Christian Business Coaching Expert Offers 8 Keys For Keeping Your Company on Track

Christian Business Coaching Expert Offers 8 Keys For Keeping Your Company on Track

Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond has been working with businesses all over the world and all kinds of different industries. He is work with CEOs of all kinds of various personalities and ways of getting things done. This Christian business coaching expert has worked with business owners that are provided him all kinds of excuses for why their business is off track and not producing the profits that it should be producing. As a result Tim has created a number of guidelines that help keep the company on track. Although there are hundreds of these guidelines, most Christian business coaching experts would agree that these eight examples of guidelines are very commonly applicable to most businesses.

The first guideline is to create KPIs that everybody in the company can know about and see whether the company is on track with them, I had of them, or falling behind. Tim Redmond helps business owners gather all of these KPIs into one sheet call the dashboard. This guideline shows the daily activity in the performance and results of each key team member in the business. Creating dashboards enables everybody within your business to see whether or not the businesses on track or whether individuals are in the red or in the green with their responsibilities. These dashboards, which is made of the key performance indicators, will help hold everyone in the business accountable which creates a sense of urgency and transparency.

The second guideline that Tim Redmond, as a Christian business coach, likes to install within the businesses that he coaches. What is that? It is creating business systems that allow a healthy level of transparency within your business. The system is going to allow the employees to know whether that particular function is being performed in an adequate or above-average way. The transparency is very necessary to allow the company to make continual improvement. Whatever is hidden grows stronger, whether it is deceit and mistakes, or is bad behavior. Instead, creating a system of transparency is going to allow the company to have team members that hold each other accountable because of that transparency.

The third guideline that Christian business coaches provide is creating scorecards which is a continuation of the KPIs the put that into a public place. Creating these scoreboards will allow everyone within the department or the business as a whole to see the performance, conversion rates, quality control levels, and overall statistics of everybody that is involved in implementing that particular business structure. This will eliminate the unnecessary and very degrading and demotivating finger-pointing that goes on because the organization will no who the top performers are and can reward them accordingly. Power to Create Wealth

The next guideline is especially important for every company, regardless of the industry, size, and type of product or service that company produces.  It is checklists! Checklists require people to be fully engaged in looking at the specific steps or procedures of a given system or task. It make sure that is being held to a high degree of conformity and compliance. And encourages the employee to stay on track and not to drift or to be lax in the execution of their task. The key to a checklist is to make sure the employees sign that the bottom of the checklist to indicate that he or she is fulfill all of the responsibilities of the checklist. Tim Redmond, Christian business coach for many business owners all over the United States and the world, encourages the owner to put on every checklist the terminology that indicates that is this checklist has been fudged or skipped over, and checkmarks were given to task that were actually performed, it is the grounds for immediate dismissal. That’s why is encouraged to require a signature both of the person completing the task and the signature of the person overseeing the task and holding that employee accountable. Both signatures are necessary for the system to really work. Power to Create Wealth

What is this next that is helped a number of businesses the men coached by Christian business coach Tim Redmond is making super clear the difference between fixed expenses and variable expenses. Tim is worked with a number of companies to allow them to create a budget that delineates the excess type of expenses that the company ensures. It is important to be able to know the difference between the fixed expense and the variable expenses in order to build a make the discretionary decisions of how much money to spend based on the level of sales that event occurred during that month. It is important to note that fixed expenses are very hard to change. An example of fixed expenses the rent expense, or a car payment expense. These are set and usually cannot be changed. What can be changed is the variable expenses and the discretionary expenses that are related. Christian business coaches find that many businesses are having a difficult time creating profits because their expenses are way too high and out-of-control. Creating this fixed expenses versus variable expenses budget will be a great insight for the business owner to be able to properly reduce the expenses needed to maximize the profits. Power to Create Wealth

The next guideline that Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond recommends to their clients is creating contracts that are standardized. If you have a company that requires a contract for each of the transactions, you want to be able to use the same contract for each of the transactions without having to change it dramatically from one transaction to the next. I’ve seen this in many instances where there is a zealous salesperson aiming to want to impress the prospect, they decide that they want to read right the sales contract to make the client happy. They don’t take into account the extra hours it takes to rewrite the contract. They also do not take into account the leader of legal exposure that may, from changing the contract that is usually been approved by the corporate attorney. The more standard and compliant you can make the contract, meaning the last you make changes to that contract, the more effective and efficient your company becomes. Power to Create Wealth

The next guideline is creating information backups in the way they’re done automatically. With all of the cyber attacks going on, along with the threat to storage facilities, is important to make backups on a daily basis of all your company’s information. That’s why it’s very important to create an automated process in order for your backups to be in place. Christian business coach Tim Redmond primarily uses dropbox for his backup system and recommends his clients do the same. In fact, the most effective Christian business coaches will use dropbox to be able to share the client files as they work with the client to create them on an ongoing basis. Power to Create Wealth

The last guideline that Christian business coaching expert Tim Redmond wants to recommend is to create policies and procedures that are in place and official. In order to keep individual situations from becoming unique and time-consuming, is important to create standardized policies and procedures for how you handle transactions that come up repeatedly. These transactions may include refunds, misquotes to a client, customer service issues, complaints from employees, or anything else that may come up in the normal course of business. You can keep a small fire from becoming a big fire if you’ll standardize this process.

In order to get help from a Christian business coaching expert Mike Tim Redman to help you with each of these guidelines, please call him at 918-298-7766.

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