Christian Business Coaching | The Art of Being Coachable

Christian Business Coaching | The Art of Being Coachable

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They’re full of it. I’m not that person. And I just take correction well. So actually what you’re saying is you’re coachable, which is why you can work well in a Christian Business Coaching environment. Well yeah that’s important. Yeah, That is highly important. But and you know Steve you you are extremely coachable. Something though that I’ve noticed about you just even personally watching you here and the things that you’ve had to do to build your success like one of the things that you’ve been able to do is get to the top of Google for a very, very, very competitive keyword term of Tulsa mortgages. That’s that’s not easy. That required you. I’ve seen you in here recording a lot of your other recording podcasts for your other show. And so Steve something that I’ve noticed is that because you’re coachable because you take criticism well it allows you to actually execute. Right. It allows you to execute the proven path that someone has has laid out before you and that’s something I’ve really noticed is once someone tells you Steve that what to do and the proven path you listen you learn and then you execute. Yeah.
I think one of my you know Clay furniture that hadn’t been to the drive time. The right time show or the three 15st like I call the studios that’s where we’re at right now we’re in the box the rocks. But one day you’re up one day we all like here really goes home and then the next day we come in and there’s chalk. Written.

All over everywhere because Clay went crazy. I remember that night I was there to witness that yeah he’d like wrote stuff everywhere in the men’s bathroom there’s coats everywhere but one of my favorite things is is what Clay says and this is really speaking to what you’re talking about is he says on the wall you know can you see it when you go in there. There are two ways. One the pragmatic hard working diligent way the right way, basically the Christian Business Coaching way. The other way is the lazy emotional idea festival let’s focus on company culture and how we feel or the wrong way. And I think what a lot of people do they want to talk a lot about what is like a good idea to do. And I got to tell you something. Your ideas are crap. Like get rid of your ID. Oh he is preaching this morning. Get your ideas out and just do the stuff that you like in the mortgages. We have loan officers and the like. I got a new idea to do whatever I’m like. You haven’t even done that. The four things that we’ve already proven are ways for you to be a top producer but now you have some new fangled idea. The new doctrine used to call it a new shiny hammer. You know you give a kid a hammer and he’s going to hammer everything inside it’s like their new fun tool that they play with.

And so people do that and they think that there’s some new idea that they’re going to do that they’re going to completely change the industry or whatever into sharing doesn’t matter mortgage real estate doesn’t sell widgets it doesn’t matter. This is why getting Christian Business Coaching is so beneficial. There’s a proven way in it if you execute that then after you’ve like top that out and you’re literally at your capacity where I’ve got so many loans I don’t know what to do with. Now maybe it’s time for some new ideas. Too many people want to have an idea festival. They never execute anything. They just talk about crap that doesn’t matter.

You are speaking hot fire this morning Steve and I have a notable quotable to actually sum up what you’re saying. This comes from Guy Kawasaki Guy Kawasaki guy how soccer was one of Apple’s first employees. He’s a legendary marketer from Silicon Valley and one of the things that he is well known for saying that illustrates this point Steve is he says Ideas are easy implementation is hard right. He says Ideas are easy, Implementation is hard. This is a huge principle for Christian Business coaching. Steve that’s exactly what you’re saying is as you know ideas don’t matter. Ideas are meaningless. What good is an idea festival if there’s no execution of those ideas and that’s exactly what this show is all about the execution hour is all about confronting the problem of not getting stuff done. We are passionate about solving the problem of not getting stuff done. And so. You know. So this is our first show. I think some definition of terms are in order according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. The THAT definition sure the Merriam-Webster we’re getting official here. Guys.

We’re about to listen to the dictionary. All right. Hold on. I just feel like I said Richard Simmons since this is the first show can we call this dictionary time. OK guys it’s dictionary time dictionary time with Robert Redford where we go over the definitions of words.Dictionary definitions look a definition of execution is the carrying out or putting into effect of a planned order of course or course of action. In order to be a successful client for Christian Business Coaching, you must be able to execute the systems needed to grow. It’s the carrying out or putting it into effect of a plan order or course of action. Basically it’s taken the idea and actually executing it. It’s taking the idea and actually implementing the idea right. And the purpose of the show. Our goal here is to help you get more done. Remember those things that you always wanted to do. Yes you Lisner I’m talking to you.

If Steve’s morning at somebody on the floor if it’s explained to him What do you know when. Rocky. This is this is awkward Robert. I don’t know where we keep telling you this.

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