Different Stages of Business Growth with the Christian Business Coaching

Different Stages of Business Growth with the Christian Business Coaching Expert

If you find that your stuck in your business, it is probably time to contact a Christian business coach that can combine extensive business knowledge, proven business systems that really work, back by a thorough understanding of biblical stewardship and Bible principles that underline success that comes by serving others. Why is it so important to find a christian business coaching expert? When you look at the history of successful businesses, you will find in almost every case that there have been a partnership or a mentorship to were more people work together. As Luke Skywalker had Yoda, as Bill Gates had Warren Buffett, as Steve Wozniak had Steve Jobs, as Eric Schmidt had Bill Campbell, all of the people that have made a huge difference in the world or have experience in an enormous level of success have had a coach or a mentor. Power to Create Wealth.

Especially when you are new to business, is very important to find a mentor or a Christian business coaching expert. Why? Because most businesses, according to the stats quoted in Forbes, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and the small business administration, most businesses fail within the first 2 to 5 years. In the first stage of the business, there is an owner that has a desire to produce a product or service that might be cool to be able to create. They have a romantic notion about creating a business around this product or service that they love to create or want to be associated with. When they finally get up the nerve to begin to take a serious look and launching a business like that, they began the detail work. It is the consistent discipline approach doing the boring stop that take makes a business take off in this first stage. Power to Create Wealth.

As the person with a hobby that wants to start a business will soon find out, that hardly anybody on the planet wakes up wanting a call that person to buy whatever they’re selling from them. In order to be successful in the first stage, is very important to identify exactly who are your ideal clients and most likely buyers. Who wants to get in purchase this product or service from you? We think everybody and their pet dog is ready to line up and buy our product or service, but that is simply not the truth. Tim Redmond who is a Christian business coaching expert has seen many people over the years attempt this very same thing. They say to themselves wow I’ve got a great idea for for a product or service and I’m just cannot unleash this on the world! They lack vision, they lack details, they lack discipline to have a consistent approach to promoting and selling the product or service and they soon find themselves out of gas and out of breath and ready to give up. Welcome to the first stage of launching a business. It is the stage where you have to prove yourself and the world around you figure that your product or service is worthy of consideration and you are willing to do the necessary grind work to alert people and to sell people and the closed people on your product or service. Power to Create Wealth.

When you finally have the guts and the consistency in the discipline to grind it out, you will find that there will be enough people interested in buying your product or service that gives you momentum in sales and perhaps even a little bit of profit to build your confidence. So now we need to think about the second stage in building your business. What is that? That is getting other people involved in starting to build a team to help you do more sales or to fulfill orders or to do the accounting whenever else needs to be done. Stage II of the business is the stage where you know people want the product or service and is starting to catch on and build momentum but you haven’t built any systems or proven processes and you find yourself overwhelmed with all that you have to do every day. This is when a Christian business coaching expert comes in to help you build the systems that help you move on the stage III.

What the stage III look like? Stage III is when you start to build systems and processes along with established procedures and checklists that you and your staff begin to follow. Because things are done in a consistent way with proven processes that reduce time and increase efficiency, the your business is able to grow because you’re able to leverage your talent and expertise to your team that is disciplined to apply these processes. Is very important that you set up key performance indicators, accountability meetings, and creating a culture of straight talk when you when you are able to talk directly about the behavior of each of your employees. If you are not able to do this your business is doomed to perform at a late level of mediocrity at best. If you do the tough work and are able to set up the systems of measuring and holding your staff accountable along with creating consistent training to allow new people, and begin to perform at a high level very quickly you are starting to build a scalable system that becomes very attractive to investors and others who want to buy a business that works. By the way was to buy a business without systems in it? Buying a business without established system set up is like buying a job is guaranteed to drive you crazy. Power to Create Wealth.

However if you’ve taken the time to build these duplicatable systems that even a monkey can run, then you built an enviable moneymaking machine. When that happens your rate of moving the stage IV of growing your business. What a stage IV look like? Stage IV is when you begin this scale up your business to really begin to grow your revenues and profits. You have a choice to either scale up your business or sell your business and begin your next adventure that happens after selling the business. What’s nice about stage IV is that it your business is in such a healthy position that it gives you an option to continue running your business or to sell your business. If you set up the proper systems in your business, then it should not take that much time each week for you to run your business. In a way in this type of environment that allows you to retire from the business with very minimal effort. I know of a number of people that run their multimillion dollar business in just an hour or two each week. Power to Create Wealth.

If you are ready to build your business and move on to the next stage that is in front of you, it is time to call the Christian business coaching expert of choice which is Tim Redmond. You can call him to set up a powerful business evaluation where you and Tim will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your business, Tim will provide 2 to 3 very practical and dual goal business growth ideas that you can immediately apply, and he will provide you a coaching pathway of what you would be covering in a coaching relationship with him and his powerful team if you decide to pursue that direction. The best way to get a hold of him is to email him at Tim@RedmondGrowth.com or call him at 9182987766.

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