Christian Business Coaching | Get Back Up After Falling Down

Christian Business Coaching | Get Back Up After Falling Down

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If you’ve beaten yourself up and you’re down and out because you weren’t able to execute on the goal that you set for yourself. We want to help you be confident. We want to help you execute that goal and what happens whenever someone is not able to execute a goal that they’ve set for themselves Steve. The reason why people sometimes don’t try again because what there is actually a loss of confidence there is a loss of confidence and people lose confidence because what happens is is a sort of dissonance. It’s a big word chumped. For those that haven’t been able to work in Christian Business Coaching, could you explain what dissonance means?

Wow. I doubt it. I’m not. I’m not a scholar that’s written down. No so he was saying hey I got up I made a goal. I’m going to hit this thing. I’m on it. And then I do it. So I’m happy build building confidence and then the next thing you know the next day you didn’t get it done. Now you’ve got this distance these competing ideas in your mind for Christian Business Coaching. One is I made a promise to myself the other is I broke a promise to myself. And that’s where that loss of confidence comes that’s where depression comes and that’s where you feel like you’re lying to yourself and if you’re lying to yourself that can take you to a real deep play real dark place real fast.

That’s exactly right. People say this is easier said than done but it isn’t. You just have to decide to do it again to start over. You just have to decide to start over. Right. It takes 21 days they say to create a habit of you get hurt. So what happens is people try to create a habit and they get 14 days in and they don’t you know like maybe it’s weight loss maybe it’s call your leads which I think is a great idea by the way. Clearly it’s correlates whatever it is. But you don’t you get to day 14 and you don’t do it. And then therefore you’re like oh so can you go into that dark place that you just get up and go do it again. That’s what you know the the easy thing though guys you know this I mean the easy thing is to just suck and not do it. And then to blame other people for your stay in the rut. It’s easy to stay in the right. It’s hard to get out of it. Which is why I believe Christian Business Coaching can be so helpful to you. It can help you get out of the rut.

And Steve what I would say it is easy to do that it is easy to stay in the right. It is easy to shrug your shoulders and say well I failed again. I might as well not just try but what I believe and I’m going to I’m I’m going to get a little bit weird here. I believe that mentality is daemonic. It’s from the demons man. I said he’s going to get a little weird and then he said Delaunay. Yeah I thought he was going to like hit on me or something. I don’t know what was going to happen. How did he get spiritual. There you go.

Part of our mission here in the execution hour is to make America confident again like we mentioned you lose confidence when you don’t execute the things that you said you’re going to do. This is why having Christian Business Coaching can be so helpful, it’s because you can begin to keep promises that you set for yourself. You begin to grow confidence you begin to develop a skill set and you’re confident in your ability to execute and confront problems and challenges. Another one of our missions to solve the demonic disease of procrastination. Yes I believe procrastination not executing not implementing the idea is demonic. He calls it pro restoration.

You know people own stuff that’s what I call it they just own it. You have to stop owning. The disease of procrastinate. I mean you know what I’m saying when I say they own it it just is who they are. Right. You know the people that are always late the people that are always not getting things done the people that are always always always doing press that saying yeah they’re just you. You know people say well this is how I am. But let me tell you, you can change. You can change by yourself, which is the harder route, or you can get Christian Business Coaching which can help get you there faster.

No it’s not you’re lazy. It’s how you are. You start with the discipline in your life. It’s how you are based on the choices that we’re making right. Everybody needs this and nobody wants it. What do you think it is it’s called accountability because you don’t have anybody hold you accountable. And that’s why I sought out a coach because I’m a very driven person but I need accountability. I realized that I needed accountability if I was going to try to get to the next level. So I sought out a coach that would hold me accountable and I’ve had some very very not good meetings with my coach. I’ve had some not good meetings here thrive with clay in your team because I wasn’t getting things done and I needed accountability. Wow. Things had to get done. And so I remember sitting with Dr. Green on several occasions and it was usually like the first of the month because I don’t know if you guys know this but I get paid when I close loans.

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