Christian Business Coaching on Competition part 2

Christian Business Coaching on Competition part 2

Christian business coach Tim Redmond will continue his discussion on how to handle the competition for the clients he coaches. What is the proper approach for a Christian in the marketplace to be able to interact with, think about, and compete against their competition with a Christian world mindset. How will how we compete against the competition will honor God and honor our fellow people? Does it allow us to use any rule under the sun to be able to compete against those who compete against us? What is the basis or standard we as Christians are to use as we compete against those in the marketplace that may or may not be Christians? And then specifically what do you do and how do you handle learning to compete against those who compete against you? Those are the questions that will answer and believe it will be a very powerful article for you to apply to your life and business. Power to Create Wealth

What are some other information that we are together about our competition? We talked about the swot analysis which is identifying your strengths as a business, your weaknesses in the marketplace, opportunities for you to grow in your marketplace, and threats against your business and the growth that it is capable of producing. We talked about identifying the strengths of the competition and also the weaknesses of the competition. When you can identify the strengths of your competition you can either add those strengths to your business to learn to compete better against your competition or will be able to handle a sales script that will help you compete against that strength of your competition. Power to Create Wealth. Another great question to ask along with the strengths and weaknesses is what opportunities you have in the marketplace?

One of the things that Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching expert who has helped hundreds of business owners around the country, recommends is that each business gets a mystery shopper. A mystery shopper is one that goes and shops the business without letting the workers know that they are keeping close tabs on everything that happens to them during their shopping experience with this given company. This gives the owner of the company and frank feedback about the customer experience that the shopper had. In addition to having mystery shoppers come into your own business on a regular basis, it is also important to have mystery shoppers go to your top competitions point of business and experience the shopping experience with them. You can gain much information from your competitors on their strengths, weaknesses, ways that they engage the customer, and the degree and intensity of their follow-up to find out how satisfied the customer is when they shop with them. Power to Create Wealth.

There is a number of businesses that Tim Redmond, Christian business coaching specialist, knows about and saw that uses mystery shoppers. Tim’s next-door neighbor was Chris Cadieux, the son of Chester Cadieux who founded the QuikTrip corporation.  At the time of the writing of this article, there are 953 Quiktrip locations scattered throughout several states of the United States. Is a huge corporation and is very profitable and well-run by the leadership of Chester Cadieux, CEO Chet Cadieux. They are framed in so many of the ways that they run their business. One of the keys to their success is the ongoing use of the mystery shopper. Power to Create Wealth. Several times each week at each of the locations, the executives a quick trip higher mystery shoppers to come by to check to make sure that the procedures and checklists are being followed to the T. They have also found how their competitors operate to misty shoppers as well.

To get a better handle on how you are doing as compared your competition, please call Tim Redmond and his amazing team of Christian business coaching experts to help you do this kind of work. please call him at 918 361-3047 to set up your free business evaluation. In addition to having a very good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your business, you will be provided with a number of very powerful of client now business tactics and strategies that come out of this business evaluation.

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