fired all the time. When when employees quit and they give two weeks notice it’s like just go senior-itis. Judges can just sleep and so and so that’s that’s. So you don’t remember your GPA it was decent but you know definitely not a major contributing factor to your success. You went to college for one confirmed day. No MBA. Now you’re a successful entrepreneur. You own a mortgage company worth millions of dollars in many different states. And Steve what kind of car do you drive.

Well with days who That’s what a boss says right. What do you mean by that. I have a lot of cars I just like like like what are some of the cars you have. Well I have a big truck. It is a big truck. I’ve seen called an international. It’s like a XTi It’s like a semi truck. I have that I have one of those Lexus you know like it’s a Toyota with an L on it to call it I call it a Flex-us, that’s no Lexus. That’s what that’s a. That’s a fake Lexus. So I have a couple Lexus’s you know like one of those G-S three fifties I got an RC 300 Lexus is that is LXI. Yes plural is it. It’s definitely like I have a Bentley Continental GTI Supersport. The reason I say that is because some people have a Bentley but it isn’t a continental GTI definitely isn’t a Supersport. So and then I have a Lamborghini. What kind of a Lamborghini, which is a really hot car. It’s a large multi 2017 Huracan. What they call it. Wow. After they quit making that guy, with they call it or they sort of making the router on some of the Udrih Khan says.

So Steve you have a big truck you have a number of Lexus’sor a Bentley super Continental GTI Lambro super Continental a Lamborghini your own a successful company you do very well. Steve I got to ask you you didn’t follow the traditional path you didn’t get the MBA. You didn’t you know you did well but you weren’t necessarily the valedictorian of your high school. What do you think has been the one thing that has contributed toward your success. Like if you were to boil it down to one quality one characteristic that you have what do you think that is in relation to the show, and part of this I learned while doing Christian Business Coaching.

Well you guys may not know this but the one thing that I did that propelled me from where I was to where I’m at is I got a coach and this was well before I met Clay.I’ve had I had an executive coach, it wasn’t a Christian Business Coaching coach, but he was the dean of the School of Business or you named Dr. Steve Green that I worked with from about we got in the mortgage business in 05. So probably 2008 until I mean he’s been my pastor my best friend for years and really.

But if you asked him because he’ll tell you that I’m his best student right. Because he’s a teacher and that’s what teacher Sarah. I did to or you by the way. And he did say that to 12 of my friends. He said that I was sure that everybody was the best in it. Yeah he told 12 different people. Well there were but I also have been told by my mother that I’m the favorite child. But I’m certain that she’s told it out of the five. She’s the favorite but I think for me I just take correction well and I you know Dr. Green always said your response determines your destiny.

And some people respond to negative things that happen in their life or correction or constructive criticism you might call it or just criticism and criticism in general and they like take it and they own it. And they you know they wear it on their shoulder on their sleeve. They carry it around and they do whatever and they don’t get better from it because they they think oh they’re just picking on me or they don’t believe it you know no.

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